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quit jerking off and go buy from My wishlist.¬† I’m watching you.

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My camera came from My new pet.¬† I took a few pictures here and there.¬† Visit My images for sale store.¬† I know you cant wait to see these polished Peds.¬† Dirty feet images for the grimey boys who love to like My feet clean.¬† Those clean arches and dirty soles get you off.¬† You dream about them in your mouth.¬† that’s the real reason behind all of your slobber marks on your pillow.¬† filtyfeetlover will go nuts over My new image set.¬† It will have him beating off at the firehouse.¬† The new archaddict¬† finally met his match.¬† He says all the Hotties claim to have high arches, but they are a let down.¬† I hope he didn’t think I was going to feel sorry for him.¬† after viewing a few of My pictures, he promptly visited My wishlist.¬† He must know how much I like the FedEx man to deliver presents.¬† clips of Me modeling My new loot are soon to come.¬† I don’t mind getting surprised by what you send as long as it came off My wishlist and I have a confirmation number.¬† that doesn’t make Me a bad Domme, it makes Me intriguing.

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I’m tired of hearing how much you fuckers hate your girlfriends/wives and how you have to hide from them.¬† Get it in order or don’t come around when they are there.¬† don’t come to play while you are constantly saying “brb” and going long periods without response on any messenger.¬† My precious time and you will be ignored.¬† just come back and play when she’s not home.¬† then you’ll surely spend more $$ when you I have your full attention.¬† No half assin round here.

I had to skip the dog parade this year.¬† My oldest bulldog started her period the day before, and I know how hard it is to keep males away from a bleeding bitch.¬† ughhh.¬† I’m so glad it is her last one.¬† I had to make sure all her plumbing was in order after her last litter, then out come those nasty girl parts.¬† It is a pain in My ass too, I have to clean that shit up and change her diapers all the time.¬† YUCKY.¬† sound like a job for one of you puppets.¬† St. Patrick’s Day is only days away.¬† I’d much rather celebrate the Irish, than Mardi Gras.¬† St. Pats is My favorite day of the year.¬† even more than christmas, and almost more than My birthday, except when you drones pay homage on the day I was created.¬† I love to drink green beer and go the the parade.¬† Drunk Irish people are so fun. Someone needs to be visiting My whislist and ordering Me something pretty and green to wear.¬† shop soon so it will be here on time….no one likes late shit.

I can’t wait for My camera to get here.¬† poop on Sundays since there is no mail delivery.¬† My new pet¬† paid for it.¬†¬† That plonker wanted to replace My old camera so I could add better quality pictures to My site.¬† You all can thank him. He cant get enough of Perfection. Beauty+arches=drain (BAD) for you, GOOD for Me.¬† hahaha.¬† Ready for those tax returns so spend spend spend on My Perfect Peds.¬† Feed your addiction.¬† another clip set has been added.¬† new video clips are on their way.¬† requests for long hair, pantyhose, humiliation, arches, hula hooping, dirty feet, and financial drain are to name a few.¬† keep the ideas coming.¬† I like to be creative.

Lent is right around the corner so decide what you are giving up to make your wallets more available to ME.¬† If you cannot get the little wheels in you brain moving, I will decide what you will sacrifice or any other self denial that will leave Me with more of your $$$$. It is common during Lent that one is to give up a vice of theirs (smoking, drinking, shopping) add something that will bring them closer to God, and often give the time or money spent doing that to ME.¬† You smelly ashtray faces can give up those expensive fags.¬† Now is the perfect time to quit smoking.¬† I hate smokers breath.¬† yucky.¬† and it is so expensive to pay more than $5 for a pack of shit that is proven to kill you.¬† It’s simple.¬† Find ways to make more money find its way into My possession.

Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday are fast on their way.  Mardi Gras is usually too cold and I do not show the goodies for free.  I like Fat Tuesday better than the traditionally celebrated prior weekend.  It is a day before ASH Wednesday and slightly more calm, but still fun for the party crowd.  Keep those drinks flowing and those lovely ladies hiding Mysteriously behind those masks jiving.

I know you have been wondering if I had a good Valentine’s Day.¬† My daddy got Me chocolate covered strawberries.¬† They were so YUMMY.¬† He has been doing that for as long as I can remember.¬† He gets one box for all the lovely ladies in his life. that being Wife, Daughters, and Mother when Big Momma was alive (God rest her).¬† That is a real man.¬† Consistent!¬† I also had an amazing dinner.¬† Valentines day is so over rated however it is the biggest cuckold day of the year.¬† You like to hear about all the stories of the Dommes and their significant others.¬† I deserve the best, but I deserve that everyday of the year.¬† Valentine’s day is the one time a year for fuck ups to redeem themselves by overspending, overeating, and you online fetish perves overbeating your meat.¬† You bought image sets, visited wishlists, and paid for live cam.¬† It is lame to only show the one you truly care about that you love them on a certain day in February.¬† It has transformed its way into a yearly holiday to help boost this shitty economy.¬† Speaking of economy you should watch this video Zeitheist.¬† Some nerd led Me to it and it’s actually interesting.

Wednesday however was a nice day for Me.¬† Wannabe has been wanting to see these Peds for 2 days now, but since we are in different timezones it is a bit more difficult.¬†¬†¬† He had to make sure he could handle adding 6 hours to My time in the states to make an appointment.¬† Flexed that wallet with 3 different¬† transactions.¬† I’m not being greedy, I just wanted you to know you cannot say no to Perfection.¬† I’m one in a million perv.¬† Now that you have realized that you can sleep with the images of Me on your mind; save them as your wallpaper on your phone and computer to worship Me all day.¬† You cannot be forced to spend unless you are addicted. Within 1 day My newest pet has decided he is ready to be owned.¬† He begs Me to train him and drain his wallet at the same time.¬† He has now been assigned a chore, with multiple tasks.¬† He is to pay My phone bill monthly.¬† I like to make My pets work for their ownership.¬† I don’t want unworthy shit at My feet.¬† that is a bad reputation….something I do not associate with.

I have a new admirer who loves only high arches.  He is addicted to feet, but has been longing for deep arches that make his mouth water.  Looks like he found his match.  He knows who he is since he just subscribed to My bolggyblog.  You too will fall victim to My amazingly high arches.  You deserve to be beneath Me and My sniffilicious feet.   My dirty Peds is what really gets him off. As he is only worth the dirt that comes from the bottom of My filthy feet.

ALSO, I do not make it a habit to do real time.¬† If you think you can afford Me then try Me.¬† That is big shit to Me.¬† Real time is like get yourself real time killed by craiglist killer type shit.¬† To ever think you could be close enough to smell Me you would need hundreds of dollars to spend.¬† and if you thought you could touch, sniff, or lick My PeddyPies,¬† well that will cost extra.¬† I will not meet with someone I do not feel comfortable with and it will be a public session.¬† like in public places, with lots of people.¬† think shopping mall or comedy club, though that is kind of dark.¬† you wouldn’t be able to see My Peds.¬† Instead I would drive you wild to think you could be playing footsies with Me.¬† My peds are so close, they are actually right under the table…much closer than through the world wide web.¬† that’s right bitches I’m world wide.¬†

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Reggae night out on Thursday was fun.  I like to chill out and hoop or listen to people really vibing out to their music.  Also My friend had a bag of hash cookies.  they were pretty amazing.  I ate 3 of them.  It was a good night.  The ride home felt like it took forever.  Really it was only about 20 minutes.  Funny how that happens.  With alcohol people tend to drive faster or wreckless and with maryjane they drive slower and always use let everyone else at the stop signs go first.  take note of that.  This is true.

Keep sending your feet requests and maybe for the right price I will fill your needs while you send Me $$$ and gifts.¬† before long you won’t be able to say no.¬† get addicted to PERFECTION.

To you lowlife loser who keeps trying to message me and think I wont know its you, just because you changed your YIM name, you are still boring and will never have a chance with Me.¬† You couldn’t keep My attention for more than minutes.¬† Your a silly troll to think I jump on cam just because you can wave a couple dollars around.¬† For your information, i have a real job and this is simply a pass time for Me to make extra money off you foot drones that cant get enough of My Perfectly high arches.¬†¬† In other words I dont need you or your pathetic bullshit pickups.¬† Learn how to worship nothing but the best and maybe I’ll train you how to talk to a Domme and you may get a little further in this game piggie.¬† You obviously haven’t figured either out yet.

To My sneaky NiteFlirt caller, I can easily look to see it has been you calling Me to get ignored.¬† Not to worry as more site updates, including NF tribute buttons are coming soon.¬† Then maybe you will get some attention and I’ll allow you to actually talk while I pretend to listen to your lame ass tell Me how hard your toddler dick is from looking at My irresistible Peds.

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mind blowing

its not hard for Me to be so amazing.¬† Its actually quite easy.¬† It’s even easier for Me to take your money so I can spend.¬† I know how much you love to hand your cash over to beautiful Ladies.¬† Your tiny dick gets hard when you think you could ever be close enough to these Perfect arches.¬† Some out you are worried bout how much money you have, when all you really need to worry about is how often you tribute and how you act in the mean time.¬† Not everyone is make of gold. those filthy rich fucks who have money growing on trees in their back yard…are the ones that give all of it plus more for Me.¬† Time to pay homage to Perfection. ¬† the rest of you with no money should always be polite and remember I am always the boss.¬† If you want a custom clip you will wait and not nag and beg like a sissy bitch about it.¬† winey babies.¬† .¬† Introduce yourself and say what your fetishes are.¬† While this is taking place, you are making a purchase/tribute to your new domme, Me. ¬† Gifts are the only way the game gets started. So get those wallets out and pay up if you want any attention from Me.


This weekend was a Pre-Valentines Day weekend for those Valentines that knew they could not have Me on Monday.¬† Friday one of My lovely lady Valentines got My car detailed for Me.¬† It looks and smells so good.¬† It needed it too.¬† Time to wash all the dried salt off of her.¬† I’m glad this streak of warm weather has melted some of the snow.¬† I was dodging puddles and swerving like a drunk driver on the way home.¬† Dinner and Chocolates to follow.¬† I love chocolate, but I hate those lame cards that people get you and you always throw away.¬† I also don’t like to get fresh cut flowers.¬† They die so quickly.¬† I’d just assume get Me a potted plant, or a pot plant.¬† know Me well enough that you only get Me shit I like or you silly boys can just send cash.

I had so much fun on Saturday night for My friend’s birthday party.¬† Everyone was looking nice.¬† Of course My outfit was off the chain.¬† I wore a sheer, lace, longsleeved shirt with a black bra underneath.¬† I had the slim fit Levis, and Michael Kohrs black strap pumps.¬† super cute.¬† Make you losers do a double take.¬† you didn’t need to stare to confirm the most beautiful girl in the club.¬† I drank 2 chocolate Martinis followed by 4 glasses of moscato.¬† not much dancing to start, but after my first 2 martinins, I knew I was ready to party.¬† People were just standing around, waiting for more guests to arrive. But I had to gather the dancing girls or the ones who i felt have been wanting to dance all night to the floor to start the party.¬† That’s how i do it…I bring the party to Me.¬† I had 5 girls shaking their asses before I knew it the club was packed and¬† we had a great time.¬† i like to mingle and see how awkward random convo is from people you don’t even know.¬† I can see how being approached by a beautiful woman like Myself could leave you silly drones speechless.

It was most amusing to see one man step put of his cab, first foot on the icey patch in front of the venue to fall right on his ass.  then there were 3-6 people trying to get one car out of the snow on the sides of the street where all the half melted snow was.  It was like how many dumb asses and accidents does it take to park your car somewhere close to the club downtown on a Saturday.

Damn Midwest.¬† these meteorologists always overexaggerate.¬† I don’t tolerate liars.¬† I dislike the weather man almost as much as I dislike you silly wankers that stumble upon My page with too much time and not enough money. I have strong feelings that they should be castrated with a pooper scooper.¬† Shit dick good for nothing wankers.¬† (tangent) teehee back to the point.¬† there wasn’t two feet of snow here, but¬† there was plenty of ice though.¬† It just so happens that My new pet, Indiana, also was experiencing the storm of the year.¬† after he was done blabbing about how much he loved all aspects of feet,( arches, toes, heels, and soles…I get the foot fetish thing numbskull) the freezing rain and snow made his power go out shortly after he sent Me an Amazon GC.¬† So nice how things seem to work out in My favor. ¬† I shop while he sits in his dark and cold house, mouth watering over these Perfect Peds.¬† He came by later to appologize for his delayed response as his power went out.¬†¬† He cant wait to get his taxes back to spend on Me.¬† Those are My favorite pets…the single ones with a real job, no kids, not married.¬† They lose their mind and never know when to stop, until they are miles into debt.¬† bahhahahaa.

Squishy Soles

Spend on these bitch!¬† I was beginning to wonder how many “subs” just come out during tax return time, because that’s the only time they ever have money to blow.¬† This is like their Christmas.¬† they get to blow their money on Me and well, I decide if they get to blow their load.¬† that could be why they only come to the dark side to play once in a while.¬† they haven’t had enough training and discipline, much less grasp the task of money management.¬† or your just a broke bum and most findommes don’t have the time of day for you.¬† In the mean time, make sure you are visiting My wishlist.¬† new image sets and clips are still to be on the way as promised.¬† A follow up on a previous blog referring to paying off My student loans.¬† They are dwindling, but slowly.¬† So work harder and cut more corners to pay tribute to Perfection.¬† My wishlist for this year seems to keep getting bigger.¬† Not only do I want My loans paid off, but I cannot wait to get a motorcycle this spring.¬† So HOTTT.¬† you cant resist a biker babe.¬† Well at least not one this hot.¬† just imagine Perfection mounting a fast engine in leather.