Im a breath of fresh air

Posted: April 4, 2011 in bdsm, cuckold, financial domination, financial domme, foot fetish, long hair, money slavery, peds, Uncategorized, worship

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ahh spring is in the air.  Pretty polish on My pretty toes.  and you smothering with Me sitting on your face.  Reverse of course so your nose can sit in My ass crack. If you are lucky I will fart in your mouth.  also known as a cup of chili.  You freaks would love that I’m sure.   I may have never said much about My love for suffocation…to suffocate people.  I like the feeling knowing I have complete control and you could pass out…if I wanted.  I don’t want to kill anyone, but it is fun to smother with My PerfectPeds.  I would place My foot over your nose and mouth so you could not breathe, then after 45 seconds I would lift My foot off your nose so you would have to take in a big breathe of My foot aroma.  It is so delightful it is like waking up in heaven and I am all fuzzy from your pass out.  The skin on skin contact would keep you begging for Me to do it longer the next time.  Maybe your little shrimp dick would get hard before you turn blue.  The average person can hold their breath for 45seconds to 2 and a half minutes.  I like to take cash and test limits.  after 6 minutes there can be brain damage…and im not after that.  I don’t want you to be a vegetable suckin up that medicade and not being able to come back and play.

I also found a new sissy bitch from canada who doesn’t think online kink is real. how do you think you found Me dummy.  how do you think I know you like to be dressed like a lady, with a dress, panties, and heels?  haha.  I told him to come back with his wallet out and dress ironed.  then he will know I am not playing with him. Im sure he will be too scared for the first session.  thats how all the sissys are…then they write you an email appologizing.  the crybaby who called the night We were at the mansion keeps messaging Me begging for Me to decrease the price of My NF line so he can call back.  So My line is currently at a discounted price for the month of April.  He is so broke and worthless he still wont call back.  pure disgust. 

Today I was hoopin in the 90degree weather.  that’s right…it hit 90 today.  the sunshine did Me good.  My bullydogs were basking in the sun too.  I got to ride with My hot hunky man on his motorcycle as well.  that is such a turn on for Me.  A tall handsome man with a bike…who secretly loves to eat kitty cat. And it is known I dont waste My own time if you don’t eat kitty cat.   you cuckies can eat that up, but that’s all you will ever be eating losers. anyways some new clips were made….you’re welcome armpitadmirer.  Keep sending cash and the next thing I want off My wishlist is the grinder.  Its time for a new one.

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