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It’s been brought to My attention that some of you new subs¬†who¬†claims they¬†are a slave, but¬†don’t¬†even know what a release fee is.¬†I’ll give you a¬†few clews.¬† there comes a time in a Domme/sub relationship when one or both partners¬†decided that for whatever reasons, that the two must go their separate ways.¬†I understand if¬†this just isn’t¬†working;¬† I’m¬†NOT mad, and I¬†in no way am forcing you to stay.¬†Remember you found Me.¬† this can be your way to thank Me for putting My time and efforts.¬† so¬†when My¬†boys ask¬†to be released, he must pay a release fee. The¬†Domme¬†or¬†top will decide what she thinks is¬†reasonable for the time served…or wasted in some instances.¬† then she gives the sub an assignment. ¬†often¬†they will be given a set¬†amount of time, as¬† this can¬†often times be a BIG assignment.¬†¬† there is to be an agreement made to make both parties feel neutral about the parting of ways.¬† In other words¬†it’s not¬†over until I say so.¬† if you can uphold those standards and play by My rules and obey like a true submissive then when you come crawling back to Me, I’ll do it all over again.¬† Some true financial¬†subs get off on the idea of splurging and waiting for the Domme’s final release assignment so he can really watch his wallet take a beating.¬† this is the best time to watch those pay piggies beg for more abuse and leave making a mark before going into hibernation.¬† I’m¬†sure you can see how this relationship applies in other Domme/sub relationships

with that being said, you should also¬†know that you little drones are easily replaced.¬†the only difference between you¬†dorks¬†are the fetishes.¬† Financial domination is¬†the only fetish We have in common.¬† end of story.¬† I like to exploit your fetishes.¬†I like to dabble in many fetishes, but only because your paying ME.¬†whether¬†it be you begging for Me to make fun of your¬†limp shrimp dick, or you jerking off to¬†My clips, ¬†I like to be in control and make you submissive boys weak in any and all areas¬†starting with your wallet.¬† but before you decide you just want to leave or that you’re¬†getting one¬†over on Me, you should remember you never really know who is on the other side of the computer.¬† you never know what they are capable of and lets face it….Im smarter than you.¬† you will be sorry because¬†I just love to tell your secrets for everyone to see.¬† teehee

I’ve¬†been recovering from My sexcapades¬†that took place on Mardi Gras¬†weekend.¬† My girlfriend is just so hot I can’t¬†keep My hands or My mouth off of her.¬† now that the sheets are washed and well, the bed is still broke, but that will be fixed soon, I can update here.¬† It was so much fun, until some dickface¬†asked to see My GF’s asshole for some beads.¬† uhhh¬†NO bitch ass.¬† that’s¬†not part of mardi¬†gras!! ¬†Being the perfect pretty lady I am, I didn’t¬†let it ruin My fun.¬† you cucks¬†are soo¬†jealous and couldn’t¬†stop blowing up My Yahoo Messenger.¬† Especially a new sub who lives locally and tried to get My attention.¬† I attempted¬†to meet with him a few times and he seems too scared.¬† Oh well, I don’t¬†have time to chase boys.¬† you found Me; remember that.¬† ¬†i¬†imagine he will come back begging Me to take his stupid $200.¬† I also went vegan during this week and am loving it so far.¬† it really is a life change that I enjoy.¬†¬†It all started when the AG had Me watch a documentary about an overview of the veggie world.¬† then I started to watch other documentaries and experiment¬†with the recipes.¬† It’s not¬†all about not hurting animals, but how we don’t¬†NEED to eat them, animal products and its effect on the economy and your body.¬† I am doing My part and the part of someone else to reduce their carbon foot print.¬† you can thank Me! I am still going strong¬†and¬†plan to stay on track with the vegan-ness for at least a¬†6 week trial.¬†¬†I love milk so much that since I’ve¬†given it up, every time I reach in the fridge for the Rice milk, that I feel like the milk jug is eyeing Me all evil like, so I always turn it around.¬† I’ve¬†been eating a higher amount of beans has made My pretty little asshole a bit more talkative.¬† I tweeted about making a fart clip and got lots of comments.¬† I will be adding one to My clips store soon.¬† Stay posted.¬†¬†Then I¬†got to meet the lovely GoddessMarley¬†and QueenKitty.¬† It’s always fun to meet the local Dommes.¬† as suspected there was a heavy fog of OG Kush lingering for hours.¬†¬† They all got to see what¬†happens when KatieSavage ¬†catches ¬†the giggle bug while telling a story.¬† you losers never get to be on the fun side.¬† know your place dorks.

canadiancrossdresser¬†has been a little too mouthy¬†for My likings lately.¬† she has become sassy and I don’t¬†care for it.¬† and I damn sure don’t¬†need it.¬† yes, Id rather you spend your cash on My perfect ass, but¬†I’m¬†not your momma and I don’t¬†give a shit if you spend your money on a hooker, stripper, or whatever else.¬† I do care when appointments are cancelled at the last-minute.¬†¬† I plan to punish his virgin ass dearly with a nice fat dong.¬† I’ll rape her unlubed¬†ass and her wallet at the same time.¬† do you think a stripper cares about your disgusting forced bi fetishes or wants to watch you dance around in panties??? uhhh¬†the answer is no.¬† Anyways, I’ve¬†had a new shoe boy come out of hiding.¬† He can’t¬†say no to My sky-high¬†arches in heels.¬† I love to make fun of his tiny vienna sausage.¬† making fun of boys and their uglystick¬†is too easy for Me.¬† It’s so funny that ALL of My heels are taller than his microscopic flagpole at attention.¬† I love to drain him right before work so I know My PeddiePies¬†are on his mind all night long while he’s¬†making My money.¬† the reason this new boy is getting a little¬† blog attention so early is because he knows how to follow direction and sent a tribute to clipvia¬†before he ever contacted Me.¬† this is expected from the rest of you fools.¬†¬† It seems some of you have forgotten that I am a FINANCIAL Domme¬†first and foremost.¬† watching a submissive male hand his cash over to My greedy beautiful ass is My fetish.¬† It turns Me on.¬† The rest of the fetishes are just fun to play around with and manipulate you boys further.¬†

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I’ve¬†booked My trip to Puerto Rico¬†to spend My¬†summer with My beautiful girlfriend.¬† make sure you losers are doing your part to make sure you can keep My attention.¬† I expect those swimming suits and sandals on My wishlist¬†to be purchased VERY soon.¬†¬† Keep sending tributes and wanking to My clip store.