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well the Midwest weather man was dead on when he called for 2-5 inches of snow in the same week We had 70 degree weather.  the shit is bonkers. My friend really did have a white wedding in the end of March.  I went out to celebrate a wedding.  after the reception that I heard was trashy and weird.  haha no one even knew she was Jewish until the week of her wedding.  We  up going to the casino where there are no longer old school slot machines.  but the bright lights and endless happy sounds make up for that.  While Me and a lady friend were walking around a man walks up to her out of no where and says “Im not a creeper, but…..” and whispers in her ear; he was telling her how he loved her shoes (which were borrowed from the closet of PerfectPeds) and her exquisite legs.  first of all starting your introduction off with Im not a creeper is the opposite.  Same for when you start with no offense.  that means there will be offensive shit that follows. well creeper man gave her bad vibes about feet fetish I’m sure.  later her fiance was in the bathroom and overheard him telling a story about her legs in her dress and hot heels.  We left later and went to a bar that was filled with college frat cats and other useless sluts.  That led to a shot of almost every color in the rainbow.  I had to pawn Mine off once or twice.  I was already drunky.  glad I didn’t have to drive. I knew I should have went with My better judgement and wore My heels.  I just know that I turn to insta-Bitch when My feet get cold and I didnt want to get snow on My tootsies.  I got picked up in the lot of the casino at My car and dropped back off the next morning.  that’s what I like.  So you sissy losers around that like to make yourself useful, you can stuff yourself in My trunk and until I need you to park or pick Me up.  🙂

call Me what you will….I love to get My animals high.  They ask for it.  they come over and sit in front of Me when I get the chrono out or if they hear a lighter since no one smoke yucky ciggies around here they know its smoke time.  So I put the conclusion that they like it.  I don’t hold them down and force it upon them….so dont come knockin round here PETA.  God made POT and man-made beer.  let’s be serious.  that’s a no brainer.  simple for you drones.

I was thinking of getting My hair trimmed within the next couple of weeks.  Until then I am on a hunt to find a cute cut to show My stylist.  I have been letting My hair grow long again.  I know how sexy long hair is.  It’s so soft, shiney, and smells yummy.  I will be sure to post some more pictures.  I just hate that I have to get a new computer, but glad I will be able to retrieve My pictures and videos from My other one.  until next time shop My wishlist suckers!

I know some of you were dieing to know how the haunted hotel went.  I had fun when I stayed at the Lemp Mansion with The Asian Goddess and Luxxury Princess.  It was scary when we first got there, we were hearing noises and it felt like we were being watched.  Im sure the watched part was because every picture, which 75% of were portraits.  were looking at us.  We had the iPhone and iPad ghost hunter stuff out with us.  The video recorder was on night vision and we got some good footage.  We didnt see anything suspicious though.  We had lots of snacks and a NF caller who couldnt get enough.  He cried like a bitch for the entire night.  I couldnt even understand him he was sobbing and wimpering.  I dont even know about what.  GEEEEZ.  hahaha so We made fun of him like the low life loser that he is.  he had the audacity to message Me today and try to talk about last night.  I laugh at you, not give a shit about how broke you are.  he said” I thought you were the nice one, but there is not nice one.” so remember that….Im not the nice one.  We forgot the bowl and didnt take any pics or video clips.  hahaha.  it was a Domme kinda night.  you probably get little boners thinking about all that power in one room. 

meanwhile, I have learned dogsitters are almost as hard to come by as babysitters.  I hate depending on other people….it really irks Me when people cannot follow a simple task.  I think, why would you even offer if you couldnt handle it?  I heard it was supposed to snow this week.  I mean really? yes really….thats how it is in the midwest.  it is craziness.  also an old…well call him an acquaintance says to Me that he has gay friends and hes still their friend, but he doesnt respect gay people.  Im not one to cast judgements, believe that.  But I cannot tolerate a closed minded person as so.  then have the nerve to say sorry if i offended You.  well you didnt offend Me, but now I know the real kind of person you are, and I’ll be sure to try not to offend you when I send your dumb ass to voicemail from now on. and so help Me GOD, i swear if you poke Me of facebook because I have been ignoring you I will egg your house like a facebook stalker should.

….and today was a good day.  tomorrow shall bring brighter things, but nothing brighter than MEEE.  so take a good look and remember why you keep coming back drones.

toes and archeslooking down on you

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well st. patricks day was fun and full of shots and green beers.  the parade was awesome.  I had tons o’fun.   too many women tell Me “Your earings are cute…wanna make out later?”  so I went to bed rather early that night instead.  I didnt want a hangover in the morning or a random lady in My bed. St. Pats Parade

 Im a little sad…My main chick is moving to arizona.  so you little subbies need to work harder to make Me smile.  that means put your needy feelings aside and shower Me with gifts and Tributes.  meanwhile I will be hooping and making you sissy bitches feel My pain.

Lemp mansion is coming soooon. yay. Tuesday in fact.  I’m getting scared the more I think about it.  seriously EVERYONE who has been there, even if only for dinner, says they have had some kind of experience.  Im not a huge ghost person.  I think things beyond humans exist yes.  And I like to spook Myself for some unknown reason.  which is wierd because I hate the dark.  But maybe there will be some pictures or clips to come out of this.  Keep your hopes up.  I like to shatter them 🙂

also I couldnt help but to laugh when I checked My voicemail, which is rare, half of them were missed calls from NF.  just couldnt get enough.  woopsie.  try again.  I will try to ignore you better.  hahah LOSER!  I have recently had a new boy come around…well hes flaky like a biscut and comes out of hiding once in a while.  He says he is scared to message Me because I intimidate him.  HMMM I couldnt imagine why someone might ponder the thought of Me intimidating them.  wait yes I can.  you dummyheads make Me giggle.  Dont ask how much for how long then say your not into financial domination.  stupid air for brains.  that doesnt make any sense now does it?

My swimming suits are motivation for the gym so keep purchasing them from My wishlist or send victoria’s secret gift cards.  swimming suit time is right around the corner.

hmmmm where to start.  Lame pansyss who called Me ruthless.  bahaha….I will show you ruthless.  georgie from London who is still in hiding and would love for Me to make him pay for an apology opportunity.  Or mcgowan the time waster??? you small bags o’fuckery should brace yourself for what is to come.  why wouldnt I make a mockery of you.  you are a pansy asss pussy.  you cry like a baby who likes to be made a sisssified bitch.  Please Goddess don’t show my pictures.  Really, you cancelled the order and are pretending to be shocked when the shipment hasnt come all while still waiting in chastity, just so you can have My attention.  its dumb pieces of shit like you who need to be made examples of.  if their is one person not to fuck over with money it is your Miss in Financial Domination.  You are a sorry broke lowlife fool.  you were always available to be online at My beck and call because you weren’t employed.  making false promises and spending your nights rushing home from “work” to sit in your lonely empty closet where you built a shrine to worship ME.  I cant figure out why subbies fuck up then beg for forgiveness and a second chance as if they deserved a first chance.  and that is just the tip of the dick ladies and gentlecucks. 

I will really make an example out of your dumb ass and a few others.  Perfection will chew you up and spit you out you silly wad of cud.  ship you back to subbie cyber land to be recycled.  Ill save that for april.  when I know all have finalized taxes.  nothing I hate more than a liar and a time waster.  My arch admirer couldn’t come up with enough $$$ in time for My visit to chicago. sorry for ya sucka HAHAHA.  My time is precious.  Remember that when you are on My site.  You found Me.  Not the other way around. this shit, not to mention the fact that My friend who I was going with, her aunt passed away.  so I didn’t want to go to chi with those kind of vibes anyways.  My heart is out to her.  we just talked to that woman the day before to plan the trip. nothing went as planned. anywho.. when it gets warmer I know he will save his $ to put Perfect Peds into his view.   In that case I will be going to Dogtown to celebrate.  It is so much farther of a walk to get to the parade site this year, but I’m ok with that.  then I will be sober by the time I walk back to My car…if I can find it.  If that’s the case, I need a cab anyways.  Shitty drunk tomorrow.  I will be the definition of white girl wasted. 

Meanwhile My computer problem is being taken care of, there wont be as many hot pics in My blog until it arrives.  get over it.  I am still taking picture sets and making clips for you foot boys who just can’t get enough of My high arches.  keep hitting My wish list and remember swimming suits always come with matching flip flops so don’t even ask.  This is expected. DUH!

and by the way,  he who asks “what does it’s a cucky night mean?” is a fuck for brains.  seriously?

well this may get a little lengthy.  but I dont care. thursday I went out with My hottie tottie girlfriend.  Had a couple drinks for a friend’s bday.  We still find each other sexy enough to make out and get frisky in the bathroom stall.  “shhhh”.  you love when its a cucky night you actually get to hear about.  you drones cant wait to come back and ask intruding questions about My personal life.  humor Me.  this is about your life as an honored drone, here to seek My PerfectPeds and make Me happy. I went to st. patrick’s day parade downtown.  It was awesome.  I started My day seeing a sea of green filling the streets.  But that is nothing compared to this thursday in DOGTOWN…yes they are different.  My favorite part is the Irish dancing.  It is so cute with the curly wigs and pretty dresses.  their legs just flair about as if they are not attached to their body.  so odd.  It was beautiful weather.  I hope the same holds true for the predicted 71 degrees and sunny for thursday. I hope to find some pretty green polish for thursday…..and green hits all day to match My green beer with My toes out.  I have a sweet flask that fits perfectly into My back pocket so I dont have to bring the big one that only fits in boots.  Dont look like that.  you have two flasks too.  it takes more liquor to stay warm in the winter.  I invested in some hash sat night.  It was very nice.. made Me lose half of My night but it didnt matter becuase My computer is on her last leg. and I opted to save My brain from MDMA. so I got some beauty sleep.  I have high hopes to get My pictures off of My bitch of a computer and start over.  hoping we can part ways peacefully I feel like she will be a cuntface about it and not give Me anything. I never have easy break ups.  First the camera, now the computer. 

Whos buying My computer you ask??? well pansyass has shown some dedication while going through trials to please his Goddess.  after receiveing his tax return I shall get another tribute of course.  yay.  two weeks cant come fast enough.   so far he has been an obedient sissy.  Sending gifts and following other tasks with an instance.  He is working on quitting smoking to please Me.  I hate cigarettes.  so nasty.  Archaddict cant get enough of My sinky feet.  He has been waiting for Me to send his white socks back all sweaty and smelly.  I took them off after the gym and put them in a zipbag so I can mail them when My next set of pressies come.  Chicago is around the corner sucker.  SHOW ME THE MONEY BITCH.  thats how we do in the show Me state.  I have been in the mood to trample and Im waiting for the right desperate soul to cross My path.  I dont want a fatty that My Peds will sink into, or a scrawnie ronnie who has no cushion.  Keep that in mind when applying. 

Lemp mansion has been rescheduled.  I know you all were looking forward to that.  It is even raining tonight.  But in life things come up. oh well. stay tuned drones. In other news that Japan quake/tsunami was crazy.  so sad to see a whole country turned on its ass and in shambles…well actually they needed to be on a surf board to ride that big ass wave out.  My friend….a Jap, was telling Me…in her thick accented Jappy voice all about the quakes there and some go side to side and some up and down.  vertical ones kill most people becuase houses fall down first. her sister had to sit down because it was bouncing her all around for 8 min….not including the aftershocks.  All I picture is tiny helpless people being bounced around screaming. and always if a big quake there is  tsunami…think about it.  earth plates move, big wave on island.  they are a wealthy country already.  they wont need tons of help to recover.  Im sure it made some people think twice about that Myan calendar jazz though.  suckers.  some gullable fucks everywhere.  so glad society taught people to follow and not think for themselves.  quite comical to see them get all wound up about it.  that is another blog, another day.

Lent kickoff

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Lent starts tomorrow so what will you give up for ME.  its time to re-evaluate your priorities and make Me at the top. I’m expecting tax returns to help pay off My student loans.  I haven’t decided what I want to do for Lent.  Usually I give up drinking, making the exception of St. Pats.  I think I want to do something different this year.  The real question is how will you show Me you want to make a sacrifice for something so important to you everyday for 40days. for you stupid numbskulls, you can start by quitting smoking cigarettes.  I hate when people smell like an ashtray…and you can put that $$$ towards My happiness.  Some have already told Me, for the others there are only hours until it starts.

more presents

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Lots of new presents came for Me.  I love to get new things that I deserve.  heel inserts, white socks, and ALDO flats from arch addict.  other black panties, and leg warmers are from filthyfeetlover.   My New Victoria’s Secret bras and panties, MAC and Sephora makeup, and NIKE running shoes from a subbie who is trying very hard to be owned.  you should know I do not own just any old subbie.  If you don’t have shit to offer and when I say jump, your reply should be how high.  I don’t accept shitty disrespectful pieces of shit who see anything other than the fact that I am amazing and will be made nothing less than top priority. 

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fat Tuesday celebration was fun.  I didn’t celebrate Mardi Gras, so I had a few drinks and a tequila shot today.  It was much more lax and chill at Hacienda, until happy hour started.  Dinner was delicious too.  Good green makes Me happy well lets be honest…pre and post dinner.  Speaking of green, St. Patrick’s day is soon.  Get ready for the drunk white boy fights.  hahaha. only 9 days.  I will be in Chicago on the 16th-19th to celebrate and visit My friends family.  Love Me some authentic Peurto Ricans.  I’m not looking forward to the cold.  I hope there is a warm spot in the weather lineup.  Thinking of doing a RT with My archaddict.  I’d rather drive there so I can smoke while I’m on a mini vaca…so pay up for gas.  He is under My arch’s spell.  Perfection in person.  don’t forget to tape it down. I dont want to see your boner.

I’m excited about Lemp mansion sunday with the AsianGoddess and LuxxuryPrincess.  I have been waiting to visit the haunted Lemp.  I hope we get really scared and hear or see something.  It will no doubt be interesting with us.  NF lines will be on so make sure you call to listen in on our fun losers.

swimming suits and flip flops have been added to My wishlist.  get to it and scoop those up for your favorite high arched findomme.  I know how much you love to spoil such a confident, beautiful, and powerful.  I like to model My gifts so make it snappy.  also be sure to visit My clips4sale store.  yummy toes to view all the time.

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Laundry day is here and gone. so yay for that.  I’m amazing, so yay for that.  after My french manicure that I am totally in love with.  It has been a long time since I have put french mani on and I have to say I miss it.  It may be here to stay for a while.  Sorry to you drones who love the pinks and reds.  They will be back closer to spring.  So be sure to hit the wishilst and get Me some new polishes.

I came home to three presents.  just some white socks to get filthy with a clean arch.  I like the toe ring you picked for Me and the waterproof vibrator.  wooot for shower sex.  You couldn’t handle the thoughts of My beautiful body next to another woman just as gorgeous.  so keep dreaming and keep spending.  I like presents, but I love cash more.  so send to paypal or tribute buttons on NF.  don’t be shy.  you know you cant resist PERFECTION.  This summer I will have you subbies at My feet begging for attention.  toes out for the summer, dirty feet, sandals.  keep the gifts coming.

This week I hope to accomplish getting to the gym 3 more times, My eyebrows threaded by My Persian hottie, pedi, shopping for new panties, and possibly even on the look out for a swimming suit.  So get to work boys and put some $$ on My cards so I can shop while you spend.  That’s how you make Me smile.  Oh yea and get My oil changed.  I’m debating if I want to go to CHICAGO for St. Patrick’s day.  My ex from Chicago says its more fun up there and we should go up and visit just for a day or two.  She is fun and her family is sweet, but I don’t know much Spanish.  you Chicago boys will be delighted to know that since I will not be solo I am open to real time, but you know that costs big bucks to meet with Perfection.  start saving your hard earned $$$ now losers. I’m keeping track.  teehee

I’m very excited about March.  Not only is there Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, but there is a ghost adventure in My near future with the AG and others.  Yes, I’m sure there will be some smoking.  I have had far too many subbies who ask if I smoke for the simple fact I know the AsianGoddess.  what you small minded buffoons fail to realize is that I know her on a friendship level.  That is why we are going to the haunted Lemp Mansion to see if we can make it until the morning.  It is going to be scary.  I am terrified of the dark and she likes to scare people so we will see how it goes.  I had to make sure the iPad app was still in order.  We used that a time before in the basement on her loft.  Hopefully to incorporate all the participants we will have to do it twice.  yay.  I am so scared of the dark and outside or in water in the dark is the worst.  seriously, you don’t know what could be out there.  Someone once told Me it is worse to live in the city with all the lights.  the city needs all the lights because it is a scarier place.  and yes I do know that scary is not a word.  your options are scared or afraid…but I like scary and I do what I want.

I cant decide if I want to laugh or kick you in the face when you ask if I have a real job, and further comment that I shouldn’t have to work.  Well I know that , but your cheap ass just spent $20 on amazon.  I don’t give a shit what the shipping cost is.  it did not go towards the quality of My gift.  and if you were smart…which you are NOT.  you would buy My presents from the same seller.  annoying.  I have a real job, because I don’t have patience to deal with you dumb ass subbies and foot slaves with brains the size of a grape.  I can do for Myself without your lame gifts.  But I do love to get you addicted so your gifts will be better.  I like the good gifts…money included.  keep trying harder to please ME little piggies.

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