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I had so much fun for gay pride weekend.  I Friday night I went out to what was supposed to be a pub crawl, but it was lame so I changed locations.  I snagged up a couple hot women.  This isnt unusual, but more fun to do during pride.  I had so much to do on Friday.  I told My RT sub if he wanted to go see a movie, he had to take Me too.  He was excited and looking forward to it all day, then I decided I was too busy to sit in a dark theatre with his loser ass when I can be out in the gorgeous weather with My toes out.  So I crushed his little spirit when I said I was just coming to get My $$$ and he would have to go solo.  hahahaha.  His sad face is so funny.  anyways. I was in the parade on sunday with My dog.  This was not the best idea and I should have learned from last time it was not that fun.  We were the  second to the last float so we had to wait and missed half of the parade before they came down the side street to tell us.  then towards the end I had to run 10 blocks in STL hot humid summer weather to catch the float that had My dog on it. Bikini time bow down to MeI should have stayed with LuxxuryPrincess who was taking pics that morning and sitting on the shaded side of the street spectating. 

My clips store has been booming.  You love to see three hot dommes in one clip.  Keep the sales coming dorks.

I know it has been over a week since My last blog entry, but you losers would still be waiting at My feet regardless how long it took for Me to post another one.  I have not had the best week so I decided to take some time away from the computer.  I feel better after that much needed break.  you fucktards can only be taken in small doses as it may cause serious irritation to a Goddess. In the mean time, I went to Kentucky to see My manfriend who has the best sex ever, a real MAN.  actually he is the definition of a great man.  It was so nice to sit in the jacuzzi in the living room and watch tv.  Sunday, I had fun at Super jam with My man and My friend.  I loved smoking spliffs with My feet in the cool plush green grass while I grind on My hot boy toy. I also went on a dinner date with My pretty girl.  She likes to get Me tipsy and take advantage of Me–so I let her.  I think she doesnt help Me find My panties in the morning so she can find them later and get a reminder of the fun night we had.  I have also been to the pool.  The AsianGoddess and I went to the pool the other day.  There were 5 slides and a lazy river.  of course we took the magic flight box and vaporized in the bathroom.  hahaha.  We also went for a bike ride to the arch, which is so close to her loft.  It was nice to enjoy st. louis weather with some st. louis IMO’S pizza.  YUMMY!  ahhh the good life of a Goddess. 

I havent been too worried about My RT sub.  I have been far too busy for him.  He was lucky enough to get to wash My car and give Me his cash.  He was also assigned to pay for My trip to south carolina this year.  that means he will be on a much tighter budget if he wants to squeeze tha trip out before mid august.  He was originally afraid of financial domination, but he cannot say no to Me and neither can you so dont try.  Thinking about Me in a bikini with My tootsies in the sand soaking up the summer sun is more than enough motivation.   My favorite sub is no longer My favorite.  that greasy twirp knows who he is too.  The rest of you are not worth mention as you should step your gifting up tremendously for the summer months to show your worth. 

Im excited pride is in less than 2 weeks!   The festivities have already begun.  Pub crawl that I will be attending with LuxxuryPrincess is Friday night and I’ll be on a float in the parade Sunday.  Keep sending your cash and making those purchases from My wishlist.  My clip store should have another new feature this weekend.

bass in your face

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My My My it seems like you’ve been on the edge of your seat waiting for My new entry about the ballbust heard around the world.  I’m sure you knew how excited I was to blast some in the balls because I hate them oh so much.  LuxxuryPrincess, TheAsianGoddess, and I had a shoot with slaveandy.  It was fun to really let some aggression out on poor andy. haha he loved to show us how and where the best kicks are 😀 By the end I was done trampling him and kicking his balls Me feet smelled so much like his sweaty body that I made him clean them with his tongue.  That still didn’t satisfy Me so I went for the nut punch on the next round of ballbusting to throw him off.  New clips are coming soon.  A new fish fries hot in a pan while he waits for Me and My man to go spend his money and bury his ass in debt.  Our schedules are not meshing well and I don’t care about your stupid 3 hour drive to get here.  Think of how amazing We are and how lonely you will always be loser.  I’m getting bored with My real time slave.  He seems to only be good at laundry.  he is a lousy foot rubber, he needs too much training, and is just uninteresting anymore.  Step your game up you fluffy, hairy, absent-minded buffoon or I will drop you and keep moving like I never met you. 

In other news, this is GAY PRIDE MONTH.  Yea we have a whole month. Yes I plan to tweet about it.  In My pretty blue eyes, I see the annual parade with floats to be the best part.  I like to be in the parade also.  I have been a few years before and it was so much fun to watch the parade in the opposite order.  You not only have to watch the parade as its lining up, but you get to watch the crowd have fun too.  yay for gay.  With this being said, I don’t expect for Me or My lady fried to pay for anything this month you pervy cuckolds.  You jerk off to the thoughts of Me with another hot female in My bed, on the kitchen counter, or in the shower…either way, you’re thinking of Me.  and that is something you cannot have.  hahaha

This past weekend was the music festival at wakarusa.  It was mega-mazing!  So amazing I can hardly put it in words.  so I will try to sum it up for you.  My friend, My cousin, and I were miserable during the daytime sitting and cooking like bacon out in the mountains of Arkansas.  We were on preheat for the majority of the weekend except from the times of 11pm-5am.  And we all know that is party time.  We coerced My cousin into trying a few new things, which he loved.  It was great to see everyone having so much fun.  The ride down there seemed like it took a long time.  When we got to the site, it was very hot and We were all covered in sweat.  This led to the dip in the river, which was very clean compared to most Missouri rivers I have been to.  That was only a short cure before we had to finaggle our way to the better camping ground.  I sat in the shade across the road from our camp site with the hippie ganga lady, who had plenty of treats, coffee, and chocolate.  I’m a smoker, but I still had to try it all.  These were some serious hippies.  They would ask if I lived in 1 place for most of the year? and they traded goods and had a commie clothes store.  so basically they just travel around at music festivals and mooch or have some trade to keep going around eating drugs.  wow…I came upon a whole other culture.  There was so much silly talk including our neighbor campers (about 5 guys and 5 girls from Florida) made a language about the “wooks” and the hippie wookcrafts.  We made bait and cast it out into the street to watch people pick up a goody bag, but it was really baby powder in a baggie on a string.  I wasnt surprised by most of the wooks We caught, such as the security from the event, but the kid who couldn’t have been over 10 who picked it up for the pocket was mind-blowing. I got to see the sun come up at the festival.  the music was great of course.  Im glad I got to see Bassnectar and Skrillix.  There was so much bass on one mountain!!!  When We went to AK, we had another girl with us, but she kept disappearing and said she was in cahoots with the band.  She wasnt ready to leave when We were.  After the offer when We gave her the gypsy bag with the rest of her work in it she didn’t hop in, so we left her in AK.  Here are a few dirty feet picturesdirty solesdirty toesarcges

Im looking forward to Six Flags Friday with TheAsianGoddess and LuxxuryPrincess.  I wonder if we should invite someone else too so We can have equal number riding partners.  hmmm??  Super Jam 4 is this sunday.  Someone better hurry and buy My tickets.  I have went every year to super jam, and this will be no different.  flex those wallets boys.

I know I know you’re dyeing for an update about the ballbusting today.  It will have to wait until I get back from camping. you don’t deserve that special hot off the press footage anyways.  By the way the festival is in ARKANSAS.  I must have told everyone I was going to ALABAMA.  woopsi.  who gives a shit?  It’s still a 6 hour drive there.  This is going to be so fun I can’t wait.  Also this month is GAY pride so be sure to send your money to Me and My lady friend.  you know you love to spoil Me.Speaking of spoiled.  These shoes smell foul.  Time for them to go.  Start the bidding on My stinky sneakers.

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