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I’ve been working on draining you boys a lot in the time I’ve been back from My vacation.  Some boys have been doing well for their Goddess.  With the passing of eid, I found Myself with two muslim drones at My mercy. The UK sub was begging to see My small perky tits on cleavage cam while confessing how much he hates his arranged wife’s saggy titties.  I laughed  at his misfortune and humiliated him for 10 minutes, cashing in a quick $100.  My newest Arab slave loves to be turned against his traditional upbringings.  one of his favorite pleasures was the idea of pleasing My Girlfriend and I. An arab cuckold?!!?!  DUH!!  I made him prove his worth by paying for My airfare to Atlanta for thanksgiving (to see My GF), with the money he was supposed to donate/tithe.  I knew I had him when he was weak. This loser began giving in to his new-found love, he bought a pair of HOT BeBe skinny jeans to hug My white ass.  I think I may keep this one around for a while.  he makes Me giggle when he talks about how his mom always wears her ninja dress and his father with his typical attire and long scraggly beard.   teehee.

My loyal footbitch has been paying up nicely on venmo with his weekly foot wankings.  It seems to never fail with this guy; Skype is doing whatever it wants, My cam always freezes, or voice is distorted.  Now instead of this dork buying an actual computer of any kind, (instead of using his phone), he just keeps spending all of his money on Me, while he tries diligently, to view My perfect PeddiePies on cam.  Under My training he is learning the difference between being a CUSTOMER and paying for cam time, and being a sub, who TRIBUTES their Goddess, for doing nothing other than simply existing and giving you a purpose in life.  after months and months of teasing I finally sent footbitch a surprise text of My soft wrinkly soles.  That got him to send tributes more frequently, and paying for simple trips to the farmer’s market all on his own.  All he needed was a little ‘fuck start’ to his wallet.  What do you know, less than a week later, he is back to being single.  Haahahaaha. More time and money focused on ME.   Don’t you wish you were one of My special pets with text privileges??

This brings Me to yet another hunk of fresh meat for Me to sink My pretty pearly white teeth into.  you cuckolds can’t get enough of two sexy dominant women being intimately involved and using your wallet for Our entertainment.  a new little bitch came to Me, begging for the position to be My newest cuckold.  Since I have been shopping for ANOTHER pair of running shoes, I started by demanding new shoes for My woman as well as Myself.  Two pairs of NIKE frees and two pairs of runner’s leggings later, and I could tell he wanted more.  Since My Lady and I have a shared cell phone account, I had him eat another $300 taking care of My extra charges Sprint tacked on from My Mexico travels.

cell bill

the same loser begged Me to let him pay the renewal to My domain almost immediately after I posted My last  blog update about vacation.  This little puppet went on to buy both sets of vacation picture packs ($50+ each) as well as a few other clips from clips4sale.  he had the bright idea for My GF and I to bet on who would win the election on Tuesday night.  SInce We were both voting for Obama, We bet on by how many points he would win by.  The winner (ME) got to pick sexy lingerie.  Let’s see if he can hang with the big girls or if I maxed out his credit card too early.  thanks spitface

spoiling TWO Ladies

Keep visiting My clips store, images store, and take a bite out of My wishlist.  The holidays are right around the corner, try HARD to get My attention.  I will be in Atlanta, GA for Thanksgiving with My Latina lover, so be sure you get your payments in if you want to see what We have in store for Our ‘cuck cam.’  I love making you losers WEAK!

My little slaves couldn’t wait for Me to come back, start posting vacation pictures, and update My blog.  It’s a shame I won’t put up more pictures of My supreme hotness.  I seriously cannot believe I have to mention AGAIN that My godaddy account still needs to be renewed.  I mentioned this BEFORE I went on vacation.  you boys think you can slack while I’m away and still reap the rewards upon My return.. WRONG.  I’ll make this more clear, if you worthless drones want to see anymore of Katie Savage, I suggest you make renewing My domain a priority.  How else do you expect to stay current on the adventures of My awesome life if you don’t pay for My domain to be around??  This is what ultimately lead Me to make the decision that there will be MINIMAL free pictures of Me in a bikini, and instead, I will make you buy the picture sets from My vacation on Niteflirt or Images4Sale.  They are so out of this world, you didn’t think I was going to give them away for free did you??  I sent out a “tease” picture on twitter and it was a HUGE hit.  Keep testing Me losers.

you deserve NOTHING!!!

On a positive note, I had so much fun in Cancun with the gorgeous Ladies.  The AG and I arrived about two hours ahead of MizLindsay and HaughtyFemDom.  Upon our arrival to the resort, We were greeted with cool towels and champagne before having our bags escorted to our suite.

from the balcony

Once We were in our suite and the coast was clear, We smoked IMMEDIATELY.  When We were finished, We headed out to the beach to put our feet in the water.  On our way out, We got busted by room service.  he asks Us if he can come in to put our champagne on ice and drop off the fruit basket with extra bottles of water.  On his was out he says how he loves the smell of our…LOTION.  We instantly burst into giggles and scurry out of the room.  This was just the first of many run ins with housekeeping.  Apparently since the AG and I roomed together, the resort concluded We were on our honeymoon!!!  They would call up to the room and ask if everything was ok, or if We needed anything.  It seemed like they were always knocking on the door to see if the room was clean enough, or give Us little treats.  One night they gave delivered little muffins, one night little cheesecakes (that We didn’t eat). We came to the room after breakfast one morning to find We had slippers to wear around the room as well.  The best part was by far the towel swan and rose petals on the bed.



We took it easy on the first night just chatting and drinking.  We were sure to soak up all the sun and have plenty of drinks.   On Our way back from dinner, Lindsay and AG almost convinced Me to go the strip club with Lindsay in Mexico.  At the last minute, We opted against it since We had to get up early for adventure day and, I already have a fantastic pair of Latina tots to look at.

AG wanted to stay at the resort and sun by the pool every day. However, I insisted that while in mexico, it was imperative We leave the resort.  I was excited to see a boy paid for Our $600 escursion(cost for 4)  a week before We ever left.  that is so HOT!!!  Anyways, I was dreading waking up so early for Adventure day, but it was probably one of the most fun days there.  It started with our private car picking Us up at the resort and chauffeuring Us to the shopping plaza.  Here We met our tour guide.  I originally did not plan to drive in Mexico so I didn’t bring ANY identification.  After the guide checked all of the ID’s, he announces We are ready, and it is time to pick up the keys to the Hummer.  We were the last group to get our key, and I walked right up and plucked it out of his hand(knowing he hadn’t seen My ID because when he was checking, I was reaching for a piece of gum empty handed).  He just smiled at Me and asked if I was ok to drive.  I was extremely nervous to drive in Mexico, but it subsuded once I left the parking lot.  First stop: El Rey. Our guide told about the Mayan people and yada yada yada. Next up was getting situated on the ATV’s.  Helena was My driver for the first minute until We arrived at over to the zip lines and made our way from tree to tree by the grace of those wire ropes that secured our precious ass zipping through the Mexican jungle.  Then We lined up our atv s for our trip through some back roads where I couldn’t help but to blaze through all the scalding hot mud puddles.  I thought driving this was the most fun of the day!!  Lindsay and the AG, however, may not have thought this to be the most fun part as just a few feet behind Me, they took the corner a little too wid,e trying to miss the puddle, and nearly ended our vacation early by throwing their tiny selves onto the gravel and some nearby foliage.  Thankfully they were just bruised and shaken up (literally), but they were OK.  They hopped back on their atv s and rode the rest of the way to the cenote (AKA..a cave with a tiny opening a the top with a diameter no larger than 10 feet, filled with bats, and GUANO).   hahahaa  AG was feeling the adrenaline rush by this time and she was the only one from our four woman beauty pageant to take the plunge (3 stories high).  The rest of us took the scary wooden steps to the bottom, where I ziplined into the water.  the water was surprisingly clear and didn’t smell bad or anything.  My guess is all the guano sinks to the bottom.  After drying off and chatting our tour guide’s ear off there, We ventured off yet again and arrived at a private beach for lunch.  The food was authentic and the drinks were made from fresh fruit.  Lastly, We went to the petting zoo.  There We saw macaw, HUGE alligators so big and still the dummies on our tour thought they were fake, wild mokeys that tried to steal a woman’s iphone as she was taking its picture, and lots of snakes and iguanas.  Just when I wanted to be by the pool with a drink in My hand, I realized I still had a 50 minute journey back to the plaza to return the Hummer.  Once parked, We handed over the keys to the tour guide.  In that hand also contained a rather generous tip and a stash of green since I’m sure We spooked him when he saw our two beauties on the ground in shock.  When We arrived to the resort, We decided to made it a relaxing night by putting a few bath bombs in the hot tub on our balcony.

no action for you

This seemed like a good idea at first.  Then bubbles began blowing all over the place from the strong ocean winds. We later also realized the AG and Lindsay getting into the HOT tub after getting all banged up was a terrible idea for their health.   I retired to My bed first because I was about to pass out in the hot tub from exhaustion.  We spent the entire next day at the pool with the waiter.  We did get a burst of energy and took some pictures by the ocean, but My time in the ocean was very limited.

pay up boys $$$

Since I am from a landlocked state and just recently began My ocean extravaganzas, I don’t like when the waves are so bossy.  Lindsay was supposed to be My strong-arm and keep Me a float, the next think I knew I was trying to save My hat and I was fighting to get out of the water while pulling My bottoms up.  The undertoe is very strong in front of the resorts and it was red flags all week.  I only got in to My knees from there on out, or I volunteered to be photog for one of the hot ladies.  After We retired from the sand, it was back to poolside, where We found our waiter, Ray, who had waited on Us the day before.  He, like the rest of the crowd at the pool, I couldn’t help but to stop and stare at the pretty girls taking pictures.

I absolutely LOVE this picture

the funny part is when he asks why We keep flipping off each other and looking mean.  after some simple explaining, he still didn’t get it, but he wass sure he wanted to get a picture with the dynamic foursome before We left the next day.  Who wouldn’t want to take a picture with Lindsay blue eyes, beautiful Lena, My smoking hot ass, and the gorgeous AG?!?! We got so many compliments about how We had the best group, but the compliment winner was by far AG.  She had people, older women included, go out of their way to compliment her on her beauty.  Some saying “I saw you at breakfast and you are just so beautiful.” while We were on the beach.  that means they had been admiring since breakfast!!! 😀 She’s My unicorn.

We met lots of people and had great service while on our vacation.  I loved all the attention on Us, including the Brazilian boys in the picture below.  I may be a lesbian, but I still make you males WEAK!  This was  My first time traveling with AG and it was very entertaining and I would do it again in a second.  She is the best copilot when She isn’t passed out.  It was so nice to meet Lindsay.  I knew from her pictures she was going to be a hottie, but she is even more gorgeous in person.  She has the skin of an angel that woman.  Be sure to get in line for the PTV picture sets coming soon.  Get your wallet out and send Me a message on Niteflirt to request your pictures.


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