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I have been so busy tieing up loose ends and packing for My summer vacation in Puerto Rico with My sexy Latina girlfriend.  I am LONG past due for an update, but you will just have to get over it.   Last post was to out My past dumb sluts. It’s a shame when I have to waste My pretty blog space for nondeserving losers.  So this one post will be back to our regularly scheduled program…about ME.   I’m excited to soak up the sun,  listen to the waves of the ocean, and wear booty shorts all summer long.  The ones from My jeanslut will be making the first debut.  I cant wait to be on the beach with My toes in the sand.  This means one of My foot fetish bitches will be picking up the tab for My bi weekly pedicure. We know sand is not always the kindest to My soft soles. there are plenty of bikinis and sandals on My wishlist that need to be moved to the purchased side sooner than later, but We all know cash is the best way to get My attention.  hop to it minions.

I love My new shoes from heelboy. They fit like a charm. He picked out different ones for Me to buy, but they only came in ugly colors. So naturally I changed the order to what I want. It’s always about Me. He likes to play wish list roulette. This is a fun game to play with a deserving foot bitch. I love shoes, and you love to buy them. Turkeyjerkey also swooped up the red lace number so I can add some color in the bed with My lover. he also bought more socks to smell and worship. I will make him wait for his package. It’s more fun that way. Teehee. his newest fetish is his desire to have My used trash.  what a treat; My divine vegan shit covered toilet paper.   I know how much this filthy loser years to wipe his ugly face every morning with My pissy toilet paper.  You losers are such perverts jerking off to smelly socks and shitty toilet papers. But I’m not surprised.  perfect for My arches

from heelboy

sexy slingback

Recently I was also turned on when I felt the wrath of the asiangoddess through her number one cock sucking whorebag. She had him bent over, punding his….wallet of course. This is nothing unusual, but she sent him to pick up a few things from My wishlist. He picked up a sexy maxi and the New Balance Minimus barefoot running shoes. HOT HOT HOT. It was nice to see when subs do exactly what they are told and never ask questions. Shes My favorite tiny powerhouse. She keeps her pimp hand strong. I like that about a woman 😛LOVE THESE

a newer boy has come to the light and received a little attention. lezzielover couldn’t help his cuck loving, cock jerking hand as he checked out with My new iPad and a few small accessories. I love it. it’s fancy. It will be used to take MORE of your cash while I’m on My tropical vacation with My spicy Latina lady. I cant wait to see how deep this loser will fall when he gets to read the details about what goes on behind closed doors of the lesbian love shack. hahaha. this fucker is so weak for two hot women. who wouldn’t be??  you know you’d never have a chance to have a hot girlfriend. the only chicks you get are ones you pay to talk to you.  Like Me.  .  I purchased these steve madden wedges that are so adorable. They will be going to Puerto Rico. I want you to be spending on BOTH of our expenses while you’re hand humping.  I want to see you picking up the tab for ANYTHING We do together. then you can start to feel better about the quality of your own pathetic life as you gain attention from two gorgeous Madames.

iPad from lezzielover

Some of the people who’ve read My blog have seen that My GF has a little foot fetish as well. Since its someone I’m already attracted to, the fetish scene can get very steamy and sexy. It makes my panties wet when she sucks on My toes and caresses My high arches with her tongue. I love the feel of her skin when I rub My feet on her back, arms and shoulders as she’s between My long sexy legs.  you losers are jealous.  Now the wheels in your tiny brain should be turning and in the works of getting Our attention with more MONEY. I mean it. It want a totally revised finance overview. this includes the ‘grocery’ list from you losers. I expect you to be spending th least amount of money on yourself and the rest goes to My DIVINE ass. If you are truly clueless as to how to do this I can offer My knowledge and help you arrange something. This however will be coming as a favor to you, so you will first buy 2 gifts or GC;s to My amazon account or tribute me on niteflirt, clips4sale, or clipvia. then I will help you plan your finances. When I help plan finances I always come first. this version almost seems hard to pass up. you just pay the bills I need and you are welcomed to keep the rest. spend on what you see fit, like My clips store. IF I were this said sub, I pick this package first. I’ve received a few emails asking if they can see My girlfriend and I on cuck cam while I’m on vacation this summer. Well you will be happy to know that She will be in a few of My clips and if your wallet is deep enough maybe you can catch Us on voyeur cam. Only a few of you will be getting bikini pictures and cuckold pictures.