I recently traveled to Texas for My first time. Due to My own preconceived notions, I felt I couldn’t have possibly went there without My cowgirl boots. I added them to My wish list, and just in perfect timing, Twitter admirer scooped them up right before his prime membership ran out! what a good little admirer. I was so relieved the boots arrived before We left. It was so much fun hanging out with My GF’s friends and her father. Of course they all said I was soooo cute 😀  My Girlfriend took My rodeo virginity.  I was terrified it would be like watching animal torture, but it was fine.  I did clap and cheer when the cowboy wasn’t able to land his lasso and the calf got away.

boots from Twitter admirer

boots from Twitter admirer

lintlicker paid for date night drinks at Club Viva.  he was the first to inquire about payments for almost everything during the trip, except the airfare (which was paid long ago).  he coughed up cash for the cab ride to and from the airport, drinks at salsa night, as well as a small Victoria’s Secret order.  he also sent the shoes that I wore out one of the nights in Texas.  They were Über comfortable.  I bet you’d love to be the one licking Our toes clean after a night out.

wedge crew

wedge crew

lint licker has been spending frivolously for My attention. while he is all alone on the east coast, wishing he was My local bitch, I give him vanilla tasks to perform. to make up for the lost servitude between the miles. he spent hundreds on My amazon wish list and in cash transfers.  I’m not going to waste My time adding pictures because who isn’t tired of seeing crap from amazon placed nicely in a pile.  And the cash deposited is for Me to know and for you to ponder.  It’s a shame more businesses don’t support adult transactions.  It is also a shame he disappeared after his roommate found My smelly leather flats in his room.  his embarrassment level is at an all time high, so I am giving him some space until things die down over that way.

A semi local boy finally came crawling out of the woodwork to spend a little. I say semi local, because I don’t think a 4 hour drive is so local, but whatever.  he was hoping for real time servitude.  I don’t usually meet losers from the internet.  First they must prove themselves useful and trustworthy.  Pain slut came bearing gifts of cash, cookies, and wine.

KC loser

KC loser

I was delighted to say the least.  First order of business I made him hang My curtains.   It was comical watching his nervousness pour out of him in the form of sweat.  I was nice and took out some aggression with a thick leather belt.  I had such a good time, I even let My GF get in a few good licks.  I made him close his eyes so I could slap him across his face.  Needless to say, he will be back for more abuse.  his summer goal is to purchase tickets to a baseball game so he can treat Me to drinks, ballpark fun, and have some light humiliation while being blessed with My good company. lucky him.

footboy is such a loser.  I love teasing and humiliating him.  he is soooo weak.  he has been serving Me for almost three years, so I know EXACTLY how to push his buttons.  I sit back and giggle at how easy it is to control him with my soft wrinkled soles. he tested his new found love beneath My glorious booty.  he eventually realized My juicy bum was no place for a lowly bitch like himself.  Back under the power of My curvy peds is the only position he could ever imagine getting a stiffy. I’ve noticed a trend with many of My subs.  They eventually turn into cuckolds.  There’s something about two lipstick lesbians that you can’t help but wonder what goes on between the sheets.  Our soft, pedicured feet rubbing on each other.  Just imagine, you could be at the foot of My bed.  My personal footboard cuckold.  A dream job left exactly where it started…in your dreams, loser.

I’ve even done a few custom clips lately.  Small penis humiliation is always fun.  Laughing at your tiny little chub in your pants is just too easy. Brat clips were created; flipping you off and telling you, “you’re a loser” while I crush your ego come naturally. One freak even paid a hefty sum for Me to film a custom clip.  Then he waited for My underarm hair to grow so I could show off My hairy pits. The hardest task was growing out my underarm hair for a particular kinkster.  I’ve never seen such hairy underarms on a woman.  teehee.

I’ve just recently returned from another vacation in Puerto Rico.   Footboy paid Me back for the ticket via GR.  I love being so spoiled!!  I always have a good time there.  I did step on a sea urchins after I’d been poking one just minutes before.

beach babes

beach babes

If you want bikini pictures, you’ll have to pay for them.  As far as I’m concerned, I need every vacation to be warm with somewhere to swim.

Spring is here and I want more cute sunglasses and sandals.  Bikinis and flip flops for the summer.  I worship the sun, and you worship Me.  Shop My wish list and send gift cards!! The camera, sandals and bikinis are at the top of My must have items if you want to be on My good side. I have 4 cameras, but what’s one more??? Send bikinis because I look so hot in them. Duhh. I want to see you buying gifts and sending your pitiful loser cash. If you think you’ve done enough, you probably haven’t. Step it up and send extra gifts.  Contribute; it feels good.  Just don’t think you will get something in return.  Gifting Me is a gift in itself.

  1. Nice entry. Posting the L sign pic in the Yahoo HATM Group.

    Texas is a wonderful state. One of my top 10 favorite states.

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