yay for My new computer. That seemed like it took forever.   Now I will have plenty of time to make updates, clips, and upload more pics for your viewing pleasure.  I was originally going to get a haircut, but I didnt find a picture of a style I liked to show.  you boys keep begging Me not to cut too much off the ends.  This is when I opted to buy My computer instead.  Nothing like a new toy to play with.  it is a pain in My ass to switch over pictures, videos, and such. 

 I have to send a laugh to the one who insisted on wanking in the bathroom floor on his laptop while his wife was asleep in the bed.  you’re sending Me money while you’re trying to hurry and get off to My skyhigh arches. I was sad when I came home from visiting the AsianGoddess I had a missed package from FedEx. Meanwhile I am back in love with oreo mint ice cream.  you freaks dream about ice cream on My Peddies and how bad you want to lick it off.  There will be another update soon.  visit My wishlist until then suckas.

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