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Hello again to the Ladies and losers. I’ll start by saying I had a great birthday. I went to lunch with the AG, got presents (of coarse), and went out for a few drinks with My sister and a few friends. We had so much fun and I wore the boots My Twitter admirer got for Me. They were very comfortable. However, My new favorite pair of boots are the super comfortable ones a different Twitter admirer purchased for My birthday. Im all about drive by tributes. I dont really have to know who you are, it saves on the time it takes Me to send reward pictures. the pictures dont do them justice. I also received “heel condoms” for an anonymous admirer. They are so hot wrapped around My platform stilettos. I cant wait to wear them on a date with my girl so I can take them off at the end of the night and tie her sexy ass up with some light bondage from the soft fabric of the heel condoms Ive been prancing around in all night. What would you give to see an erotic night of Me and My Girlfriend in bed? hahahaa. be jealous losers. Anyways, My favorite gift was the iphone 5 paid for by lezzielover. he wants to make sure I can facetime with My lady whenever I want. Now that is a considerate slave. good boy. 

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Also My domain is almost ready to be renewed so it’s time for someone to step up and pay for that so I can continue to enlighten you with My words on My site. you can send the money by one of My links. Unfortunately My PayPal is no longer with us, as they do not support the use of their business for adult transactions. That means you need to sign up for venmo if you are not already. Just a warning I do not add “friends” unless they are paying “friends”. Ive also discovered which you should read and check out for yourself, but it is a nice way to send your cash or tribute and I spend it how I like. It is international friendly. Make sure you are on My good side since Cancun is in one week. Im sure you dorks are dying for the priveledge of exclusive bikini pictures. I will be filming a few clips there. Make sure you have your wallet out for a financial fuckery.