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Ive been so busy over the past few days.  you’re lucky to even get an update.  Ill start with Me first of course, because Im the only one that matters.   I just finished moving and it was so nice to have movers again!  I get to be bossy and say what goes where and watch the boys go up and down the steps with My stuff.  It got done faster than I thought, and I didnt even have to crack the whip too hard.  I am still in the process of unpacking.  its such a drag, but Im glad I had My real time bitch to clean My apartment after I moved out.  I would have made him pick up dog shit, but I began to get messages from My roommate about how I broke her vacuum and stole her can opener and paper towel holder so I left that for her bitch ass to do.  dont come to Me with petty shit. EVER! I dont have time for it.  I also went to another haunted house on sunday night.  We went just 15 minutes before they closed and I was sure the actors would be lame and just ready to go home, but I was wrong and very scared as they did just the opposite.  I also booked My new years eve reservation to Puerto Rico to be with My girlfriend.  you lonely losers that know your place continue to send gift cards and greendots to pay for My activities abroad with My girl.  thats all youre good for anyways; putting your hard earned cash into My beautiful greedy hands.  so get on your knees and open that wallet like a good bitch.

 My latest boytoy has been suffering PerfectPeds withdrawls since Ive been moving and hadnt made time for him.  I will be back on cam this weekend for you drones that cant resist My pretty pretty face.  dont forget that is on My time and at My convenience.  If you were smart, which youre not, you would have made an appointment.  The RT sub has gotten himself into some financial trouble lately and cant seem to come up with enough cash for his Goddess.  I just dont tolerate that!!  I have been ignoring his loser ass so the fear builds in him. hmmm a pissed off Domme with a key to your apartment.  what to do? what to do?  My options are really endless.  hahaha Im sure he’s scared…NO doubt in My mind. I mean I really want to make him cry just because I know it will humor Me!  how do you fucktards even live with yourself when you cannot afford your Goddess anymore?  I mean talk about depression.  you male creatures are not even worth living if you cannot cater to MY needs.  the shame you must carry is so heavy Im sure.  get your finances together or get ignored.  I will drop your broke ass just as fast as I snatched that money right out of your clammy hand and laughed in your face.


you will NEVER have ME

Ive been too busy to make an update for you losers, but one will be coming soon.  this should tide you over until I have some free time.

real time domination

RT domination by MPP

shopper’s delight

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It has been almost 2 weeks since My last post and I’m sure you drones are wondering what it is I’ve been up to lately.  I have a new little pet who likes to serve his Goddess By shopping online and with different retailers.  He sure does know how much I love to shop. I even help him shop because I’m such a great consultant with good advice.  hahaha He couldn’t resist the panty raid at victoria’s secret.  yes, he bought himself some panties and a cute little black garter that he cant wait to try on cam for Me.  These cute little wedge print booties and the Betsey Johnson hosiery were other gifts cleared from My wishlist.  I’ve made MY first pantyhose clip and it will be posted, but I cannot guarantee when.  I’m getting ready to move and I have so many other things going on right now.  you minions will keep lurking and waiting for this clip I’m sure. So make sure you are sending your tributes as in greendot, paypal, and other gift cards for My moving pleasure.  We all know a beautiful Goddess life Myself does plan to do much in the actual way of moving.  I wouldn’t dare to break a nail.  you losers need to show your worth and make money and smiles appear. 

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On another note I will be deleting My kinkbomb store and only selling MY clips at clips4sale or clipvia.  Make sure you are swooping them up like candy for Halloween.  It’s the perfect jerk material for you lonely perverts once the lights go out.  don’t you dare think about touching your dumbsticks while the kiddies are out and on the candy prowl..  I cant wait to go pumpkin picking, haunted houses, spiked apple cider and dressing My little subbie bitches up into whatever I want them to be. bahaha.