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Hello fetish readers and losers, I’m back in the states afer My long Puerto Rican vacation.  It seems I have quite a few new blog readers, so I will do a small recap for you since I’m just so awesome.  Anyways, I had a ton of fun!  Not many of you get to take a three month vacation to tropical islands.  The best part about it was My amazing Latin Lover was there.  My tan is sooo sexy right now; My long lean legs looking great.  The last few weeks of My vacation We took it easy, trying to squeeze in all the lovey dovey cuddle time We could.  I am missing the beaches, the food, the smell of the rain, and seeing all the big booty curly hair spanish women. YUMMY!! We know My Woman is at the top of that list.  I’ll miss sexing My girl up the most.  The AsianGoddess and I proclaimed this summer scissorfest 2012.  Let Me tell you, it was an ass humping, mound pounding, finger licking good time.  I sure will miss tapping that ass whenever I want to.  oohh wee.  that sweet juice caboose is perfect when she’s on her tummy, while I rub My lady wood all over it.  I love Me a thick woman, and My girl has an ass that would make anyone fall in love.

oh yea, blog…anyways, since I’m back in the states, it’s back to regularly scheduled cam and My Niteflirt line will be on more often as well.  Seeing as My birthday is September 22, I expect you boys to pay homage to your all deserving queen and get Me a present via My amazon wishlist or send gift cards to msperfectpeds @ yahoo .com  I want presents all month long!!!  I’ve only been home for a week and I’ve picked up My load of gifts that were sent while I was away.  Nothing too memorable besides the juicer from lezzielover.  I cant wait to use it in My new apartment. This means I will  be much closer to the Queen of Mean.  This is a deadly sister duo.  Don’t inquire unless your wallet is filled with benjis. When I came home, it was time to move again.  I hate to move, yet I continue to annoy Myself every year by changing locations.  What can I say, I’d rather be dead than simple.  haha I learned that line in Puerto Rico too, but it is very fitting at times.  A woman is allowed to change her mind as many times as she likes and everyone knows it.  I also want to go to six flags one more time before the water park closes for the summer.   moving day will be on My birthday (september 22).  I want a new bed too, and you’re going to pay for it 😀

I’ve mentioned on Twitter and previous blog entries that I am looking for a real-time slave. I’m moving to the west county area, and am accepting applications.  I want an obedient bitch to jump at My commands.  Tasks include: running errands, house work, and must be willing to appear in occasional clips (mask or no masks, no one is looking at you anyways).  There is a one time, non refundable fee of $150.  This is due prior to meeting.  Inquire by sending an email to msperfectpeds @ yahoo .com.  Real time worship for those with cash for their Goddess.  If you’re lucky, I’ll pick you.

Unlike you losers, I’ve been having all the fun this summer.  I’m mice enough to do a quick blog entry for you before I head off to the beautiful waters of Culebra.  This time My lady and I are bringing a Puerto Rico boy who has never been.  that’s right…the gringa’sgoing to show him around on his island.  it’s true what they say, when you add a drunk gay boy to any situation it automatically becomes more fun.  Since My vacation is over in a week that means this week will be shopping.  I can’t bring too much back, as My bags are already full, but to My surprise, I found a super cute pair of boots here that I must have.  I expect you drones to up the cash for them and all of the souvenirs I’m bringing back.

Also,  I’m aggravated I even have to say this, but when I said you were allowed to send Me custom clip ideas, they are NEVER going to be filmed completely nude.  and to think some of you would even have balls big enough to ask a Financial Domme to do a nude custom clip for $50 is an insult. what a joke.  I wipe My ass with $50 bills.  you male creatures should be honored I gave you My email to send your twisted thoughts to.  Custom clips are more expensive simple because I am taking My precious time out of My fun packed summer to film something for your undeserving asses. When you buffoons babble on and on about your fantasy, it makes it difficult to follow what your original request is.  Keep it short and be thankful I even graced your computer screen.

No pictures this time as you don’t deserve any.  when I return to My palace in a week,I expect there to be LOTS of presents waiting for Me.  Get to work on My amazon wishlist.  I will be uploading new clips when I get home.   you dorks are going to love what I have in store for you.  

I can’t believe it’s true, but My vacation is dwindling, and My Girlfriend and I are moving to a cute new apartment.  I hate when things aren’t in order and I dont know where My things are, but while in the hectic commotion of moving, I managed to find the time to make a quick update.  I’m not sure when the internet will be on at the new apartment, but I can tell you that you can try to reach Me via twitter or email (msperfectpeds @  I will try to find the time to check My emails amist all the sex to be had and shopping to be done.  I will still be accepting custom clip requests, but  expect them to be sent to you on MY time schedule. I’m also taking applications for a new real time sub to serve My spoiled ass when I touch down in the states.  While financial slaves should always apply and are good to have in all parts of the world, I am looking for a local submissive.  that would be near the St. Louis area for you dumb shits that can’t keep up with anything I say unless your gross man stick is in your hands.  Also you should be aware I don’t accept just any submissive creature that emails Me.  First, you will need to send a tribute!  Anyways I am in a good mood and decided on spoiling you bitches with pictures of Me.