It has been so long since My last blog update I dont know where to start.  But you losers know how it is in the summer, I just get so wrapped up in My own fun that I forget about you waaaay down there.  Here lately I have been acting a bigger brat than usual.  But its My birthday month, on the 22nd, so you drones need to work extra hard to please ME. I know how much you love to see that beautiful smile creep over My unforgettable face.  In fact I made My RT subbie take Me to the candy store just so I could get specific candy that I wanted.  He had to drive and pay of course.  I was so nice to let him come in and talk to Me this time.  Usually I just take his money then if I feel like it I show him later what I got.  you would think he would be grateful to spend whatever time with Me he had, but instead hes begging Me to take down a clip I posted of him.  what a giant pussy.  and I dont give two farts in the wind about what you want.  dont you think the people looking on My clips store site, they are freaks too?   the britishbumlover has come out of hiding for a bit, lets see if he can hang on this time.  The slow drain game can be annoying, but I like to see how far he will go.  He begs to be teased by My soft wrinkly soles and Perfectly round,  juicy bum.  I have also cancelled a paid vacation to Las Vegas so you freaks can pay for My girlfriend to come visit Me.  Who doesnt like birthday sex??? I do.  and you cucks who would do anything to be a fly on the wall in My house that week need to make sure to contribute.    You cucks, foot freaks, armpit sniffers, ass sweat guzzlers, and tiny dick lonely losers are expected to send tributes and gifts all month in honor of My beloved day of birth when the heavens opened and a Perfect piece of a woman was created.  In fact I was created so Perfect that I wasnt allowed to like stupid, worthless, toilet matter of a man.  Show Me you know your place and how much you love to see Me happy with another beautiful woman.  Keep clearing My wishlist and I will be adding new clips soon.  Most clips have not been added to kinkbomb because you loser fucktards like to do chargebacks.  but that is not worth My time or effort so they are last to have updates. 



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