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My first and foremost goal for the new  year is to be eliminated from My debts. You should be a good boy and pay off My student loans.  It is still necessary to spoil Me by making purchases from My wishlist as the FedEx man’s knock makes Me smile.  It is imperative that My student loans are gone by the end of the year.  There is no reason for such a pretty intelligent woman like Myself to have a debt hanging over My head.  That is why it is your job to eliminate it.  The most important loan, or the one with the highest interest rate needs to go first.  the monthly payment for that is $175 and the next runner up is $80 a month.  The last lender has a smaller interest rate so it is the last of My concern, however it’s sum is the largest of the 3. The payment on that is $40 monthly.  Either way you slice the pie grand total is nearing $10,000.  Handle this ASAP. Feel free to sign up for adopt-a-bill coming soon.

My Perfect Peds will have you in a transe.  I know how hard it is for you to turn away from these sky high arches.  If you want to be thought of as a good boy and possibly get a reward at the year’s end you will pay up.  My feet are irresistable.  They  are silky soft with arches that will have you begging for more.  Wrinkley soles and crinkled toes you can’t say no to.  You minions shall fall to My feet with wallets out and pay to worship and know that in return My debts have also been cleared.

Basically your mind will be manipulated while your wallets get raped by smart girls and you get off on it.  This is a task i refuse to let go to the wayside as it as at the top of My priority list.   and that simple boys, makes it the top of your priorities.  Get to work drones.

I couldn’t be happier  to have My dog back.  she keeps Me great company.  also I have been busy shopping for Christmas.  Which is odd because I’m sort of like the Grinch for Christmas.  I feel like the rest of the holidays that were made to only boost the economy and are very Pegan-ized.  Its not your birthday….except The Asian Goddess, because it is her birthday also.  All these people expect to receive gifts and kids have no idea why there are gifts or what they are celebrating.  I am very bahhh humbug about it to say the least. It is another day to Me except I like to eat cake on Christmas morning for Jesus’ birthday.  so feel free to continue to spoil Me even then too.

I have been getting hooked on Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters and other ghost stories.  It must be the “white girl” in Me.  But I love to get scared out of My mind in My own house.  I hate it and love it.  it totally freaks Me out sometimes. I tried to watch the meteor  shower and didn’t get to see any of it.  I’m a little bummed out because I waited a week for it and told anyone who would listen about it.

I’m glad My new shoes came.  Be looking forward to new pictures in My images for sale store. they are so HOT, just like Me. That’s Right, keep sending tributes and other gifts to spoil Me.  My feet have been quite the topic as My twitter followers have almost doubled here lately.  Someone with big pockets had My attention on cam last Friday night. I will be getting a new mani and pedi this weekend so stay posted for new pictures and stay posted with tweets.  I think I will use a red just to be festive.

I went to cookie bake this weekend with My aunts.  It is a good time, but it is cookie mania and I can only handle one day of it.  We all get together and make 50,000-ish cookies and blow big smoke all weekend.  It is a good time except My aunt’s house is haunted now that My uncle died in there.  It is so weird, but I think she is used to it now because she doesn’t even seem to notice the creepy things anymore.  My top 3 favorite cookies are chocolate peppermint crackers, pecan balls, and chocolate chip cookies.  I bet you silly bois get off thinking of My Perfect Peds in the kitchen in an apron playing Betty Crocker and eating the warm fresh baked cookies.  hahaha you wish I would cook sweet warm cookies for you.  NEVER LOSER!!!

With the new year rolling near I just wanted to make it clear that My goal for the new year is to have you silly foot bois to pay off My student loans before 2012.  All of them.  I will Be dedicating a whole post to this shortly.  This is a preview of what I expect.  I know how much you appreciate thoughtful tasks and intellect in your conversations.  I am one of a kind and you will pay for My years of college and what it I have created from it.

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Brrr it sure is getting cold here.  Glad I have My hot girlfriend with curves in all the right places to keep Me warm at night.  I know you silly willies are jealous of what we have, and NO you could NEVER be a part of it…except to make your mind wander.  I cant wait to pick up My other winter coats from the cleaners.  they are so warm and cute.

My passport is officially being processed.  I cannot wait to go to Mexico in a few months.  Feel free to drool over Me in a swimming suit from My wishlist, make tributes to pay for airfare and fun activities.  I know you will be visiting My images4sale site-store 42258 when I return.  I know I am irresistible.  You look but scared to buy because someone might find out.  If you’ve already been defeated by your fetish, why hide???? at least leave with a souvenir and know you are doing as you should to make money for Me.   There’s nothing I love more than the peaceful sound of the beach and the way the sun dances on the sand and kisses My body so perfectly.  there’s something to keep your simple mind busy, thinking about Me and TheAsianGoddess on vacation living it up. yaaayyy. Financial Dommes go GLOBAL. bahahahaha.

I absolutely could NOT wait to have My doggie back.  We know I get what I want so a few phone calls later I was picking her up the next day.  She is such a good mommy.  Now she looks sickly with fat saggy titties…sort of like you behind the desk doughnut chasing office nerds who love to get off online.  Poor babies.  Time to nurse her back to her old self.  She was treated to a grooming and a special dinner not to upset her tummy. —>on a side note did you know mom dogs eat their puppy’s poop to get all the nutrients.  some of you like that shit. —> We went for a walk in the surprisingly warm 52 degree weather we had out of no where.  That’s the Midwest for ya.  I was so glad to have her back that I couldn’t stop petting her.  She looked so sad like she was looking for her puppies.  You know how it is to look around sad like a lost dog.  Its the same face you have when you realize you’ve lost your money.

Also My student loans are starting to collect.  you know what that means.  Time for you to pay.  That’s right adopt a bill.  you can thank My intelligence that you crave when you are given tasks.  No one likes a dumb broad.  so pay up and rid ME and My Perfect Peds of that silly debt.


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Saturday night was time to whomp out.  Dubstep show was off the chain.  It was so much fun to just be around nothing but down to Earth people.  It was a rave MY face off kind of night.a lot of people do not know much about dubstep.  how to put it…well it is a form of techno with fat dub(bass) whomps.  some may call it “Wiked wolly wonky beats with obtuse turgid downward spiraling bass bomb drops, splitting atoms like fission.  A filth to which there is no cure, and you LOVE it.”  You may have heard some DUB if you ever listened to LuxxuryPrincess‘ blog.  Where’s MY MONEY

It was awesome to see friends enjoying themselves to the fullest.  There were hula hoopers with LED hoops,  light shows, fire dancers, stage dancers, and the entire crowd was dancing.  All the people there are on cool and just there to have a good time.  No fights or bad vibes anywhere.  This is truly a sight to see.  I danced MY night away in a tye-dye half shirt, shredded jeans, and chucky taylors that now have neon glow on them 🙂  Sweaty bodies, water bottles, and glow sticks galore.  Free spirits make ME smile on the inside….NOT you dummies.  You only make ME smile on the outside when you spoil ME and the FedEx man is at my door.

Also the FedEx man brought me My Almost Famous Jeans with zippers on the ankles and butt.  cant wait to wear them out.  🙂

Please note that I have useless fools like you falling to MY Perfect Peds daily so make yourself stand out a bit.  To find out how to do so you may inquire within.  If you can be a good slave maybe there will be presents on your side too….though not very likely unless you pay BIG. so get to it bitches.


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I just have to vent about MY rage against medical fuckery.  I hate that you have to pay about $120 a month for health insurance, just to argue with people when there are mess ups.  I don’t think anyone has more mess ups than medical finances.  Then $15-$40 per prescription.  Can I just  have MY fucking birth control so I can be a normal person and not reproduce at a rate faster than the economy can handle.  or should I do just the opposite and not work just to sit at home and fuck all day while I collect welfare for MY 3 kids from innocent tax paying citizens who can barely afford their own 3 kids.

I went to the pharmacy to get a refill on MY birth control.  When I got there the script was ready but the insurance wouldnt go through after I paid them 2 weeks ago.  to make it worse, the price of the pills doubles if you do not have insurance because CVS hates the working class who wouldn’t have the money afford their health insurance every month. It is overpriced for healthy individuals for shitty coverage anyways.

Birth control should be handed out at the corner of bars and strip malls.  Condoms are seldom handed out for free and when they are, they are shitty ones that break and no one wants to use.  if you ask ME, it is a hell of a lot more sensible to pass out preventative measures vs paying so much for taxes, welfare, and other horribly judged distribution of government funds.

just give ME some pills like the rest of America where “everything can be fixed with a pill” capital of the world, so I can not overpopulate the world.

On another note, don’t forget to hit me up on YIM and call the ignore line to listen in on a sweet DUBSTEP concert live tonight.  Tons-o-fun!  I just got my shipment from FedEx; cant wait to open it and see what has been delivered today.  Nothing makes me smile more than the FedEx knock at the door with gifts outside 🙂 Silly jazbritches got banged by MY arches on cam.  Sicko couldnt resist ME and kept paying up.  Some will be smart and come back around when you realize your fetish has once again defeated you.

until then toodles to you bitches

So I went to Florida with LuxxuryPrincess.  It was so fun to go to the beach and soak up the sun.  However the water was far too cold to put My Perfect Peds in.  Nothing better than a walk in the warm soft sand mushing between My toes.  The Gulf was beautiful…just like ME!.  There was also plenty of partying.  There was a dance off between two lesbian sisters and two gay brothers.  Shots every time I turned around.  It was a very fun night all on our bartender’s tab.  He LOVED his tip at the end of the night teeeheee.

While I was gone My baby momma had puppies.  She was a fat butterball when I left and I can not wait to get her back from the kennel!!! I miss her terribly.  You could probably learn alot from a dog.  Maybe how to be a better companion. BAHAHAH.  I can’t wait until Christmas Eve to get her back.

The next week I went to Gerorgia to see My brother from another mother, who graduated in the ARMY.  I’m so proud of him.  Look at that….another person to search traits for.  A brave soldier.  I hate some of you cowards and wanks out there.  BLAH makes ME sick.  However, as it turns out Georgia does not sell liquor of any kind on Sundays….you have to drive to Alabama to get booze.

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Back to business.  Christmas is coming soon and the good boys should be coming to gift themselves with My PerfectPeds.  Let’s face it.  I know you have been watching for a while, but now that it is Christmas time, the wifey will be less likely to look at the amounts you are blowing on ME, which comes with a hefty Holiday price tag also.  You know My arches  and soft soles keep you earning for more. Don’t fight it and start paying.