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yes, I know it has been such a long time since I’ve updated My blog and you buffoons are wondering what I’ve been up to.  I have been laying at the pool letting the sun kiss My Perfect body.  I got a pedi and am currently rocking a French pedi. later I went to Rock Island state park in Tennessee with My Puerto Rican hottie to camp and sight see.  The natural waterfalls were awesome.  I know the thoughts that are going through your silly heads–Me and My hot spanish girl toy next to the clean rushing water in our skimpy swimming suits.  I never realized how sexy it is when she speaks spanish to Me.  ohh la la.  I also went to watch the last Harry Potter and I loved it.  sometimes I think it is funny how you drones fall under spells so similar, only youre weak to ME! I dont have to whip a wand, just flash My Perfect Peddies.  You losers resemble some of the creatures in the movie too.  funny looking fucks.  that is why no one wants to be seen with you. 

On the Domme note, I had to delete the broke bitches who keep signing out of messenger when I sign in.  I don’t care if it is not on purpose it is annoying so most got deleted.  I’m not worried about it in the slightest.  you douchebags found Me not the other way around.  That means you will be back again and you know how to find Me.  In the mean time I made My RT sub clean My shoes with his tongue before I went out.  that produced $200.  he couldn’t have been happier to spend his hard-earned cash on Me.  Thats why he’s taking Me shoe shopping this weekend.  He has only about a month to gather My vacation money or I tol him I would burn his weird smelling apartment to the ground with him in it.  This has him a little nervous since I do have a key and all.  *evil grin.  Dont play with My money.  anyways, I began to wonder if My archaddict drowned or got killed in Mexico, but he is probably just hiding in a corner because he feels so terrible about spending money on himself instead of his Perfectly high arched Goddess.  Bumlover came out of hiding briefly to drop some cash, but went right back under his rock in England.  My new shoe worshiper purchased a very comfy and well-worn pair of black wedge heels and a pair of flip flops that went to wakarusa with Me.  lucky dog.  He forgot..or failed to notice the severity of My smoking habit and I forgot to take the clip of Me wearing them before I mailed them.  Woopsi.  So he has to settle for a clip that I decide on.  hahaha.  you wish