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I havent updated in over 2 weeks and a lot has been going on behind the scenes of Katie Savage. I have been trying to contain My excitement for upcoming travels to mexico, but I can do so no longer after Ive heard it will be FOUR hot dominant women at one resort in cancun!! Myself, the Haughty Fem Dom, the Asian Goddess, and Miss Lindsay are going to meet up for a girls week at the beach (paid for by our slaves). I cant wait to see the hot hot Helena in a bikini. I met¬†this sassy chocolate drop of beauty¬†a couple of years back. As I suspected,¬†she is just as gorgeous in person as she is in those foxy pictures of hers. YAAAAY for meeting the blonde bombshell Lindsay.¬†I know in My last post, she was not mentioned, but she booked last minute. She likes to keep the suspense high.¬† I like her already!!¬†That¬†My¬†little drones, is¬†not one, but TWO¬†petite powerhouses¬†of male manipulation¬†frolicking on the beach in sexy swimming suits.¬† Surely you didn’t¬†think We would be wearing anything¬†more conservative than Brazilian bikinis!! ¬†I’m rooming¬†with the VICTIM maker AG.¬†¬†She is so much fun when We are home, this is Our first vacation together and I know She wont let Me down in Cancun.¬† We have already booked our most organized day of fun.¬† Hummer rental, tour the Ruins, swimming in an underground Cenote, lunch by the beach, and admission to the interactive zoo, zip line, and ATV ride through the jungle.¬†Though all of this has already been paid for,tI expect you boys to have those wallets out for a good fucking. Start your savings for October 22-26th.¬† I can vision it now,¬†minions will gather to feel the greed of the four of Us online together…laughing at you and taking your hard earned cash while We relax in luxury.¬† I just got¬†back from¬†a three month tropical vacation and already another lined up.¬† It just¬†so happens Im feeling generous and giving you a preview¬†to Mexico::

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Meanwhile, I have been in search for a real time slave. ¬†I have narrowed it down to 3 candidates. I will most likely use more than one of them, but it seems only ONE has paid for those privileges. Let Me tell you losers that I do NOT need you. you applied to be MY bitch.¬† Get your shit together or get left behind stalking¬†Me online from afar.¬†¬†My footbitch¬†lives in Illinois and the other loser lives in Kansas City. That doesnt seem local, but you freaks will do anything to try to get My attention. I cant do anything but laugh at a loser who will drive that far just to come clean My house, take Me shopping, or be in whatever kind of video I decide. BAAAHAHAa. Moving right along¬†to the MOST ¬†important part of this blog. My birthday is TODAY!! ¬†I’ve already received presents,¬†including a strap on I cant wait to break in when I see My Girlfriend.¬† I¬†love My¬†gifts thus far, but it’s never enough.¬† I want MORE!!¬† I want a HUGE dent in My wishlist and a huge dent in your bank account from spending on Me. It makes Me so HOT when you deposit your dignity and money directly into My greedy hands. ¬†I prefer amazon gift cards/gifts.¬† I deserve the best on My day so make sure you have done your part to make Me smile. I have the world’s most beautiful smile as some of you lucky boys and girls have seen.¬† It spills rays of sunshine and tingles to your nether regions. ¬†So make Me happy.

After being¬†back in the states for only a week, I met up with a friend for lunch and she tells Me,¬†“You have¬†money longer than train smoke.”¬† Though I’d never heard¬†someone phrase it quite like¬†this, I had to¬†chuckle because he was right.¬† I get back from a 3 month tropical vacation, and I¬†got a fat stash¬†of green,¬† expensive boots for the fall , and switching apartments, AGAIN.¬† I’m like Houdini bitch; I just make¬†money appear.¬† I may be young, but I’ve got more cash stashed away than you have in your 401k.¬† ¬†I do however,¬†tend to get high stress and take it out on your wallets.¬† I don’t stress from the lack of money or having to come up with it.¬† I stress because I don’t like moving.¬† Hopefully this will go as smooth as last time.¬† Then again I didn’t have to do anything except pack and boss movers around.

So, on Monday, I decided to go to the Asian Goddess‘ pad since¬†We were meeting for lunch that day.¬† It just so happened My gut feeling of having to work enticed¬†Me to bring My¬†laptop along.¬†¬†And as suspected, before long¬†there is a¬†male creature dressed in a¬†fairy pig costume.¬†¬†I knew¬†he was anxious to spend¬†since he had been sending Me tributes via venmo earlier in the day.¬† First, My¬†wanking tinklepig found Me on venmo and started loading the cash into My account.¬† This pleased Me, but I always want more.¬† I really love a good little bitch that will get on cam and entertain Me.¬† he had a few different tricks up his¬†colon meat¬†sleeve¬†too.¬† the first was shooting a frozen hot dog out of his ass into a pot that was 3 feet away, but he failed miserably when he¬†fell short of¬†his target and shit on the floor. ¬†I was laughing¬†so hard at this little oinker , I just had to take a video of this insanity.¬† It will be for sale in My clips¬†store soon.¬† I had him drink more and more beer, but I do not believe¬†his fat ass was getting¬†even slightly tipsy.¬† a¬†porker of that caliper needed at least a¬†12 pack to start feeling buzzed, but I let him go on about his show.¬†he was offering¬†up all sorts of tricks and I¬†picked letting him suck mayonnaise off his big black¬†dong stuck to the bottom of previous said pot.¬†¬†no wonder¬†tinklepig is so hefty; he’s¬†licking mayonnaise off of cocks like an addicted little slut.¬†¬†he was desperate to redo his hot dog trick and prove he had an actual talent.¬†¬†this wanking swine¬†was more than willing to¬†plug his hairy asshole with¬†the infamous pig tail butt plug and¬†shake his fat ass around while wearing a pink tutu.¬† It has been¬†a while since I had¬†such entertainment with such a HOT payout.¬† Humiliation is one of My favorite fetishes.¬† I get to let My true¬†SAVAGE colors show.¬† Those big amounts of cash bring a a big smile to My pretty face as they fatten My bank accounts.¬† Fat bank accounts leads to fat lady wood.¬†¬† I love to make fun of you freaks and make you feel ashamed for wanting to splash your own piss on yourself while you lay on your back and kick your legs oinking like a bitch.¬† All of that, just to get a pretty girl to pay your loser ass some attention?¬† hahahaaa Well, it just so happens I love to shove My greedy hands into your wallet far more than I like for you to shove that frozen hot dog¬†in your gaping asshole.

piggy performance

black cock sucker. hahaha

venmo $$$
this was the first cash out

your cash excites Me!!¬† he went on to send the AG $300 for her presence.¬† after boring Me to hanging up, piggy went on to send Me another $700 venmo. ¬†I raped¬†fat tinklepig for almost $2k in one night.¬†SO HOTTTTT!! ¬†I like when My cheeks hurt from laughing at you freak shows.¬† ¬†Piggy came back to get some more humiliation¬†with a¬†surprise venmo just a few days later.¬† I can’t wait until piggy payday to cash out on his fat oinking ass.

I was ready for true financial fuckery, but many times this is not achieved on the first binge.  I like to wait until at least the second round to put forth any of My effort of a true wallet fucking.  Because I will give it to you hard and make sure it is the first thing you think about when you wake up.  Give in to temptation and spend it all on ME.

As far as the real time slave applications are going, well I should have put up a disclaimer…no live-ins and male doms of any kind need not apply.¬† I wouldn’t mind having¬†a live in¬†for domestic duties and such, but unfortunately this apartment doesn’t have a basement for your cage to be kept out of My sight.¬† I did get some positive feed back from¬†a few¬†local submissives.¬†¬†I know it’s hard to believe, but¬†NO photoshop required–>¬†I am actually this HOT in person.¬†To be graced with My presence is an honor.¬† One of My slave candidates¬†is afraid his wallet cannot compare to the rest, but I reassured him that I will still have some uses for him.¬† he has already paid¬†his application fee in amazon GC’s, so¬†I’m granting him the privilege to serve Me by putting My bed together on move-in day.¬†voice chat getting warmed uphe wants to serve MEa little cam time¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† *****ATTENTION BROKE BITCHES:: DON’T even think about it, ¬†these GC’s have already been claimed*****

The other applicant under consideration is much closer with a heftier wallet and has done some real time submission in the past,¬†but has yet to pay up.¬† Online tributes first little bitchie.¬† My birthday (and moving day) are september 22.¬† This means bitchie still has a little time to pay up, and so do you.¬† I am still accepting applications.¬† The more slaves, the better to accommodate their Goddess.¬† I should have servants at the snap of a finger.¬† Either way, I’m excited to see if they will work out or be kicked to the curb like My last RT slave.

On another note, I know I just got back from a 3 month vacation, but I’m trying to bail on the Midwest¬†whenever possible.¬† the Asian Goddess and I are meeting hottie Goddess Helena in MEXICO!!!¬†( Funded by the wanking swine.)¬† Prepare for triple domination October 22-26.¬† We’ve also added in an adventure day to our luxury get away to¬†see the pyramids, zipline, ATV trail rides, and etc (also paid for by YOU).¬† hahahaa¬† I love when you boys cover My expenses so I can live My life in leisure as a true spoiled brat should.¬† Keep the cash rolling boys.