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Puerto Rican fun

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I recently visited Puerto Rico and had soooo¬†much fun.¬† the island and¬†the people are beautiful.¬† it was amazing since the moment I stepped foot off the plane.¬† there were blunts, beaches, and homemade pina¬†colodas¬†within 10 minutes of arrival.¬†¬† The water was the perfect temperature.¬† The clubs, food, and hospitality¬†wer so great.¬† there was swimming in fresh water in their mountains.¬† I’m¬†glad I had My virbrams¬†that subbie¬†bought Me.¬† they came in handy.¬† My Perfect tender soles need comfortable shoes.¬† Ziplining¬†was so much fun.¬† I’m¬†afraid of heights and do not know what made Me think Id like to go fast down a zip high up in the mountain tops.¬† It is the largest in the world and I was loving it.¬† the views were spectacular.¬† The beautiful island of Colebra¬†took My breath away.¬† The water was beautiful.¬†We missed the ferry to the island so we decided to take an airbus…(8 seater miniplane).¬†¬†It was crazy..they didnt ask for ID¬†, just how much I weigh and $40.¬† so I got to sit in the cockpit with the¬†sweaty smelly pilot.¬† The aerial¬†views were gorgeous.¬† ¬†you wish you could have fit in My suitcase for this trip.¬† seeing My perfect toes in the clear water and the empty lifehouse¬†that saw some hot action with My PuertoRican¬†lover.¬† Hurricane Irene came and left us with no power.¬† thanks to TheAsianGoddess¬†for tracking My flights and driving Me to the airport.¬† I had no problem blowing through¬†the cash you sent Me while I was tanning My beautiful body and kissing¬†on soft supple lips.¬† But now I’m back to reality and ready to rape some wallets.¬†

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Now that I’m¬†back on dry land Ill¬†be accepting subbie¬†apps for virginia.¬† you drones wont know what hit you when I land.¬† The exact move date is still in the air so dont come questioning Me.¬† I want to see what you are good for.

it has been so crazy for Me lately.¬† First My phone was in need of repair after a brutal face sit by a drunken lady friend.¬† long story short…after a surprise nipple suck she landed on My phone breaking it and the dvd¬†player.¬† this left Me not being able to contact My man with the goods.¬† nothing worse than having $$ to spend and no one to contact.¬† some of you losers can empathize¬†I’m¬†sure.¬† haha.¬† so I contacted¬†THEANSWER¬†and She snapped her tiny little fingers and 30 minutes later goods were delivered.¬† that’s¬†another one of the reasons she is My favorite go to person.¬† I cannot fathom writing My blog without first smoking.¬†¬†when I got home in the morning I found My internet down.¬† now that’s all taken care of I made My subbie¬†get Me ice cream as he is always begging for attention.¬† some weeks back I told him to stay in chastity and he thought I meant only for the night…(silence). uhhhhh¬†who the fuck would tell you to do such a dumb thing??? not I.¬† so he has been in¬†chastity¬†for¬†3 weeks already and will remain there until I leave for Puerto Rico on the 17th.¬† haha.¬† silly subbie¬†should make sure he is clear in directions if he has doubts and clean the dripping balls of wax oozing from his ears.¬† when he came by one evening I couldnt¬†resist the urge to step on his squishly¬†balls as he was sitting in the floor looking up at Me with his sad drunken eyes.¬† and since he loves to pet My dogs so much I made him let them hump him too.¬† dumb fuck…I said quit petting them.¬†I know they like you….hahahaha. those are your only friends and his only humps.¬† I like to see him even if the time is brief.¬† I always get what I want. he says I’m¬†just so hot he can’t tell Me no! duhhh

you wish!!

you wish!!

I have been hitting the gym alot¬†lately and I must say I am looking scrumptious.¬†My lean legs and round juicy ass have been getting noticeably¬†more attention. ¬†My clips store has been getting alot¬†of action also.¬† More clips are coming soon.¬† Make sure you¬†losers are doing your jobs and spoiling ME by clearing My wishlist¬†and sending tributes.¬†¬† East coast foot freaks beware..Ill be raping your wallets verrry¬†soon as I am moving temporarily to Virginia.¬† I’ll be ¬†accepting applications in 2 weeks when I return from Puerto Rico.¬† I don’t¬†want My vacation with My lady friend to be¬†bothered with it until then unless you’re offering your wallet.¬† ¬† Worship Me while I lay beachside¬†with My perfect peds in the sand and drinks in My hand.¬† I want CASH!!!

recently I went to another water park with TheAsianGoddess.¬† We had fun as usual; the slides were better at this one compared to the last place.¬† it’s so¬†funny when ugly men can’t help but to stare at the hot duo…even if their wife is present.¬† such a shame how weak you stupid males are.¬† I made My rt sub come over and pick up dog poo out of My yard in the hot, humid weather.¬†¬†then I made him take a walk on a leash in the yard to see how well of a job he did.¬† I made him continuously walk through the spots he missed.¬† he begged to be collared and leashed, so I followed through because I’m¬†so nice.¬† he went and got drunk then begged to come see MY beautiful face and feet.¬† I broke his wallet needless to say ūüôā you drunk fucktards¬†don’t¬†know how to say no to Me.¬† now its clear neither one of us care about his¬†bills. ¬†hahaha¬†¬†hes so fun to mess with and since I have a key to his apartment, his fear level is always at a 10. My newest admirer didn’t¬†hesitate at all to start showering Me with gifts.¬† I just love getting new shoes and shopping on your dime.¬†

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archaddict¬†finally came out of hiding after his trip.¬† he’s¬†still hypnotized by My supple sky high¬†arches that he cant get enough of.¬† I wonder if his girlfriend knows he cums¬†to the thought of My feet, not her sloppy meat purse?? I’m¬†sure she does.¬† I’ve¬†been linked to another foot website to make My pretty Peddies¬†more available to you worshipers and strokers.¬† I’m¬†sooo nice.¬†

My phone got broken after a wild night of drinking.¬† this included watching My drunk friends try to see what a bark collar for canines feels like.¬† drunk bitches barking…priceless.¬† My niteflirt¬†lines were on and you just couldn’t¬†resist to call and listen in on our gigglefest.¬† Keep your eyes open¬†in My clips store as more are coming soon.¬† you send in more requests than I care to fill, so it will be done on My time of course.¬† I cant wait to go to Puerto Rico.¬† Make sure you little cuckies¬†send plenty of¬†$$$ for Me and My lady friend.¬† its more fun when you pay for Me to do things and I know how¬†honored you feel when you¬†get deep in your pockets for Me.¬† Imagine us in our¬†bikinis, sun-kissed¬†skin, and drink in hand.¬†¬† start sending tributes now boys.

Ive been asked to sell so many old shoes in the past few days it is a bit silly.¬† you fools beg that the shoes/socks be sealed in a ziplock bag, to seal in the smell of My Goddess sweat.¬† real freshness you can savor.¬†shoe sniffer¬†couldnt resist adding on a personal clip for some extra cash.¬† stick around boys, more shoes and flip flops will be available to you at the end of summer. ¬†I made My real time subbie deliver My dinner with My clean laundry this week.¬† haha who am I kidding? he does this every week, but this time it was expecially nice because he was eating¬†maccaroni again.¬†¬†Then I made him set up My hammock, just to take it right back down.¬† it turns out it is as easy as the salesman says.¬† so easy even a dumb shit for brains can do it in under 5 minutes.¬† A new boy is under consideration as he has a true love to make a beautiful Goddess happy and shower Me with gifts.¬†¬† another little drone has decided after months of toying with the idea of being My sissy and determining I was “real” that he was ready to give in and be My puppet.¬†¬† female domination and cross dressing will make for a¬†few interesting nights on cam.¬† he¬†didnt hesitate to ¬†shove a marker up his tiny little harry potter.¬† hahaha.¬†

Im very excited to be going to Puerto Rico in only 17 days.¬† You little pocket pets can show how¬†useful you are¬†by sending $$$ or clearing My wishlist.¬† You cuckolds will have something very scrumptious to drool over.¬† My lady friend¬†and I will be adventuring all over the island, prancing around in bikinis with butt cheeks and boobies over exposed to soak up the sun.¬† send tributes while you beg for juicy details.¬† dont send emails about how many times youve creamed your pants thinking about her size 12 cinnamon soles that you love to see snuggled up next to My perfectly arched size 7’s, just send $$ and save the shit talk.¬† also that is when dummy cantgetright has a set release date.¬† he already delivered the cash to contribute for Puerto Rico.¬† that means the rest of you boys better get your wallets out.¬† these¬† gifts have already been sent to start the trip off right.¬†