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you can spend but you'll NEVER have

If it wasnt for My car that got crashed into by some dumb broad BACKING UP, then I wouldn’t be ranting about how stupid males are and why it takes so long to get My car fixed.  Dont keep calling and saying one more day.  it goes to show all you losers are the same.  I was feeling feisty and decided to redeem My payback on My little real time foot sub.  As I said in My earlier blog, he ventured down ugly girl alley when he was too broke to afford Me.  he also failed to have all of My money ready on My birthday, and had to go get the rest.  how disrespectful to not have My money on MY BIRTHDAY.  do you think I want to wait around for you to get it??? NO.  I expect you to have your shit in order.  it’s not that I’m mad or mean, but if you want a real time Domme I will give you real time.  Lets face it, all time is My time, whether it be online or in real life.   I used the key that I had for his apartment to let Myself in while he was working.  I took all his lightbulbs and hid all the remotes, including those to the xbox so he could have time to think about Me in the dark, with no distractions.  then I hid all the soap.  his apartment is so freaking messy.  how did he plan to have ME over to do a clip with such a filthy place.  so to be sure he was going to clean that bathroom up I put shaving cream all over it, signing My name on his bathroom mirror.  I also hid all the toilet paper.  whats worse than going to the bathroom and finding all the tp gone?! hahhaa.  before I hid it I got some wet and tore it up and placed it under his pillows.  what a funny surprise, sticking your hand into some weird wet disintegrated piece of ??? right before bed.   then I turned his alarm clock up one hour.  I’m so devious.  I  am still finding it hard to quit laughing at him.  he wanted to do a clip but then cried because people can see his apt.  what a fucking BABY.  your apartment and the decoration motif is not so great that anyone who sees it will know where you live or that its your house.  that means do some rearranging or dont fucking ask Me to come do a clip at your apartment.  uff so annoying.  when I said Id be leaving to beat traffic after I said Id wanted to do a clip the sad sad look on his face was priceless.  UHHH no $$$ no play dumbfuck.  he tweets dumb shit like thanks for not stealing or damaging anything.  do you honestly think I need to steal ANY of your raggedy shit? that is an insult.  you do know you said that to the lady who you used to willingly hand over $$$ to and paid for My last trip to Puerto Rico right?  now get to shopping for My christmas present and TRY to redeem yourself.  My panty sniffer also found himself looking like a bitch yesterday when he said he was too scared to meet Me in person to buy My panties.  he was intimidated by little Me?  do I intimidate you? then just send the $$$ so I dont have to be bothered with your cowardly annoyances.  you boys are sooo silly.  sissybitch has added some funds to My paypal to pay for this months period supplies.  what a good girl she was.  It’s not much, but she knows her place when Im having those girly moments.  Im sure glad it came now and not in a few weeks when Im on the BEACH in PUERTO RICO with MY GIRLFRIEND.  Id hate for that pesky woman feature to be a burden on My scissor time with My lovely.   stay up to date and keep sending $$$ for My trip!!

as you all know I have been busy unpacking and organizing in My new palace…and taking your money.  So I decided I’d treat you to a blog seeing how it has been over a month since My last update.  So much has been going on I don’t really know where to start and I’m sure some of you losers wont even get your name mentioned.  you dorks should be satisfied I take the time out of My busy day to update and recap My lovely life for your reading enjoyment.  If you had any kind of brain between your ears you would follow Me on twitter to stay up to date with My bust life.  In the mean time I can fill you in on what youve been missing since I’m overly generous. 

 I’ll start at the end of last month.. how much fun I was having going to haunted houses with theasiangoddess.  She really is so much fun when shes not balls deep in your wallet…that is trademarked by HER by the way.   We were the only two people in there so the actors scared us bad.  there was no one to follow so We were walking in circles trying to get out, only to be scared around every corner.  We went to a few haunted houses earlier in the year when My girlfriend was in town.  they were not as scary though.   it was on your dime…the no wait speed pass was too.  thanks dumbsticks. Of course We never pay for our own shit.  I went to play cards and smoke on the silver surfer with the AG around Thanksgiving.  Her yummy catered dinner was a delight to My tastebuds too. Then came a little monkey business. We were asking the iPhone 4s’ SIRI all sorts of funny questions.  We even got to cheer on her number one boy as he was about to hop on the tranny train.  hahaha you boys are just a pocket of laughter sometimes.  I could not stop cackling as the AG kept the shinanigans going.  It’s always a fun time with her. 

It’s been brought to My attention that even when I’m dressed down or just not all gussied up in whore makeup and My hair done, I still have you little wierdo cucks following Me around gawking when you think I dont know.  Gabbing about how much you love My small perky tits and how beautiful My eyes are.  DUHHH!  I’m the one you can’t stop staring at.  some of you are such cowards you cannot even look at Me because my beauty is too much for you.  I’m the one who makes the most faithful husband want to cheat on his wife.  Yes, I’m BAD as hell and My feet are just a bonus for you losers.  so tell Me something I don’t know.  I want to hear about, like how much cash you’re going to drop on My perfect ass.  I hear compliments all day long.  what I want is for you to do less talking and more spending because there is no way, not even if the continuance of the world depended on it, would I ever consider letting a loser like you talk to Me for free.  you know you could NEVER do the  job of My beautiful Puerto Rican girlfriend. Even in My vanilla life I find freaks like you.  I find that you wish Id pull your pants down and laugh at your small worthless dumbstick. gross.  I don’t want to see that unless your wallet is in My greedy hands.  I love to humiliate you dumb male creatures, but nothing is free.  I like how you dumb boys just sit and drool at the thought of My girlfriend and I laid up together caressing, kissing, and using the sex toys you bought from My wishlist.  It’s not hard to understand that a woman can easily please another woman.  They have the same parts and know what they like.  I mean you dumb fucks can’t keep your nasty cream in your dumbsticks long enough to get past foreplay and usually skip it, let alone actually fulfill My sexual desires.  I will be hitting up the lovely island of Puerto Rico on December 30 – January 9.  I can’t wait to be beachside, toes in the sand, with My girl by My side.  I expect you perverts to be sending Us your hard earned cash this holiday season.  Spoil two beautiful women since you can’t do anything else with your pathetic life.  I want you to be on your knees with your ugly disgusting tater tot in one hand and wallet in the other begging to grovel in My presence.  I mean that tiny vienna sausage of a dick is just an emberassment.  so send to someone who actually knows how to please a woman.  the lucky cuckys will get exclusive vacation pictures.  so try to impress your Goddess.  If you don’t know your place is at My feet, giving Me all of your attention and cash, then I suggest its time you keep clicking your way to those “new Domme” pages who encourage wankers, but not here. 

 My canadiancrossdresser just cant help but to send Me sexy gifts like lingerie to wear for My girlfriend.   Sometimes I let her see what I try on and if I like My gifts.  she especially likes when I watch her parade around her house in hers too.  We make good shopping buddies as I can tell her My educated opinion in women’s clothes.  I make sure she knows to keep her sicky dicky in her panties.  I definitely do NOT want to see your one-eyed tadpole looking at Me.  and she obeys her Goddess like a good girl.  She has made Me happy thus far, except for the one fuck up which she was punished for and has since redeemed herself.  I cant wait until she gets her heels on and can walk with the phone book on her head like a real debutante.  I’m such a good trainer too.  Stupid real-time subbie has found himself veering off into ugly girl land. No one wants to get lost in UGLY GIRL LAND!!! but he is a dumb ass and it shows you losers will settle for whatever you can get.   he tried to redeem himself with what little cash he did have, but I’m not impressed.  In fact he still has punishment coming for fucking up on My birthday.  Dont worry I didn’t forget.  hmmm a sub with a RT Goddess who has a key to your apartment, wouldn’t you think he would try harder not to be such a dummy???  this is rhetorical;…I don’t want to hear your pathetic sissy voice.  He is lucky I still use his worthless ass  in clips.  on a better note, My turkish sock lover cant help but to show his worth by sending Me things from My wishlist.  His english may not be the best, but he is still so redundant when he tries.  He has been begging Me for more used sock packages and even the trash from My girlfriend and I while in Puerto Rico.

dumb monkey was so desperate to show how much he was thankful for the AG an Myself that he couldn’t resist sending Us gift cards on Thanksgiving.  he even had to be reprimanded.  Now I’m sure he cant wait to make My banners for My site. Here I am being nice again.,  its like letting him view a very short clip for free and mesmerize him at the same time.   there will be some big changes coming very soon.  so keep your eyes open. 

I expect all you boys to spend big this year for my gifts.  I know it’s the season for giving and I want you to dig deep.  don’t worry, your fat no booty wife is not looking as close to the credit cards this time of year.   you can play Christmas games with Me like forced intox eggnog and dradle pay to obey and you don’t even have to get dressed up and listen to your annoying in laws bitch about how much of a loser you are.  Instead you can listen to Me tell you; Im much more fun to look at anyways.