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I know it has been forever since My last blog update, but I have been busy with the holidays and My vacation so you can get off MY silicon balls with all of your pesky questions.  you cucks and losers have been dyeing to see pictures of My girl and I on vacation, but only one of you made the cut for exclusive pictures prior to this post.  and boy was he lucky.  Only one of My puppets got a Christmas gift from Me.  I’m so fucking nice!   This is going to be a long update so get your smoke out, a drink, and you scumbag losers may need a jackoff sock. 

you all know how much I love to keep My nails done.  It is a rare, rainy day when you catch this Divine Goddess with chipped nail polish.  So recently I’ve been playing with new nail designs.  I fooled around with having newsprint nails, but I tried twice and to no avail.  however, I just adored My candy cane nails I did right before Christmas.   So did you losers who begged to be sucking on My pepperminty toes.   as well as the pint sized Mexican boys at the salsa club.   ALL of them complimented Me of course, but I was a little shocked how many of those little pea brain males complimented My manicure.  hehe  As I’m touching up on dance moves, and getting tipsy curtesy of those boys wallets, and you are paying Me online.  That’s a great night all the way until I had to pull some moves out from a ballbusting clip I did with slaveandy and had to knee a tiny, wet looking haired, brown nugget for rubbing his unwanted dumbstick on Me.  eeeww. you boys just can’t control yourself.    you’re so pathetic and its a nuisance when a woman just wants to dance and be casual. 

Any who as you should know Christmas is not My favorite holiday but, I did have a few good boys this year. My canadiancrossdresser really came through as well as turkeyjerkey.  a twitter admirer sent Me something worth My attention also.  The rest of you losers aren’t even worth mentioning.    you squishy balled perverts slacked severely, hence why you are no longer on My Messenger lists or in My twitter timeline.  As far as I’m concerned if you did not send your Goddess a gift, you are dead to Me.  I don’t know how you can even stand the thought of yourself.  you losers could have saved the small talk about how you have to buy for so many people.  I could give 3 farts in your face about those people…I’m at the top of that list.  In fact I’m the most important person on your stupid list. 

I’ll admit I was not having the best end to 2011.  Some lady crashes My car, WHILE IT IS PARKED.  then I total My car in the snow 16 days after it comes out of the shop from the first repair. Luckily I came out like new without a scratch on My GOD sent Perfect body and got to bring in the new year with MY smoking HOT girlfriend.   it is a new year and I had more fun than you.  I was in Puerto Rico with My Latin lover in the WARM!!! hahaha  Over the past 45 daysprior to My trip, you drones pumped in a decent amount of CA$H to help fund My holiday fun get away.    that was all I REALLY wanted for christmas anyways.  Before I left St. Louis, I stopped by My favorite piercing/tat shop to change My noserings and My piercer said to Me A: I’m one of 2 women to ever make him wish he had a vagina.  B: Your girlfriend is smokin. AY MAMMMMI!  hahaha.  This isn’t the first time I’ve heard comments like this.   TSA couldn’t help but to perv out on My luggage to and fro.  They just wanted to put their hands on My glasswear to see what I was working with.  I can read their inquiring little pea sized minds “whats that little handle for?”  This was all thanks to the glass dong turkeyjerkey bought Me.  I had a fabulous time christening it in puerto rico too.  New Years Eve was lots of fun and food with the family.  Oh and LOTS of tonsil hockey and spit swap.  We left the party early to get home and tend to each others raging hormones.  I can’t get enough of her sucking on My long tongue.  A woman that can turn Me on in an instant.  (you loser cucks are lucky I even let you read My juicy detalied blog) As I suspected, We were in bikinis daily. This may have been mainly because I was working on tanning My gams.  So make sure you stock Us both with new pretty swimming suits for the next trip.  That’s all your good for anyways.   The beach was so relaxing and beautiful. My girlfriend’s booty is so round and luscious.  I have a hard time taking My hands off it.  I must have grabbed her booty a minimum of 10 times a day.  what can I say?  Im an ASS girl.  YEAH..Be Jeeellllyyy.  Whats not to love about a thick, tanned Latin ass?  In a nut shell We traveled the island staying in different hotels and even a hostel (all of them facing the beach of course) and having tons of phenomenal sex.  some of My favorite parts were dancing salsa with abuelo, hiking to the peak at the rainforest, the moonshine at the 3 kings celebration, and the best street meat. 

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  SInce it’s a new year, Im looking for new subs, slaves, pay pigs, and human ATMs…or if your new year’s resolution was to give more; that MORE, should be to My greedy, beautiful ass.  If you fall into one of those categories, you may fill out an application.  Don’t forget to tribute or send a gift from My wishlist; then I’ll think about letting you serve ME.