I just happened to be around one of the most brutal tickle monsters and I’m beginning to think it has rubbed off on Me.  So I thought I’d share with you lame freaks.  I’d love to tie up a little pay piggie (of course) and watch him squirm to the point of no return.  tickles that last for hours.  laughing so hard you remember why your don’t laugh in front of other people, because no one likes the sound of a dumb fuck with a case of the hiccups.  tie you up with your arms above your head and tickle you with My feet.  I hope you squeal and I wont stop until you piss yourself.  that is the ultimate goal right. hahaha.  by the way squealers get gagged.  so thinks smart not hard fetish freaks.   humiliation vs a case of the forced giggles.  that is quite interesting when you let the thought marinate. It is a good combo…that is why I’m blogging about it duhhh!

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archaddict has been a good boy so far this month.  He is sending presents like he should.  I will show off My newest gifts in future updates.  I’m waiting to see that bonus from yesterday hit My hands.  I’m sure he will have his finances in order the next time I head to CHICAGO.  I know he is kicking himself in the ass for that.  Spring is here and so is the warm weather…so get ready for many more PerfectPed pics. 

On April fools day I only pranked 2 people.  I like to celebrate it for a whole month.  2 weeks prior and 2 weeks post so no one expects it.  then its waaayyy better. but people get more mad. and guess what. that’s right. I don’t give a shit about your hurt feelings.  lighten up tight ass.  there may be another trip the Lemp mansion, this time with a little better footage and We will be prepared.  Though I’m not positive when that will be.  also I love the spring for april.  I like warm rain because the smell and sound of rain makes Me horny and because of 4:20.  My plan is to rave in a cave.  and whomp My face off.  that sounds like an amazing plan.  Maybe I will make a clip of Me with my light up hoop.  you little fucks would be completely mesmerized. 

for the record My cam is NEVER free unless it is a voyeur cam for you broke minions that just keep begging.  and that is even rare.  So take your broke ass to the next one.  I don’t want a broke subbie.  WRITE THAT DOWN…and refer to it often. and I personally don’t think only men with money are all submissive, but those are the only ones that get My time so who cares.

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