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Just a short little blip about what is going on in My pretty Princess life to keep that yearning Katie fix satisfied.  I am a little crabby since the couch lezzielover ordered on the 11th has not been delivered to My new palace.  I checked My order on amazon and it says the item has shipped, but no tracking info.  I emailed the merchant, but received no reply.  So LAME!!!  This is what happens when you let a slave have a little wiggle room with your purchases.  I told lezzielover to buy Me one of two leather sectional sectionals I assigned to him on My wishlist and this little twirp buys the one that doesnt ship via amazon prime.

I woke up to the ugliest blister on My beautiful big toe.  I should have known to wear double socks to walk to zoo in 35 degree weather.  My feet were so frozen that I couldnt feel the rubbing of My frozen toe on My sneakers I was breaking in and got a blister.  This means no foot clips for a little while.  Sorry, not so sorry for you losers.

However, Me being the overly awesome person that I am, I find the silver lining in everything.  I happen to be able to roll over and tug at My Girlfriend’s panties and ask rhetorically  “Hey, can you get me off so I can take a nap before work?” It’s pretty amazing.  I’ll tell you what else is fabulous.  I love to see a clit boner.  It’s way hotter to get than a guy boner.  boys get aroused so easily, it almost isn’t fun.  A woman, on the other hand requires a steamy build up to make her swell with excitement.  Most of you losers do know what that feels like as you are probably a virgin, impotent loser, or shrimp dick fool.  The only way you dorks get Me hot and wet is through your wallet when the tributes, wallet rapes, and BIG gifts start coming in.

To balance out My poor toe, My Girlfriend seems to have a little foot fetish of Her own.  I love when she sucks on My toes after I cum.  I never realized how much I like it since Im usually grossed out when ugly boy slobber is touching them.  Then I see how hot it makes Her and We go at it again.  HOT, HOT, HOT!  will you be lucky enough to get a clip of this mouth watering action in My clips store??

Pussy Power

warming My feet

With all that being said, make sure you are calling My niteflirt lines.  I have a line just for you adoring little cuckolds who call hoping to hear sexy time., which has a VERY high probability considering I keep Her in the bed like it’s Her job 😉  If that’s not your thing, you can confess your kinky little fetishes to yours truly.  Im so generous that I’d even allow the broke little brown noser who wants to spend to get ignored.  Call Me up and give Me a laugh.

It has been over a month since My last blog.  I’d originally thought Id throw a little brag blog together before the holiday so it wouldn’t be so lengthy, but I got busier than I expected.  I have been getting a pretty consistent stream of gifts in the mail from boys.  Some new pets, and some that have been good all year long. I have been testing a few of My little drones, and most of them wont be around for the new year.  I’m doing some website revamping and cleaning out My messenger list.  That means new slave positions will be available.

So much to gossip about, where to begin??!? My newest puppy, Lola, has been a good girl.  she first came around when she bought My newest Cannon camera.  she has been a good girl, sending her Owner weekly gifts.  she certainly is not My biggest spender, but she does not whine or beg. When my little puppy poops her diaper in public I reward her by letting her get a new dog toy to play with.  I’m SO nice, for Christmas, I allowed her to treat herself to a pair of knock off UGGS.  I like to have her fetch Me new things from My wish list, then I let her get on cam and play fetch with the new toys in the bedroom of her parents home where she lives.  she also eats Cheerios as human kibble/dry food daily.  All to save more money for her pretty Princess 😀

A twitter admirer came around to shed some light on a rainy day earlier this month.  They came at the perfect time.

these are so HOT and tall :D

these are so HOT and tall 😀

spitface hardly deserves to be mentioned except for



FreePeople pumps

FreePeople pumps


And the filth scrapings at the bottom of the loser barrel is footbitch.   Making a long story short, this is the fool that lives over an hour away and applied for the position of being My local bitch boy.  That doesn’t seem so local to Me, but he couldn’t resist My perfect peds. I met with him ,in person, broke his real-time cherry, took My $$$, and shot a few clips before leaving.  he got all butt hurt when he asked if I had fun and My reply was “yea, fun taking your money.”  Financial Domination has shown her pretty little head again.  I know you are a foot puppet and not a financial sub.  I wouldn’t expect that from a high school teacher.  I also wouldn’t expect this “submissive guy” to speak to Me the way he did.  A pathetic apology letter the following day explaining how he was drunk, bla blahh.  Doesnt work for Me!  he stirred up a shit storm.  Talking out of character to your Domme and sending an empty apology makes Me a little spiteful.  Ending on poor terms is not advised.  I sense a heavy storm in the early months of his new year.  I wonder if the principal will suspend him for his naughty behavior??  If you are only submissive when your little boy pud is in your hand, then you are not truly submissive.  I’m glad I got to see the true colors of  this maggot after his many gift cards purchased one of My favorite gifts of 2012, My new MacBook Air!!! Hahaha

I LOVE My new MacBook

I LOVE My new MacBook

Show your appreciation of My Girlfriend’s arrival and My added happiness because of it.   Send all the gift cards to msperfectpeds @ yahoo dot com.   That means there will be lots of chances for you to call and catch some hot lesbians humiliating your soul on niteflirt.  If you are really lucky maybe your wallet can cough up enough cash to catch Us on cuck cam in Our new place??  I’ve moved yet again; hence My lack of presence on cam.  This time I went with turning a new leaf.  AKA buying everything new.  Do you want to know the best part about that? YOU are going to pay for it.   I want to see you flex those credit cards for ME.

After a few email conversations and sizzling cuckold pictures, I practically had lezzielover  bent over My toned thigh with his gaping ass hole begging for a little new year wallet thump.  I love when this little bitch comes around to make Me smile. he is so weak for those hot cuckie pictures that lure you into a world you could never have.  I wanted a new couch for a new sex scene with My Lady.  he picked up the tab for that.  Nothing to get Me wet like a hot black leather sectional.



It is never enough so keep spending boys!!  A new year means a new chance for you to get noticed.