As you all know Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  I’m sure perverted freaks have no one to be your Valentine.  Who better than to spoil than Moi?!?  I expect the gifts to start rolling in with DAILY package deliveries.  Make ME your Valentine and let your wallet show how much you adore Me.  Remember, It is not always about who spends the most money or bought the most things, but who is smart enough to splurge on the most coveted gifts. ( i.e. things I actually want, not just the cheapest thing on My wish list.)

Work harder to spoil Me

Work harder to spoil Me

Spend it all

Spend it all

This year that happens to be the home stereo system for the lonely little boy who intelligently chooses to make Me the center of his adoration for the love fused holiday.  I hope My buttslut can make My hot new strap on appear at My house by the 14th, so I can break it in.  I LOVE the one he picked out.  I haven’t been excited about a gift since My MacBook, but this one has My panties wet.  Some sexy new bras, panties, long socks, and more hosiery are ALWAYS welcome, to tease you with of course.  Since I’m so picky about bras that I cannot try on, I prefer the gift cards over an actual gift, so I don’t have to waste My time returning/exchanging gifts with amazon.  They usually do not accept exchanged undergarments anyways.  The gift cards most wanted are aerie(INTERNATIONAL) , Victoria’s Secret, amazon, and etsy.  Send all GC’s to MsKatieSavage at gmail dot com.  I’d love an amazon GC for My Mac antivirus.  If you can’t handle the task, just play it safe and stick to the wish list or the clearly marked tribute buttons on My various pages.  For the really broke dorks, try to use your brain.  Make Me a card with a sweet poem about how Perfect I am 🙂 If you guys are good, I may do a recap later or say thanks with personal pictures.  Don’t miss out.  run along not My little brown nosers….SPOIL ME.

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