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Last Tuesday at Lemp Mansion was a lot of fun.  We had better footage…nightvision cam, and picture orbs.  It felt more creepy and I got totally freaked in one of the bedrooms, which is also on video.  It was a girl night that ended with a sissy call from NF.  for the record, when you cry like a bitch and wimper….do it when you’re note trying to speak.  I can’t understand you through your sobs and tears fuckbag.  Geez.  I also don’t give a shit if you called to talk to just Me.  Clearly you knew I wasnt staying at the haunted Lemp mansion alone.  So whoever is with Me gets to talk shit too.  You sissys get on My nerves, so fucking needy and annoying, but for not shit of money.  that’s right.  you calling NF at $1.99 isnt SHIT to ME.  I don’t care how long you cry for loser.  This is also the last time I saw My wallet.

 My long luscious hair is now a wine red.  It’s not terribly noticeable, but you hair fetish boys will notice I’m sure.  I was walking downtown with no face on and had too many sexy stares.  Wednesday was 420, and i went camping with a few friends and LuxxuryPrincess.  It was a grand time of getting smashed.  a little ankle lover couldn’t resist paying for a little attention during My celebration.  Good to see you are losing against your fetish still.  Why do so many subbies whine they want to quit this habit and leave their fetish, but keep coming back for more? did you ever think maybe it’s because you’re weak.  you and your little dick are weak to My Perfect Peds.  Thursday was lazy laundry day. 

Saturday I visited My bestie in the hospital.  My prayers are with him.  then I visited The AG and later confirmed My computer illiteracy.  Sunday was church of course; all the jazzy hats and outfits make it more like a fashion show than a service.  after one of the longest services ever was an amazing brunch prepared by an exquisite cook (AG).  You losers would die for a meal cooked by her…hahah but you’re NEVER going to be that lucky. 

My wallet has been missing, but when I checked My bank, no money was used since the last time I remember having My wallet…which is good.  But I still don’t have a wallet.  I need to submit My application to Virginia, and I cannot do this without My credit cards.  Well I could use yours, but then you would know entirely too much about ME. 

i love to see what subbies are willing to give up for Lent, even if they are not religious, I make them play along for the full duration of Lenten season.  boys who usually don’t play chastity or smothering made Me laugh the hardest.  A few others gave up smoking DUH! and others were to show devotion to PERFECTION daily as worship.  Some of you failed and have since then been thrown to the wind of financial domination for someone of a lower caliber to pick your dumb ass up.

…no no not your mothers legs you perv.  My clips4dale store.  now yoiu can come swoop up pretty clips and image sets of My beauty for you to enjoy all the time.  Im still taking requests on clips, and doing the ones I want to do. Custom clips, will be posted at a higher pruce.  duhh.  thats how this works in case you forgot.  I m being nice to you by letting your dumb thoughts even leave your small cramped brain. so if you have a logical clip idea you can email Me.  Unless your still too INTIMIDATED by little ME.  hahaha.  you sorry loser.  I know some are too scared they will get caught with a video of their fetish, and chose to purchase image sets which are also hotter than that hot potato everyone has been passing along….then I cut it in half and burn your face with it.  so I can trample your face with My mashed potato peddie pie.  mmmm warm mashed tatoes.  you foot freaks had better hit hard and the variety show of clips for the non footers  is soon to follow.  haha whats your fetish dork?

Im excited for My VS swimming suit coming next week.  Its oh so sexy on My Perfect frame all tanned up, and oiled up, and smoked up. hahaha  I am such a sexy stoner.  Weed always brings out My amazing white smile,  what can I say.  Im a headturner at pools.   So much I even have other ladies’ men stare at Me and My peddies.  Dont get mad boo…pick your lip up. and pick yourswag up. 

Hippie hoopin is tomorrow.  YESSS! cant wait.  homegrown and dried. High grade nuggets+DUBSTEP=hoopers get down.  I mean they get funky,,,,dont worry Ill try to take a video clip so you ca see what this hooping is.  yea its a hula hoop, but can you do tricks with it? more than 2 hoops? hoops with fire?  hoops with LED lights? the shit is so mesmerizing even if you are “uninterested”-  I mean stuck in your K hole…depending on the drug of choice.   you will still be watching hoopers do tricks.  6 days until 4/20 and I indulge in nothing but weed treats and do nothing but smoke everywhere I go.  Its a magical day for stoners. 

I say we get the politicians high before their next big debate about budgets.  haha.then maybe they can come to an agreement. as long as that agreement involves legalizing weed and not over taxing on it. but I imagine high taxes on weed is worse that it being illegal. so much to think about. 

I know you only want to think about Me and My every move so here are a few more pictures wankers

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not too much new to blog about except for some new presents.  My archaddict has been a good boy lately.  He cant help but to wait at his phone for My email sending pictures of Me wearing the gifts he got ME.  It’s actually quite funny.  I like to send pictures at times $$$$ to spend on Me.  I believe I will be going to chicago in May now that the weather is a little warmer.  He’s going to melt like butter when he sees My Perfect Peds in his grimey hands.   He desperately wants My Peddies to be in his twitter avi.  I just sent him a pair of stinky socks I wore to the gym a few times.  He has been waiting for some time for My smelly cotton feet covers.  He probably popped some wood when I messaged him to say I was leaving the post office. 

My other drones need to pick up some slack and be sure to send more swimming suits before pools open.  I know how bad you want to see My hot body in those bikinis.   Im so amazing you know I deserve to hit soak up sun in style like a true Goddess. 

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I just happened to be around one of the most brutal tickle monsters and I’m beginning to think it has rubbed off on Me.  So I thought I’d share with you lame freaks.  I’d love to tie up a little pay piggie (of course) and watch him squirm to the point of no return.  tickles that last for hours.  laughing so hard you remember why your don’t laugh in front of other people, because no one likes the sound of a dumb fuck with a case of the hiccups.  tie you up with your arms above your head and tickle you with My feet.  I hope you squeal and I wont stop until you piss yourself.  that is the ultimate goal right. hahaha.  by the way squealers get gagged.  so thinks smart not hard fetish freaks.   humiliation vs a case of the forced giggles.  that is quite interesting when you let the thought marinate. It is a good combo…that is why I’m blogging about it duhhh!

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archaddict has been a good boy so far this month.  He is sending presents like he should.  I will show off My newest gifts in future updates.  I’m waiting to see that bonus from yesterday hit My hands.  I’m sure he will have his finances in order the next time I head to CHICAGO.  I know he is kicking himself in the ass for that.  Spring is here and so is the warm weather…so get ready for many more PerfectPed pics. 

On April fools day I only pranked 2 people.  I like to celebrate it for a whole month.  2 weeks prior and 2 weeks post so no one expects it.  then its waaayyy better. but people get more mad. and guess what. that’s right. I don’t give a shit about your hurt feelings.  lighten up tight ass.  there may be another trip the Lemp mansion, this time with a little better footage and We will be prepared.  Though I’m not positive when that will be.  also I love the spring for april.  I like warm rain because the smell and sound of rain makes Me horny and because of 4:20.  My plan is to rave in a cave.  and whomp My face off.  that sounds like an amazing plan.  Maybe I will make a clip of Me with my light up hoop.  you little fucks would be completely mesmerized. 

for the record My cam is NEVER free unless it is a voyeur cam for you broke minions that just keep begging.  and that is even rare.  So take your broke ass to the next one.  I don’t want a broke subbie.  WRITE THAT DOWN…and refer to it often. and I personally don’t think only men with money are all submissive, but those are the only ones that get My time so who cares.

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ahh spring is in the air.  Pretty polish on My pretty toes.  and you smothering with Me sitting on your face.  Reverse of course so your nose can sit in My ass crack. If you are lucky I will fart in your mouth.  also known as a cup of chili.  You freaks would love that I’m sure.   I may have never said much about My love for suffocation…to suffocate people.  I like the feeling knowing I have complete control and you could pass out…if I wanted.  I don’t want to kill anyone, but it is fun to smother with My PerfectPeds.  I would place My foot over your nose and mouth so you could not breathe, then after 45 seconds I would lift My foot off your nose so you would have to take in a big breathe of My foot aroma.  It is so delightful it is like waking up in heaven and I am all fuzzy from your pass out.  The skin on skin contact would keep you begging for Me to do it longer the next time.  Maybe your little shrimp dick would get hard before you turn blue.  The average person can hold their breath for 45seconds to 2 and a half minutes.  I like to take cash and test limits.  after 6 minutes there can be brain damage…and im not after that.  I don’t want you to be a vegetable suckin up that medicade and not being able to come back and play.

I also found a new sissy bitch from canada who doesn’t think online kink is real. how do you think you found Me dummy.  how do you think I know you like to be dressed like a lady, with a dress, panties, and heels?  haha.  I told him to come back with his wallet out and dress ironed.  then he will know I am not playing with him. Im sure he will be too scared for the first session.  thats how all the sissys are…then they write you an email appologizing.  the crybaby who called the night We were at the mansion keeps messaging Me begging for Me to decrease the price of My NF line so he can call back.  So My line is currently at a discounted price for the month of April.  He is so broke and worthless he still wont call back.  pure disgust. 

Today I was hoopin in the 90degree weather.  that’s right…it hit 90 today.  the sunshine did Me good.  My bullydogs were basking in the sun too.  I got to ride with My hot hunky man on his motorcycle as well.  that is such a turn on for Me.  A tall handsome man with a bike…who secretly loves to eat kitty cat. And it is known I dont waste My own time if you don’t eat kitty cat.   you cuckies can eat that up, but that’s all you will ever be eating losers. anyways some new clips were made….you’re welcome armpitadmirer.  Keep sending cash and the next thing I want off My wishlist is the grinder.  Its time for a new one.

yay for My new computer. That seemed like it took forever.   Now I will have plenty of time to make updates, clips, and upload more pics for your viewing pleasure.  I was originally going to get a haircut, but I didnt find a picture of a style I liked to show.  you boys keep begging Me not to cut too much off the ends.  This is when I opted to buy My computer instead.  Nothing like a new toy to play with.  it is a pain in My ass to switch over pictures, videos, and such. 

 I have to send a laugh to the one who insisted on wanking in the bathroom floor on his laptop while his wife was asleep in the bed.  you’re sending Me money while you’re trying to hurry and get off to My skyhigh arches. I was sad when I came home from visiting the AsianGoddess I had a missed package from FedEx. Meanwhile I am back in love with oreo mint ice cream.  you freaks dream about ice cream on My Peddies and how bad you want to lick it off.  There will be another update soon.  visit My wishlist until then suckas.