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I have been so busy lately.  My dog who the vet misled Me to think she was having a false pregnancy is actually about to birth  a litter.  FUUcccccKKK this is not in My schedule.  Puppies are like babies.  They cry and shit.  no no no no. I cannot have those little shits here.  I don’t even care about the money from it.  Get those pups outta here. and for$1500-2000 a pup is saying a lot. I REALLY hate babies. I’ve added clips to c4s and more to come.  Kinkbomb store is slowly coming along as I still have to build it, however some clips have already been added.  with this being said, I am not and will not be a slave to you freaks by spending all of My time making clips for your wanking enjoyment. 

My dirty smelly foot sniffing NF caller keeps calling Me up late at night.  Same time frame every night.  He said he would still lick My feet if I ran through a field covered in dog shit and hazardous waste….and he agreed of course.  I’m so nice to you and I shouldnt be.  Keep calling and filling My account. 

With all the severe weather around here TheAsianGoddess and LuxxuryPrincess and I  had to reschedule our ball bust meeting with slave andy.  We were all sad, but safety is always first.  I have been talking to My kickboxing coach who is so shocked I was inquiring about ‘self defense’ ballbusting.  Long story short he says accuracy is more key than power; stay midline.  He says make his balls POP.  bahahaha.  It has been rescheduled for a week from today.  I think Ill get some more practice in on My RT sub.  Im still just as excited.  I may burst before then. 

And coming in full force immediately after this lovely ball bust is WAKARUSA!!!!!!Though I am dreading the drive to Alabama,  I cannot wait.  My British bumlover bought My ticket and camping pass.  He also knows how to spoil a Lady…he gave over money for party favors too.  I cannot stress how excited I am for this event.  Its more than a concert.  check the link.  They have it all…except water.  Here comes a ton of fun crashing down upon My beautiful sweaty body.   It is hippie love all around.  Get your hula hoops out people.  =) I think it is so sexy to see women move rather sensually and sweaty with their hoops.  Here I’ll help paint an image: hot sweaty, sexy, lean, vegan hippies.  fun hair pieces. real down to earth chick with a joint stashed in her crochet side satchel.  hard nipples from being so sweaty.  They are easy to see through the tiny tube top she is donning.  gypsy shorts and barefoot.  yeaaaa.  I’m going with My cousin who’s never been to a rave and a few friends.  This is going to be an awesome weekend.  No computer, but I’ll try to get some pictures or video.  Stay tuned and keep spending. 

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I was on My way to My RT subs house to wake him up hours early for work by jumping on him in is bed so he could rub My stinky feet.  Do you know this dumb cantgetright ass had the chain on his door? now why would you give Me a key if you were going to make it less accessible to Me?  Then he feels like shit all night after I message him, can’t sleep, felt like a dumb tool, bla bla bla.  So he gets Me 2 more keys made because they had a design on them…. I cannot fathom how small his brain must really be.  this is not even logic.  the point is take the fucking chain off the door.  We live in the county pussypants! so do you think I’ll only come when you are not home? or are you scared of Me? or just a stupid bag of cum?  I know he is dieing for his punishment.  haha good thing I’m slightly under the weather, creating extra thick leugees.  So far I’ve only made him do My laundry and deliver My dinner.  I havent checked to see if he stole My panties or socks, but Im sure he was sniffing them today when he was doing the wash.   

I’m glad I got to get some shopping out of My system.  I got this dress that is fun a flirty for the summer with the magical feather earings.  Which I can get into a few feathers, but not all over My hair.  Steven Tyler did that before I was even born and they were roach clips.  Handy, but no thanks.  The other outfit is for a birthday party this weekend.  Thanks to My bumlover for adding more funds to My account.   

I’ve had an unproductive week in the fetish world, however vanilla life is going great.  I like having opportunities to travel and see new things. I simply cannot hold My freaking horses!!!! the pools must open early.  The humidity here is terrible.  I just want to lay poolside (or BEACHSIDE) in a tiny bikini and soak up the sun.  It’s so relaxing.  summer is My favorite season.  It requires the least among of clothes.  I would much rather be hot than cold.  then I can have My toes out.  This opens up many more options for shoes.  Spring and summer shoes are the best with peep toes, thong sandals, caged shoes. Id like to add some flip-flops and strappy sandals to My wishlist, but I must try on My shoes first.  I have fat big toes, and the others spread when I stand up.  I don’t want My feet to grab the curb or hang ten in ANY of My shoes.   I like to switch up My polish often to match outfits or moods.  so don’t neglect My feet wishlist.  you know you want to pamper Me.

This weekend was another story.  It seems My british wonder is back.  He tried to delete Me and resist, but he came crawling back and asking for ways to make sure he can pay all his bills and spend the right amount of money on Me. Of course I charged him a financial advisory fee.  haha  this is fine, but I always want more.  He fell in love with My beautiful bum.  He caught Me off guard by wanting to lick My rosebud….which in US we call that asshole, chocolate starfish, brown eye.  rosebud is a first.  I like it.  It makes it sound so much more appealing, though tossing salad isnt My thing.

 I have attracted a new pet..Polock.  So of course he continues to mess things up.  cantgetright sounds like all of the rest of the subbies so far.  yes I like you, yes I want to serve only you, after a semilengthy list of previous dommes.  shows a little cash and then flakes out.  I’m not impressed.  This turned into quite the meeting.  He was so nervous when I showed up I thought he’d shit himself.  then says how I’m the most beautiful of the Dommes he has served in person.  On the next visit I made him give Me a key to his apartment.  BAHAHAHA what a fucking fool.  you want real time bitch—Ill show you real time.  I don’t want to rob your dumb ass, just scare you and torture you.  This is going to be fun!  I have a custom clip request, but I have been busy and I will get to them when I have the time.  you know how the story goes.

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In other news, when I went out the other night in My hot little red dress it was definitely a win.  I was getting hit on left and right.  Th burlesque girls were hot like fire of course.  I absolutely love the pin-up girl look.  it so hot and retro.  and if you can pull it off that is oh so HOT. RAWR.  later this week I’m ready to bust some balls.  Everyone knows how much I hate balls.  they are so weird and gross.  So yea I’m excited.  My whole face lights up when I think about it.  I think Ill do it barefoot in hopes to feel little balls pop!

I want My wishlist purchased items number higher boys.  Make it happen.

cinco de mayo celebration was very fun.  The day started off rather annoying as I banged My pretty head on the corner of the vent in the laundry room and within that hour My friend was pulling out the chair at the dinner table and dragged that heavy ass chair right across my little tootsies.  I hate pain on My feet as I have sensitive feet.  That lead to INSTA-BITCH! geeez make Me smoke a bowl so early to deal with dumbness.  Then came the drunks.  yeahhhh.  there were tons of them.  Any reason for people in stl to drink or party and they will make it a party.  First We went to Hacienda.  everywhere was packed full of drunkards.  My friend’s car got towed withing minutes of her parking.  then We made our way downtown to Rosalita’s to party loud enough for TheAsianGoddess to hear from Her window.  Gay bars are open latest so that was last stop.  Never a dull moment there.  To My surprise there was a drag queen show with some good looking queens. I know you girly bitches are jealous they get to prance around openly in their fishnets and heels.   I had fun dancing and drinking all night.  after migrating across the street to more bars and G O time-I was ready for drunk food drive thru.

This weekend was packed full of fun.  It started by My little foot bitch giving into his fetish again.  I love taxing his ass when he knows I am out.  If you interrupt, My time, I have no problem charging extra for My attention.  I think he likes it, since that is the only time he bothers Me is when I tweet or post I will be doing something.  I’ll keep this interesting and make this blog back towards Me.  Shots and bottomless plastic cups all night long to go with the ladies meet and greet.  Saturday was the washer tournament.  It draws such a nice crowd and always a good time, rain or shine.  Me and My blue eyed accomplice did a fine job.  The variety show consists of singing, dancing, dildo skits, and Me hula hooping. I didn’t have a costume so I just took off My pants.  I’m a crowd pleaser; what can I say?? We stopped at the spare rib inn only to receive terrible service.  I drank entirely too much that weekend.  you cuckolds would love to see some of the footage of lesbo launch.  too bad for you extra wank material.  haha

The week has been good.  It kept Me busy with shopping and helping My friend move.  I hate moving so much…I think everyone does.  The unpack is the worst, especially when dumb mindless nimwads packed it in no kind of order.  I mean there were clothes in with dishes and candles.  So she hired some boys to do the grunt work, but they are slow, sloppy, and lazy.  I shouldnt have expected them to be fast or efficient.  I mean they were getting paid.  Oh well I wasnt paying them of course.  It’s the other way around. DUH.  also My bestie that is in the hospital is doing a little better.  I have been visiting for a little each day to bring My wonderful aura around him.
I’ve found more than a few subbies that want to meet in real time….and I have discussed this.  so if you’re new and need a refresher. I do not meet with you losers in real time unless you have tributed online in some kind of way.  and it cost more to see Me in person.  My brains and foul mouth are more than you can handle online.  My physical being is priceless and you’re probably biting off more than you can chew for the loser who wants to get a brutal leather belt beat down.  So get ready to dig deep into those raggedy little pockets and fall to your fetish again loser.  hahaha. Also know your role and NEVER @message Me a convo on twitter.  If I gave any kind of shit about you Id consider following you.  Therefore if you cannot Direct Message Me you should email Me…not show the rest of twitter how much of a lonely submissive douchebag you are.
My pedi is bubble gum pink again.  I can’t get enough of it.  It looks so chick and springy.  Maybe next time I’ll listen to the polish requests that I always ask for. teehee  Some new pets have stumbled upon My irresistible site.  that’s always fun for Me.  I love new pets to brainwash and tease.  I must say I’ve never beaten a slave with a belt before but I’m ready to do some serious lashing out on him.  He needs training badly.  Poor puppy.  another who is not so new but finally grew some grapes to ask if he could worship Me in real time, but he doesn’t like to worship online.  This is acceptable as we live in the same city and I need a new subbie that is close to run My errands and well…be My bitch.  The best job any of you fucks could have.
The time has come to out you pesky losers.  Dont get flattered as this will be your only fame as you are not even worthy of the ground I walk on.  actually I was just cleaning out my YIM sooooo… fireonme1111-paul arnold is an unemployed sissy wakner.  edgrant066 who says he is a well known sub who spoiled his old mistress with amazon gifts certainly cannot go through with shelling out the cash and loves to cancel amazon orders.  that is absolute disrespect to do chargebacks you salad tossers.  LoganJames who couldn’t wait for Me to come back from camping to find out he is a bitch to his own toddler dick and couldn’t find the guts to get that wallet out.  magiccraid12 who just wants to be put to work with tedious tasks and wants to blog stalk just to say hi.  WTF??? geoffnicholson loves to suck dick for free and My least favorite cumwad is DustinMcgowan who has been hiding out like BinLadin.  That little fuck will stay in hiding only to message My friends….thats right bitch.  I know when you talk to other Dommes. Dont fuck with Me wankers.

Make sure you keep sending those secret gifts while I sleep.  those are My favorites!!!!

I’ve been busy

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I know I havent updated this in a while, but have no worries….I will this weekend.  Maybe even some more clips for you wankers.

sit on it bitch