Last Tuesday at Lemp Mansion was a lot of fun.  We had better footage…nightvision cam, and picture orbs.  It felt more creepy and I got totally freaked in one of the bedrooms, which is also on video.  It was a girl night that ended with a sissy call from NF.  for the record, when you cry like a bitch and wimper….do it when you’re note trying to speak.  I can’t understand you through your sobs and tears fuckbag.  Geez.  I also don’t give a shit if you called to talk to just Me.  Clearly you knew I wasnt staying at the haunted Lemp mansion alone.  So whoever is with Me gets to talk shit too.  You sissys get on My nerves, so fucking needy and annoying, but for not shit of money.  that’s right.  you calling NF at $1.99 isnt SHIT to ME.  I don’t care how long you cry for loser.  This is also the last time I saw My wallet.

 My long luscious hair is now a wine red.  It’s not terribly noticeable, but you hair fetish boys will notice I’m sure.  I was walking downtown with no face on and had too many sexy stares.  Wednesday was 420, and i went camping with a few friends and LuxxuryPrincess.  It was a grand time of getting smashed.  a little ankle lover couldn’t resist paying for a little attention during My celebration.  Good to see you are losing against your fetish still.  Why do so many subbies whine they want to quit this habit and leave their fetish, but keep coming back for more? did you ever think maybe it’s because you’re weak.  you and your little dick are weak to My Perfect Peds.  Thursday was lazy laundry day. 

Saturday I visited My bestie in the hospital.  My prayers are with him.  then I visited The AG and later confirmed My computer illiteracy.  Sunday was church of course; all the jazzy hats and outfits make it more like a fashion show than a service.  after one of the longest services ever was an amazing brunch prepared by an exquisite cook (AG).  You losers would die for a meal cooked by her…hahah but you’re NEVER going to be that lucky. 

My wallet has been missing, but when I checked My bank, no money was used since the last time I remember having My wallet…which is good.  But I still don’t have a wallet.  I need to submit My application to Virginia, and I cannot do this without My credit cards.  Well I could use yours, but then you would know entirely too much about ME. 

i love to see what subbies are willing to give up for Lent, even if they are not religious, I make them play along for the full duration of Lenten season.  boys who usually don’t play chastity or smothering made Me laugh the hardest.  A few others gave up smoking DUH! and others were to show devotion to PERFECTION daily as worship.  Some of you failed and have since then been thrown to the wind of financial domination for someone of a lower caliber to pick your dumb ass up.

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