I will continue to celebrate the rest of the month in honor of My birthday.  You losers will too.  dont forget to send tributes and gifts from My wishlist.  Ive had the best time in the past week.  A very special birthday gift was sent My way.  My girlfriend!  Imagine My Perfect body and her tan, beautiful Puerto Rican lovliness intertwined so delicately.   Needless to say our sexcapades were never ending.  Nothing hotter than a second language, the language of love, in the bedroom.  you cucks were going nuts trying to get My attention, but unfortunately for you, she had Me too busy and I do not care about your shitty attempts for attention.  Try harder losers.  Come with money first.  Im from the Show Me State bitch.  I did answer a few niteflirt calls only to be grossed out by the sound of some sausage finger douch bag beating off to My pictures.  you really dont hold back over the phone I see.  eeew!  A few things I got for My birthday were lots of dangle earing, because thats what I requested.  I believe a woman should have painted nails and earings.  It carries the feminine quality a long way; but only if the nails arent chipped.  chipped nails to Me are the worst!  it sends a whole other message.    Some of you should take note.  anyways back to My birthday pressies.  I also got a new iPod touch, thanks to TheAsianGoddess.  yay! I was so surprised and excited about it I couldnt wait to take pictures before I opened it up.  She always sends the best because she is the best.  I also got new heels and a few other tidbits and of course dinner and drinks, you know how a real lady gets spoiled. 

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My real time sub was so fortunate to get to meet My girlfried.  I came by to pick up My biweekly money that I love so much, and to My surprise this popcorn brain boy was short money…..uhhhh ON MY BIRTHDAY! so now Im thinking, wait did this just happen in real life??  to make a long story short, he went and got the rest of My money, and I told My girlfriend she could do whatever she wanted to him.  He got scared after I kicked him in the balls with My boots and begged My girl not to do the same.  It was quite amusing watching him wimper like a bitch in actual fear.  hahaha.  so she just abused him a little and We left.  What a lucky shit stain he is.  He kept messaging Me after to come back for foot worship.  hello dumbstick, I dont care what you want on My birthday.   the audacity of such a little coward.  Not quite the birthday surprise I had expected.  he will pay for that I assure you. 

While celebrating My name day celebration I was at a bar and the bartender asked Me what kind of shot I wanted.  I kindly repliend “anything white.”  then he gave Me the stink face.  Uhh fix your face bartender, youve been pouring Me raspberry vodka and cranberry all night dont pull the f-ing race card on Me.  if thats the worst thing someone says to you during your shift you should be more than thankful fucktard. 

Winter time is the time to save up and get back to work for most, including losers like you who cant wait to wipe out your wife’s savings at christmas on My perfect ass when you think she isnt looking.  I suggest you start the savings pot now.  Its only a matter of time before you become addicted and want to spoil Me with all your cash.  When you’re at home, cold, and lonely…the first thing you think of is jerking your tiny little worthless dick. I suggest by the time the temperature starts to drop, you learn how to approach Me appropriately.

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