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I cant wait for My friend’s 25th birthday party on the 12th of Feb. He always has the dopest parties. This isnt your average night out in the city. This is an upscale event for upscale people. That means we dont want to see 1 star people in a 5 star event. so it is time to shop for an outfit. I believe it will still be fairly cold as it is only 2 weeks away and the weather man calls for a foot of snow. I normally do not go out when it is so cold, but I will make an exception for him. He is so fun and uber fresh. They know how to party, regardless of skin color or level of drunkness, they will make sure their even is fun for everyone. Those Africans are so hard to understand when they start getting tipsy. I need a translator. bahahaha. Last year was so much fun as the drinks were bottomless (tip the bartender or course.) I make sure to turn heads no matter where I go anyways. You can’t seem to get enough of Perfection. I see when your out with your girl and you cant help but to do a double take at My beauty.

I am so sick of this snow. I am already booking My ticket to a concert camp trip in Arkansas. Wakarusa 2011 is going to be off the chain. they have over 50 artists, roller coasters, a swim hole, hiking, multiple stages, and vending. It is going to be sick. Surrounded by dub and electronica music. 808’s beat all day and night. hula hoopers everywhere hoopin is a sweet fad. it is a great work out and it is fun to meet new people and do tricks as well. It can appear visually as very sexy too. There is nothing better than to work a hoop on fresh cut fluffy green plush grass barefoot. Or better yet if I had those shoes with 5 toes that make you feel like your barefoot. These don’t seem like very much support for My Perfectly raised arches. They may be high enough to cup your balls. You need to grow some. I can’t help to laugh at some of you overly apologetic bitches. Just get it right on the first try. back to the shoes….I want them. Vibram FiveFinger shoes are so cute and have great reviews about comfort and durability. those are awesome. Though not sold on you will have to look on another site. I wear a size 7 in womens or 37. Get on that. Also I need to relocate My campgear. It is in June so I shouldnt need too many blankets. Im so excited, probably more for the warm because that means less clothes. I believe in My past life i was and exhibitionist. Who knows?

A true chameleon to transform from 5 star upscale parties to filthy bass blasted camp weekend. Keep that in mind when tip toe-ing around here. I will twist and bend your favorite fantasy into a manipulated mess you wont be able to turn down. Your wallet is the only thing at your mercy. I do the things I want and am unpredictable. If you want more than that don’t even bother Me unless your willing to put your bank where your mouth is. (you wish I would put My feet where your mouth is) And it will be on My terms. You came looking for your top notch girl next door. Pay to spoil Me the way I deserve.

I know I haven’t been online much in the past week or two, but I am currently waiting on My power cord for My computer to come in the mail.  I havent got around to getting another camera yet, I was almost debating the idea to make clips with My webcam, but I know the quality wont be great.  keep calling NF to get ignored. I usually keep My line on and answer to NF if I feel like it, but you silly boys keep calling at all times of the night.  I am a night owl and will take your cash any chance I get.  You cant hold back to call and listen in on what I’m doing.  I dont care about you. and thats why you get ignored.

Also a word to the wise: Never try to get a Lady to do real time with you when you cant even afford them online first.  How else do you think I would ever for one second let your lame ass fly Me half way across the country and feel comfortable around you if you cannot even blow $100.  you obviously don’t have the cash to make your fetish a reality.  And if you are such a big fan you would know My standards. if you don’t follow My rules you will be ignored.  You should always introduce yourself and make a purchase from My wishlist.  Until then you aren’t shit.  and even when you do follow those simple rules, this doesn’t mean you are shit.  I don’t want to hear about you beating your “huge” dick because you like to see women’s feet in real life.  I don’t care nor do i want a picture of your sick dick.  That makes Me sick to no end.  You look like a creeper, and I wouldn’t dare to put your hideous face on My page for any sort of your satisfaction.  I know the online domme thing covers a much larger variety of people now.  Everyone’s trying to make a dollar type thing.  Don’t come to Me, Perfection, with no manners like this is the first time you have been a slave to your fetish.  That shit doesn’t fly.

toe point

as for toepoint loser, you should know better than to offer $20 GC. That is more like an insult than a “tribute”.  I know how toe points and wrinkly soles make your dick hard, and like most other men you chose to spend and think with the right head to be in this field.  Get your wallet out and keep coming back for more of Perfection.  Don’t worry, I wont put your name out since you have been a good foot boy thus far.  “Your arches are one of the highest i’ve seen.”  for those of you keeping notes….write that down.  You won’t find another woman with higher arches than Mine.  So pay up and don’t forget to hit up My wishlist.

electronic upgrade

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what a fun weekend I had going out with the girls.  Liquor was flowing and My heels dancing.  I had a good time while I was out with My hot friens.  why is it when men see a gorgeous group of ladies, they feel the need to yell things at them or pull on their arm so they will dance with them.  LAME.   and rude.  you losers wish you could have a chance with Perfection…and you can, but it will cost you.  And not a free drink from the bar filled with rail liquor that I could have gotten for free Myself.  needless to say, Friday I drank alot and lost My camera, so you silly boys should get to work after reading this blog and visit My wishlist or send it through PayPal via My email.  There would be pictures available for you if I had a camera.  This also goes to show where procrastination leads you.  I have been meaning to post the pics from My camera of the loot you all have sent, along with a few prized christmas gifts, and a few vieos, but now I have nothing to show.  So go get that camera and I will be sure to send you and exclusicve clip of Perfection.  See and you silly boys thought all dommes were mean.  bahahah.  well We may be heartless at time, but not always mean.  Saturday was recovery day and I went shopping and got a few pairs of Buckle jeans, two tops, a couple new bras, and jewelry to match.  Sunday was laundry, and boy did I have a ton of it.  I know how much you boys love laundry day.  its like it makes your fetish filled hearts  smile at the thought of My dirty socks or panties I have worn and sweated in.  hahaha to each is own, some may even be for sale. 

Also to be said is that My new Old English Bulldog ate My computer cord, so I need a new computer too.  I could probably just order a new power cord but My name isnt Perfection for just these Peds.  I deserve the best so work harder or put in longer hours…whatever it is that you do to support your LAME life, do that so I can rape your wallet to get a new computer.  I wanted the iPad, but I’d rather wait for iPad 2 and that doesnt come out until next month.  If your feeling extra special and want a little attention you can pre-order it Apple.  Lucky for you minions I have moved these two items to the highest of My priorities on My amazon wishlist so it wont be hard for your simple brain to find. 

As much as I hate the gym, I still make Myself go.  I suppose thats the way you boys feel when you hate to drain your bank account again and again, but you know its going for a good cause so you continue to do it.  If you want (in My case) improvements or in (your case) attention, you will pay the price…literally.

You wish you knew

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My single lefestyle has plenty of perks and benefits.  this includes My taste in women that has come around to show I cannot help but to do a double take at beautiful women.  I like just about any ethnicity.  My favorite being  Lipstick lesbians which are always head turners, long or short hair.  I think Fly girls are so interesting I just have to try it out.  teeehee I love toned bodies and big butts.  Everyone loves the ladies with the curves in the right places.  I mean thats a huge deal why you morons fall to your knees when you see gorgeous women.  You just may be looking at different things first; where My brain scans a women from top to bottom, starting with teeth.  You have to have good teeth.  You too like women, you probably just start at the bottom and go up.  You still like to get off, but you get off on Perfect Peds  and start scanning a woman from bottom to top, as most men could care less and just want to cum, regardless of your face or body.  your standards are much lower than Mine.  I’m sure what goes on behind My closed doors is much more exciting than you could ever wrap your simple mind around.  As far as men go, you need not worry so much about that because you will never be apart of that either.  I hate skinny guys as I see them useful for well not much more than for My humiliation. haha

you only wish.  too bad your dick is too little and it cannot even stay hard, no matter how hard you try…lol no pun intended, or what kind of pharmaceuticals you eat can you ever please Me.  Never would I want to touch your tiny childish looking cock.  You love to hear about My Lady friend or My hot man.  you get excited because its rare that I share My personal life with you.

Here lately My NF line has been blowing up.  Thanks for adding to My balance just to ignore you and laugh at your pitiful ass.  You especially like to call in and listen to Me smoke when I have company.  I can see why.  There are always interesting conversations.  Food for thought if you will.  you call anytime, even why I don’t post that My line is on, you think your special enough to get My attention whenever you want?? bahahaha.  Keep calling to get laughed at and to put those $$$ into My pockets.

I laugh when you think you got over on Me by wasting My time.  I am put together so seamlessly, while you are ratty tatty and cannot understand simple tasks agreen71183.  this little dick fucker thinks he wants to play and cannot even hit up My wishlist before talking or introducing yourself.  you know how the game goes shortstop.  If you cant pay up, I don’t have time for you either.  I’m amazing and your a loser.  and more losers like you will come along and be set back to the pool of little dick, lonely, fetish defeated scum and feed off the bottom where you belong.  because your a bottom and like it in your ass faggot.  haha I make Myself giggle and thats all that matters.

I will say that I have much to be grateful for but I am grateful for everyday of My Precious life.  I however do not get extra merry around the holidays.  I find it rather dumb that people do not even know why we celebrate christmas.  Jesus wasn’t even born in the winter.  He was born in the spring, around may or june.  Either way, we don’t really celebrate Jesus’ birth, we celebrate why he died.  This shit was just made up to boost the economy and Pegan-ize little kids minds to believe a fat man flies around on Reindeer powered sleigh all fucking day dropping off gifts for your bad ass.  Its not your birthday…except theasiangoddess.  It is actually her BIRTHMAS.  google it bitch.  In the mean time I still prefer to celebrate in the spring apparently only My sister, LuxxuryPrincess.  We celebrate the birth of Jesus with birthday cake and we exchange gifts.  However you all can keep sending gifts all the way into the new year.  I have prior unfun engagements for new year’s eve.

New Years is just a reason for them to make false hopes for themselves.  Just to ruin it right before end of year holiday to “treat” yourself for no other reason than to allow My Peds to wallow in your cash.  Start soon to pay airfare for My trip to Virginia in January and My trip to Mexico in February.  Start the new year off right and have a nice healthy helping of Perfection.  hahahaha

You needy babies keep asking for pictures of where your money goes.  I suppose I could post some pictures soon. More image sets and video clips for sale soon. By the way I  already know I’m hot.  that’s why you did a double take and decided you could not resist Perfection, but have something to say.  If this is your first time meeting a domme you should introduce yourself, not start whining right away baby britches.  UGHHHH. Ignore.