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I know it is mesmerizing watching my high arches.  I see you have come to realize I’m hard to resist.  don’t think it will come conveniently for you.  You found me.  that means you get to work around my schedule and it will to cost you.  Glad I got to work with the AG this weekend.  Cleaned up nicely to say the least.   sock sniffer–>I know how much you enjoyed buying birthday drinks for the lovely ladies with your $$$.   Later sniffer could not hold back from temptation or should I say LOVE at first sight while you beg to see my ankles.  he later bought me new shoes to wear out next.  oh how I can’t wait until they come in the mail.  Something with a chunkier heel to walk on cobblestone more easily.  tee hee.  I was getting nervous after my 4 shots in tiny stilettos.  My friend’s birthday party was a blast. My PerfectPeds deserved to be spoiled on such a frequent basis anyways.

Saturday started well knowing I was shopping for my cousin’s birthday gifts online courtesy of My previous night’s profits.  You have been good so far, but keep it up.  Spoiling MY PerfcectPeds is a harder job than it seems.  Dinner was delicious.  Smoked out and met for a quick drink before movie.  You only wish you could sit next to me in a movie.  BAHAHAHA that will never happen.  You can only fathom of being close enough to smell my perfume, or even keeping the napkin from which I wipe my buttery popcorn hands.  Only a Dream of ME cuddled under the covers with My smoking HOT girlfriend.  Then you wake up and realize your a LOSER and could never have me.

Sunday I made a few new clips so stay tuned.  yay for new work clothes!


you wish LOSERS

I have been busy making merchandise.  Had a blast taking pictures with the AG and LuxxuryPrincess.  you should feel privileged to have such a group of ladies of this caliber all on one post.  Stay tuned for updates to kinkbomb and clipsforsale but have your wallets out and ready.  you know you want to see more of these perfect peds so check out my gallery.  This line of work is so very easy when your this Perfect teehee.  Can’t wait to go out with my friend for her birthday.  Shes a 6′ tall blonde.  who doesn’t want a life-size Barbie to go out with.  I will add pics, but only for a price.  Time to get white girl wasted. YAY. you should be a good boy and buy our drinks.  tomorrow I’m meeting up with some old friends for dinner. fun weekend.  What a much deserved weekend for perfection.

While some would be willing to drink the dirty water that soaked MyPerfectPeds, I chose 2 let those less fortunate to only admire them until they are ready 2 pay up

you cant have any 

today was a very productive day.  I was able to take tons of pics and spoiled like a princess.  Woke up today and did a little Pilates before lunch…YUMMY Fridays Caribbean wings.  the glaze was so sweet>>>>>quick interjection;  i was unaware until recently that if you like glaze it is the leftover glaze on your face from eating pussy.  NAUGHTY. you losers could only dream of ever getting a visual BAHAHAHAHAH. Feel free to send  my pretty girlfriend and I out for entertainment or dinner.   then I went to get this lovely pedi.  I love when My legs are rubbed with sea salt.  Then fun picture time and computer 101 with my favorite hippie who’s the smartest techie.  who knew? I now know how imperative it is that  I get the iPAD that I added to my wish list.  I must be the only person in this neck of the woods without one. I love it.  That should be my next present, so be a good boy and make a tribute to such a Lady of my standard.

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very productive weekend.  celebrated Halloween a weekend late, but I still had a blast.  smoke out and manicure today.  new pictures up. christmas is coming so start saving bahahahah

I have been busy lately, hence the lack of recent blogs. Fun night of free drinks at the bar, overslept for my flight to VA.  One transfer flight later and I flew to Virginia to visit a friend free of charge naturally.   we went to all the monumnets and a brief city tour of the DC area. that city is overpopulated and traffic is teible…ALL THE TIME.  There was a super fun 5 story club where we had a blast dancing the night away.  So many places to shop.  A quick stop at  COACH, LUCKY brand and LEVIS. So many errands since Ive been back.  My dog coco just had puppies! I’m so excited for her to be a mom of 5.  $2000 for full blooded Olde English Bulldogs.  $500 nonrefundable deposit.A)  I need some cute names for my new smooshfaces.  they are the best.  pumpkin picking was a blast.  teehee for the rediculous camel ride.  I have been adding to my wishlist of course, so if you viewed this post slide your little sausage fingers over to the spoil me link and make a purchase  from my wish lish B) what will you choose for such a lady like myself.  and C)who voted on tuesday? now checks and balances kick in and no new bills will be more difficult to get passed.


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PreTty feet