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My Puerto Rico trip is still going great.  We’ve replaced almost everything that had been stolen at the beach.  I’m most excited My new camera is on the way!!  So I can take more pictures of well…Me of course.  What could be better than the summer in the tropics with the beach just a stroll away and My gorgeous Latina girlfriend sexing Me up all the time?  Cucks get excited when I tweet about Me getting My girfriend off back to back, then giving her a slap on that juicy bubble butt of hers and sending her off to start her day.  There is something about an endorphin fueled afterglow that makes Me want to take her again.

We always laugh at losers like you.  In fact there’s a boy next door to us who can see our balcony from his, and We always make fun of him saying how this summer is his dream come true.  A beautiful lesbian couple living next door so he can hear Our sexcapades through the open windows and watch Us kiss and rub on each other. Sometimes when We are on the balcony, We  forget about everyone else and can’t keep our hands off of each other.  Today We were naked and cuddling in the bed when we heard a loud noise outside.  We bolted to the balcony to see what it was, but he was doing the same thing.  and boy did he get a view!!!  he saw My perfect GRINGA ass in the buff.  Not only that, but as I was in shock that he saw Me, I immediately turned to run inside and gave him a full frontal view as well.  After I ran back in the house, My GF and I were giggling like school girls talking shit about how he was next door living out his dream with his hand and a bottle of lotion, stroking his lonely dick to the kinky thoughts of the UNattainable lesbian couple living next door.

My sister is coming to visit Me on this lovely island around mid July.  Make sure you dorks are around to pay for our nights out on the town.  It is going to be so fun to show her around, but I’m sure she will just want to smoke, tan her ass on the beach, and zip line.  Who will pay for our adrenaline filled day at $100 per person?  Private pictures accompany this special event.

Niteflirt calls have been amusing lately.  Sissy crissy was shopping My wishlist while on My ignore line.  This is the rare occasion that I talk to you on My ignore line.  If you want a response from Me and to hear My sexy, sensual voice, you need to pay up and call the other listings.  she even added money just to hear My Girlfriend and I giggle in the background while she was talking in her girly voice.  Ohh the comedy of a Niteflirt call while under the influence.

turkeyjerky is paying for another package of his Goddess’ trash and smelly socks.  he was so dumb the first time and got his credit card decline; therefore I declined to give him the tracking number for his international package.  and wouldn’t you know it, the package was lost in transit.  hahaaahaa.  that’s what you get.  This time he is making sure there is no funny business because he would like to be allowed the tracking number on package number 2.

I must say the messages I’ve received on fetlife and collarme are overly annoying.  It almost makes Me want to stop using those sites.  For example, among many, a 21 year old sub tries to contact Me saying his dad is a millionaire and he drives an expensive car, wants to send Me 10,000…you know the story.  I’m tired of telling you asshats that those long extensive messages do NOT impress Me.  your cash in My greedy, perfectly manicured hands impresses Me.  Then I was thinking I don’t want to let a few bad apples spoil the whole pie.  I get those messages on YIM and other sites I’m on also.  As I’m sure other Dommes do too.  when will you losers learn you are doing the opposite of getting My attention?

This is why My archaddict is one of My favorite subs.  he is not rich by any means, but he talks to Me like he is supposed to without having to be told and reprimanded.  he does the little things too like saying “yes, Ms. Katie, Your arches are the best.”  and I hear similar lines all day long.  it’s the  You and lower case i that allows a Dommes know that you know your place and have respect.   Not only that, but he only bothers Me when he has what I want.  CASH.  This is the way it is supposed to be.

New clips have been added to My clips site, and My wishlist is getting revamped as well.  Keep sending those tributes and calling My Niteflirt lines.

weekend madness

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This has been a trying weekend for Me.  Friday My bag was stolen from the beach.  the contents were My phone, My GF’s iPhone, My iPod touch, My camera, sunglasses, sunblock, towels, etc.  I made My self feel better by getting a chicken pincho and a grilled Swiss cheese sandwich at the beach the next day. I’m not even sad about all the missing things as I am sad about the Spanish book I was learning from that had sentimental value to My Latina GF.  It is so annoying to be on an island with no phone. I’m sure you losers are hurting much more than I,as there will be no new pictures for you until the camera, replaced by lezzielover, arrives.  Amazon and other merchants don’t care to ship to Puerto Rico much, so I’m having the majority of My presents sent to theasiangoddess.  which losers is going to cover HER shipping cost to ME??  the rest of you drones need to step up as lezzielover seems to be carrying most of the weight.  I’m still expecting archaddict to come out of hiding as it is “feet season.”  I know he cant resist My arches.  Maybe if he is lucky I will make the trip to Chicago to shove My sweaty feet in his face when I come back to the states. 


 Another arch admirer has struck up a little courage to serve Me.  I like when you broke boys admire from afar until you have enough cash to get any attention.  It makes for a much better relationship when you’re not broke, wasting My time telling Me about how you when you do have money you will spend it.  archie was a good boy and sent Me a tribute directly to My paypal, then asked permission to skype, where he was spending again for cam time.  This is how it should be done.  you other boys need to take notes. 


make sure you are doing the right thing and stopping by My wishlist and clips4sale.  Ive made new clips, just too busy to edit and upload them just yet. 

Ive been having so much fun for the start of My vacation with My lady. I had a warm Puerto Rican welcome with some HOT sex and a bowl of green. My girl sure knows how to show Me she’s missed Me. We walked around San Juan and had drinks, paid for by lezzielover. Weve also been shopping, touring the area, and lots of sex.  We went zip lining, caving, rivers, and beaches of course.  Ive had so many different types of stares since Ive been on the island, ranging from the usual jaw dropped look to the blank stare of wonderment.  Boys are so dumb. its safe to say when you see a pretty girl you can say hi or crack a smile or ANYTHING but that weird ass zombie stare on your pathetic face will get you no where. I know, its a hard pill for you to swallow seeing two hot women together. you loser cucks can be jealous and let the thoughts of two sexy lesbians romping arouind in the sheets make your head spin. I still can’t seem to keep My hands off of Her sexy juicy Latina ass.

you will NEVER have this

cucks beware

sunning our assets

you wish..

In fact We have been doing just that; making you cuckold losers weak.  lezzielover was quick to reimburse Me for our scuba trip that will take place on 4th of July.  he also coughed up the dough for My Girlfriend’s size 12 cute nine west flats.size 12

turkeyjerkey sent Me a pair of heels, that shipped to St. Louis after I left. has been dieing for a package of dirty socks and Our trash. he was having wet dreams thinking about eating our used shitty toilet paper. Everyone knows vegan shit is the best shit 🙂 too bad his credit card couldnt keep up with his sick mind. he was denied the tracking number by yours truly. hahaha. I was sure to hit him hard this time as I knew I was shipping the package from PR. I tripled the shipping amount and made him pay it of course!! as always I ignore him when he begins to message Me too frequently.  those begging antics of his just annoy the shit out of Me so I made him go in chastity until his dream package arrives. dont you losers know, your endless messages of begging and pleading bull shit from a made up fantasy are just digging you a deeper hole. the only constant messages I want are ones that say “xxxxx sent you money.”. If you’re not doing that, then you’re doing it wrong.

from turkeyjerkey

I have a new pet from collarme.  it’s about time.  Ive only had time wasting losers and creepy ass “Dommes” telling Me to give them money.  uhhh bitch…if you dont read My profile and check yourself.  seriously.  the Financial Dommes that beg for money nauseate Me.  I see you with your plastic clothes crate (or dresser if you will) in the background of your pictures.  Get a fucking clue.  you look trashy not classy.  anyways, the boy seemed like an eager beaver to be spending to view on skype.  he is a local sub and will have to wait for Me to return home.  he thinks I will have sympathy for him because he is on a teacher’s salary.  I dont give a flying box of cornflakes if you are on a nun’s salary.  if you EVER want to meet Me in person, you will need to cough up the cash I deserve for ever even gracing you with My presence, let alone let you oogle over My sexy soft soles and skyscraper arches.  pawing at them with the same hands you fap your dumbstick with.  eeeeww!!! for that you PAY. I actually dont have two fucks to give about you not likeing the online thing and hoping for a real time session.  well wouldnt all of you freaks wish for real time?? you like sexy feet in your face, I like cash.  and if you forgot, this is about what I want.   I hope Im making Myself clear.

My newest boy

A few NF calls, but nothing worth too much mention.  I like when you sissies call back and play raise the rate.  It actually motivates Me to want to humiliate you.  and thats what its all about…making Me laugh.   Ive been walking around barefoot so much already this summer.   My dirty foot lover came back out from hiding to see if he was worthy of seeing My filthy feet on cam, but I simply will not wait for your fat ugly wife to go to bed so she doesnt catch you wanking in front of the computer.  This is on My time, NOT yours.  I do not like to wait, and I do not NEED your money.  get your priorities right before coming to Me.

dirty feet, clean arches

I’ve added new clips and more are being edited when I feel like it. Make sure you keep one of your wanking hands free to keep clicking and spending on My wish list and clips store.  I always want MORE!!!