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YAY hectic holidays are over and We are well into 2017! A quick recap for the end of the year, which was NOT impressive.  The U.S. has turned into a shit show, complete with golden showers.  euro beta bitch came crawling back after slutting around.  he dropped a few hundred, but who is counting if it isn’t four digits.  Honestly, I love humiliating and mind fucking him to his breaking point.  Lezzie lover sent a few hundred around Christmas, but I am not as impressed as I was last year when he bought Me new kitchen appliances.  This is a perfect example of how to NOT serve ME.

I’m way late on the New Year wishes, but at least I can get both New Year and Lunar New Year in one post.  Welcome 2017!!!  I’ve cleared out the waste of fickle subs, and made room for new devoted minions.


I don’t usually have politics mixed in with My smut, but with this disaster, I find it impossible not to speak My mind.  I’ll start by saying it is a shame our current president of the US is taking us on a dizzying adventure swirling down the toilet bowl.  Most of My followers know I am an educated, outspoken woman not known for biting My tongue.  If you don’t like My fusion of smut, politics, food, nature, and animals, then don’t follow Me.


Moving on to more important things.  RUINING you.  hahaha.  I said last year that I was going to make more frequent blog updates.  That was a joke.  My vanilla life always takes priority over you hand bumpers.  However, this year, I plan to be assiduous in regards to My online presence and taking MORE of your hard earned cash.  My cam and phone lines are be on frequently.  Do yourself a favor and purchase My Skype ID on IWC.  For more frequent interactions with Me, I recommend KIK.  This includes exclusive photos not posted on Twitter. Like the one below


This is your year to become a better submissive.  Strive to be a sub I enjoy talking to, one that I will engage with even when you haven’t paid.  hahahahaha yea right.  As if I’d ever talk to you freaks without you paying.   new1

Secret admirers need to step it up.  I’ve had multiple Niteflirt callers admitting to be lurkers for years, admiring pictures and blog updates from afar.  EEeeewwww.  This tells Me you think you are a fan, but in reality are a freeloading cheap fuck that jerks off to My pictures.  you are such a loser that aren’t tributing Me yourself, but rather getting off on seeing others who’ve contributed to My lifestyle.  make yourself useful.  Retweet My pictures and site links.  Send anonymous gifts or tributes to show your appreciation.  Pay for the things I tweet that I really want.  The ones that pay attention and contribute get noticed–and rewarded.  If you aren’t spending, keep quiet or find yourself blocked.  Keep your compliments to yourself unless they are accompanied by cash.

If in past years, months, days, even hours if you feel like you haven’t spent enough to enhance My life, you didn’t.  This is the time to put your own wants on the back burner.  Make sacrifices to show your devotion.  Speak My language…CASH!!  Feed My GREED.

Some of you have been working hard and spending for years to become subs that I trust and actually enjoy.  For example, My longest serving footbitch often gets double humiliation or foot worship from My GF and I without paying extra, simply because We like him…and enjoy making fun of him.


Spring is around the corner.  I can’t wait to get out sun dresses, shorts, and sandals.  Be a good little maggot and send Me gift cards to fatten My wardrobe.

hello lovelies and losers. It has been a month since My last blog. surprise, surprise! I had better things to do, like having a great holiday with My Girlfriend. It was My first time visiting Atlanta, and I had a great time. The visit was far too short, but I was still able to make some quick cash off of the lonely losers for Thanksgiving. Footbitch was in LOVE. My perfectly sculpted, curvy peds next to My Girlfriend’s big, smooth, size 12 feet. what a cute pair to make your mouth water. Then theres My paypig who’s wallet and ass have been taking a beating. he fills up My amazon account and then gets on cam to whore around. This time he had his big black cock suctioned to a glass dinner plate, trying to get some anal action by sitting on a chair, but the plate kept falling. This lead to other hilarious positions, him anxious for more penetration. I know how you losers get when you crave that big black COCK. Needless to say, it was a show that kept us laughing. My HOT lady induced orgasms were so great during Thanksgiving weekend that I made him watch only lesbian porn for a whole month. Haahahaha. A few callers from NiteFlirt. One loser was lucky enough to call and listen to My sexcapades. A nice 20 minute call, at least. Another super dork wanted to chat about My amazing feet while I shopped around Home Depot telling him what things in the store My feet would look great in. he loved it of course. you fistfuckers are so weird. I can’t forget about the dork who called while I was out with the family for dinner. he stayed on My ignore line from the moment We received Our menus, until the time the check came. Thanks again to My arab bitch who paid for My ticket to ATL. The rest of you losers did nothing impressive or worth mention to cap off November.

December has left Me in a bit of a mood lately. This is not the most pleasant of moods for the holiday, so I chose to take My rant out to My blog. some of you boys need a reminder that you were given the breath of life to serve women. See, inside some of your male head is a huge delusion that you will get to meet Me in real life. Just because you serve Me online, does not ENTITLE you to meet Me in person. Much less, without paying a hefty price. some of you tools are not the sharpest in the shed. I know most of you freaks are dying to have a real-time session with a HOT, gorgeous Domme like Myself. That, however doesn’t mean it will be smiles, pleasure, much less free. It may be the face of a pauper begging for mercy, or the pain of crop on the bare skin. you are using MY free time. I’m hesitant of real-time sessions because you should be able to have somewhat of a personal relationship with a long-term slave, especially one you are going to meet in person. Some want to be dominated, some want to be able to have a “normal” conversation with their Domme, but it’s picking your puny little brain to find out exactly when to go from “normal” conversation, to “Dont make eye contact with me, get on your knees, and suck My heel like those pencil dicks you love so much.” There is a reason gorgeous women of the Internet don’t want to ‘hang out’ with you idiots just for fun. We have our own friends to hang out with. you losers have to pay Us to hang out with you. We don’t NEED a film slave. I have guy friends that are willing to be in clips too… mmmkay. If you know Me, I’m not one to pump out clips anyways. you would be amazed at the number of boys who don’t even keep up with your blog, but think the would ever deserve to meet you in person, yet they don’t even know you. Some losers fantasize about a live in mommy/baby scenario, or a puppy in a crate, or the cuckold living in the basement. Others love the fantasy of never dreaming to meet Me because they know they are not worthy enough to be in My presence. It depends on if your Domme is looking for a live in slave or not. And if NOT, are you willing to accept that and still serve them? Get to know your Domme and make sure She is what you are looking for, and if these issues are something you can bend on. These are the things I have to spell out for you. I get it, when your little dicklet is in your hand and you are wanking away, you feel very submissive. The point is, you wont be at your most submissive state, with your little man chub in your hand, wanking while you are in My presence; and it will cost you BIG bucks.

It makes Me ill to think that one of My boys, for example, said standing in the cold and buying Me a tv for Black Friday was too expensive, but he’d suck dick for Me fine had too. well that is fine too. I say if you boys are willing to suck cock for Me, then you are doing it in your own, inner homo ways to please another man and show you are submissive. you just offered your mouth out to ‘some guy’s dick’. Meanwhile I sit back and laugh at you. I also had the MacBook on My wishlist for a little while now. Instead of him doing his research, looking at black friday ads in ways he could be graced with my gorgeous smile, he sat on his ass doing NOTHING. It was in fact on sale for $800 on black friday, instead he took the long way of building up My amazon account $1000 in just a week? Most of the credit for the MacBook goes to this dork for $1200. I can’t wait until it ships!!! Thanks footbitch! Dont you think it would have been easier to get My TV while it was on a MAJOR sale? HAHAHA you silly boys only know how to think with one head. Work smarter, not harder. Katie Savage is always right 😀 >                                                                                                                20121214-112700.jpg

I expect you to keep a smile on My pretty face for the rest of the holiday season. ‘Tis the season for GIVING. THIS is the time when you really spoil your Goddess, Princess, Mistress, or Domme. THIS is the time when your dumb wife is not looking at your credit card spending as close. I want you to open a new credit card, or raise the limit on your current card to make sure My wants are met before yours. No excuses. If you think your sob story about how you have to buy Christmas gifts for others or big bills are coming up at the end of the year, whatever they are…I do NOT give one shit about them. I care about what you have done for Me. Also I tend to get in the giving mood. I give gifts to those boys who have been good for Me throughout the year. Send all gift cards to msperfectpeds at yahoo dot com.


I havent updated in over 2 weeks and a lot has been going on behind the scenes of Katie Savage. I have been trying to contain My excitement for upcoming travels to mexico, but I can do so no longer after Ive heard it will be FOUR hot dominant women at one resort in cancun!! Myself, the Haughty Fem Dom, the Asian Goddess, and Miss Lindsay are going to meet up for a girls week at the beach (paid for by our slaves). I cant wait to see the hot hot Helena in a bikini. I met this sassy chocolate drop of beauty a couple of years back. As I suspected, she is just as gorgeous in person as she is in those foxy pictures of hers. YAAAAY for meeting the blonde bombshell Lindsay. I know in My last post, she was not mentioned, but she booked last minute. She likes to keep the suspense high.  I like her already!! That My little drones, is not one, but TWO petite powerhouses of male manipulation frolicking on the beach in sexy swimming suits.  Surely you didn’t think We would be wearing anything more conservative than Brazilian bikinis!!  I’m rooming with the VICTIM maker AG.  She is so much fun when We are home, this is Our first vacation together and I know She wont let Me down in Cancun.  We have already booked our most organized day of fun.  Hummer rental, tour the Ruins, swimming in an underground Cenote, lunch by the beach, and admission to the interactive zoo, zip line, and ATV ride through the jungle. Though all of this has already been paid for,tI expect you boys to have those wallets out for a good fucking. Start your savings for October 22-26th.  I can vision it now, minions will gather to feel the greed of the four of Us online together…laughing at you and taking your hard earned cash while We relax in luxury.  I just got back from a three month tropical vacation and already another lined up.  It just so happens Im feeling generous and giving you a preview to Mexico::

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Meanwhile, I have been in search for a real time slave.  I have narrowed it down to 3 candidates. I will most likely use more than one of them, but it seems only ONE has paid for those privileges. Let Me tell you losers that I do NOT need you. you applied to be MY bitch.  Get your shit together or get left behind stalking Me online from afar.  My footbitch lives in Illinois and the other loser lives in Kansas City. That doesnt seem local, but you freaks will do anything to try to get My attention. I cant do anything but laugh at a loser who will drive that far just to come clean My house, take Me shopping, or be in whatever kind of video I decide. BAAAHAHAa. Moving right along to the MOST  important part of this blog. My birthday is TODAY!!  I’ve already received presents, including a strap on I cant wait to break in when I see My Girlfriend.  I love My gifts thus far, but it’s never enough.  I want MORE!!  I want a HUGE dent in My wishlist and a huge dent in your bank account from spending on Me. It makes Me so HOT when you deposit your dignity and money directly into My greedy hands.  I prefer amazon gift cards/gifts.  I deserve the best on My day so make sure you have done your part to make Me smile. I have the world’s most beautiful smile as some of you lucky boys and girls have seen.  It spills rays of sunshine and tingles to your nether regions.  So make Me happy.

It’s been brought to My attention that some of you new subs who claims they are a slave, but don’t even know what a release fee is. I’ll give you a few clews.  there comes a time in a Domme/sub relationship when one or both partners decided that for whatever reasons, that the two must go their separate ways. I understand if this just isn’t working;  I’m NOT mad, and I in no way am forcing you to stay. Remember you found Me.  this can be your way to thank Me for putting My time and efforts.  so when My boys ask to be released, he must pay a release fee. The Domme or top will decide what she thinks is reasonable for the time served…or wasted in some instances.  then she gives the sub an assignment.  often they will be given a set amount of time, as  this can often times be a BIG assignment.   there is to be an agreement made to make both parties feel neutral about the parting of ways.  In other words it’s not over until I say so.  if you can uphold those standards and play by My rules and obey like a true submissive then when you come crawling back to Me, I’ll do it all over again.  Some true financial subs get off on the idea of splurging and waiting for the Domme’s final release assignment so he can really watch his wallet take a beating.  this is the best time to watch those pay piggies beg for more abuse and leave making a mark before going into hibernation.  I’m sure you can see how this relationship applies in other Domme/sub relationships

with that being said, you should also know that you little drones are easily replaced. the only difference between you dorks are the fetishes.  Financial domination is the only fetish We have in common.  end of story.  I like to exploit your fetishes. I like to dabble in many fetishes, but only because your paying ME. whether it be you begging for Me to make fun of your limp shrimp dick, or you jerking off to My clips,  I like to be in control and make you submissive boys weak in any and all areas starting with your wallet.  but before you decide you just want to leave or that you’re getting one over on Me, you should remember you never really know who is on the other side of the computer.  you never know what they are capable of and lets face it….Im smarter than you.  you will be sorry because I just love to tell your secrets for everyone to see.  teehee

I’ve been recovering from My sexcapades that took place on Mardi Gras weekend.  My girlfriend is just so hot I can’t keep My hands or My mouth off of her.  now that the sheets are washed and well, the bed is still broke, but that will be fixed soon, I can update here.  It was so much fun, until some dickface asked to see My GF’s asshole for some beads.  uhhh NO bitch ass.  that’s not part of mardi gras!!  Being the perfect pretty lady I am, I didn’t let it ruin My fun.  you cucks are soo jealous and couldn’t stop blowing up My Yahoo Messenger.  Especially a new sub who lives locally and tried to get My attention.  I attempted to meet with him a few times and he seems too scared.  Oh well, I don’t have time to chase boys.  you found Me; remember that.   i imagine he will come back begging Me to take his stupid $200.  I also went vegan during this week and am loving it so far.  it really is a life change that I enjoy.  It all started when the AG had Me watch a documentary about an overview of the veggie world.  then I started to watch other documentaries and experiment with the recipes.  It’s not all about not hurting animals, but how we don’t NEED to eat them, animal products and its effect on the economy and your body.  I am doing My part and the part of someone else to reduce their carbon foot print.  you can thank Me! I am still going strong and plan to stay on track with the vegan-ness for at least a 6 week trial.  I love milk so much that since I’ve given it up, every time I reach in the fridge for the Rice milk, that I feel like the milk jug is eyeing Me all evil like, so I always turn it around.  I’ve been eating a higher amount of beans has made My pretty little asshole a bit more talkative.  I tweeted about making a fart clip and got lots of comments.  I will be adding one to My clips store soon.  Stay posted.  Then I got to meet the lovely GoddessMarley and QueenKitty.  It’s always fun to meet the local Dommes.  as suspected there was a heavy fog of OG Kush lingering for hours.   They all got to see what happens when KatieSavage  catches  the giggle bug while telling a story.  you losers never get to be on the fun side.  know your place dorks.

canadiancrossdresser has been a little too mouthy for My likings lately.  she has become sassy and I don’t care for it.  and I damn sure don’t need it.  yes, Id rather you spend your cash on My perfect ass, but I’m not your momma and I don’t give a shit if you spend your money on a hooker, stripper, or whatever else.  I do care when appointments are cancelled at the last-minute.   I plan to punish his virgin ass dearly with a nice fat dong.  I’ll rape her unlubed ass and her wallet at the same time.  do you think a stripper cares about your disgusting forced bi fetishes or wants to watch you dance around in panties??? uhhh the answer is no.  Anyways, I’ve had a new shoe boy come out of hiding.  He can’t say no to My sky-high arches in heels.  I love to make fun of his tiny vienna sausage.  making fun of boys and their uglystick is too easy for Me.  It’s so funny that ALL of My heels are taller than his microscopic flagpole at attention.  I love to drain him right before work so I know My PeddiePies are on his mind all night long while he’s making My money.  the reason this new boy is getting a little  blog attention so early is because he knows how to follow direction and sent a tribute to clipvia before he ever contacted Me.  this is expected from the rest of you fools.   It seems some of you have forgotten that I am a FINANCIAL Domme first and foremost.  watching a submissive male hand his cash over to My greedy beautiful ass is My fetish.  It turns Me on.  The rest of the fetishes are just fun to play around with and manipulate you boys further. 

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I’ve booked My trip to Puerto Rico to spend My summer with My beautiful girlfriend.  make sure you losers are doing your part to make sure you can keep My attention.  I expect those swimming suits and sandals on My wishlist to be purchased VERY soon.   Keep sending tributes and wanking to My clip store.

Another blog about ME!  I will start off with how much I love My new car.  It is so awesome.  what’s not to love? I can drive for 400+miles before putting a mere $30 in gas.  Its not that Im cheap, but I happen to care about our next generation and I try to leave the smallest carbon foot print possible.  Im so glad I stayed in the house  last weekend when I was debating going out.  It turned out there was a shooting at the club I was going to go to.  I swear, these people in St. Louis have nothing better to do than to cause a ruckus in the clubs.  This is one of many reasons I made My mind up to go to Puerto Rico for the summer and live lavishly on the beach.  I still plan to rape your wallets so nothing will change for you except you can worship My toned sun kissed ass and sandy soles.  you cucks that didnt make the cut for the last trip to see My girlfriend can try again this round.  Get started on buying those swimming suits and victoria’s secret gift cards NOW!  valentines day is right around the corner and I expect lots of presents to be rolling through the door.  Ive been kind and updated My wishlist with a few things I know you cant wait to get scoop up for Me.  Im referring to the swimming suits and lingerie in particular.   Ive also decided I will put My passport to use this year.  My team of ugly, fat, shrimp dick minions are going to pay for My girlfriend and I to travel.   I havent quite decided where to yet, but it doesnt fit into My plans until later in the year so I will keep you posted. 

I know I said I was accepting new  subs and slaves for the new year, but I do not allow broke boys to occupy My time.  your one liners are annoying. I only want slaves with high ROI (return on investment).  Id rather be left alone than bothered by you foolish boys and your nonsense.  Ive had so many of you timewasters and wankers coming around.  Dont you know I can spot you within a few sentences.  I dont give a shit if you “think” Im real.  If you read anything at all, which Im sure you are too dumb to comprehend words….maybe I should say if you saw the same woman putting up new pictures of herself on a live feed, such as twitter (where you say you found Me), you could understand they are real.  or My favorite line “but I dont know you.” well I dont know you either stupid face. I dont have to prove to you that Im real.  Thats why I have a blog, clip store, and twitter.  If you cant see I deserve your money more than you do then you should just keep your distance.  your compliments are nothing new to this divine Goddess; unless they are followed by gifts or money in My greedy hands.   its bad enough you have to breathe the same air as I, so dont think for one second that Makes us as equals.  if it were up to Me, Id quarentine stinky boys and let them rot in their own filth.   I do not have a desire for male doms or switches.  Im not into your cocky ass attitude and I wont wast My time convincing you to stay in your sub position.  you dummys can save your time and Mine and not contact Me at all. 

I had a drive by from a sweedish sub who insisted he would do anything to get the attention from a woman of My calibur.  So I took him for his cash naturally.   I made him stick sweedish fish in all of his bodily openings.  I felt so sorry for all those once yummy little gummy snacks.   I couldnt help but to laugh as he was smashing red gummies in his hairy ass.  He couldnt help but to keep pressing the pay button on My paypal.  My canadian sissy has been consitent and amusing Me by putting her panties on wrong.  I always get a good laugh because I have to tell her they’re on wrong again.  She is looking for a butt slut near Ontario.  No surprise she dreams of a sexy tranny with fake tits and a big dick to shove in her tight little ass.  This is the same one who cant wait to try out the dong she got for her ass raping while Im raping her wallet on My wishlist.  She also bought My waxing kit and comfy brown boots when I came back from My Puerto Rico trip.  Things like this makes shopping adventurous from the comfort of My own living room.

I know it has been forever since My last blog update, but I have been busy with the holidays and My vacation so you can get off MY silicon balls with all of your pesky questions.  you cucks and losers have been dyeing to see pictures of My girl and I on vacation, but only one of you made the cut for exclusive pictures prior to this post.  and boy was he lucky.  Only one of My puppets got a Christmas gift from Me.  I’m so fucking nice!   This is going to be a long update so get your smoke out, a drink, and you scumbag losers may need a jackoff sock. 

you all know how much I love to keep My nails done.  It is a rare, rainy day when you catch this Divine Goddess with chipped nail polish.  So recently I’ve been playing with new nail designs.  I fooled around with having newsprint nails, but I tried twice and to no avail.  however, I just adored My candy cane nails I did right before Christmas.   So did you losers who begged to be sucking on My pepperminty toes.   as well as the pint sized Mexican boys at the salsa club.   ALL of them complimented Me of course, but I was a little shocked how many of those little pea brain males complimented My manicure.  hehe  As I’m touching up on dance moves, and getting tipsy curtesy of those boys wallets, and you are paying Me online.  That’s a great night all the way until I had to pull some moves out from a ballbusting clip I did with slaveandy and had to knee a tiny, wet looking haired, brown nugget for rubbing his unwanted dumbstick on Me.  eeeww. you boys just can’t control yourself.    you’re so pathetic and its a nuisance when a woman just wants to dance and be casual. 

Any who as you should know Christmas is not My favorite holiday but, I did have a few good boys this year. My canadiancrossdresser really came through as well as turkeyjerkey.  a twitter admirer sent Me something worth My attention also.  The rest of you losers aren’t even worth mentioning.    you squishy balled perverts slacked severely, hence why you are no longer on My Messenger lists or in My twitter timeline.  As far as I’m concerned if you did not send your Goddess a gift, you are dead to Me.  I don’t know how you can even stand the thought of yourself.  you losers could have saved the small talk about how you have to buy for so many people.  I could give 3 farts in your face about those people…I’m at the top of that list.  In fact I’m the most important person on your stupid list. 

I’ll admit I was not having the best end to 2011.  Some lady crashes My car, WHILE IT IS PARKED.  then I total My car in the snow 16 days after it comes out of the shop from the first repair. Luckily I came out like new without a scratch on My GOD sent Perfect body and got to bring in the new year with MY smoking HOT girlfriend.   it is a new year and I had more fun than you.  I was in Puerto Rico with My Latin lover in the WARM!!! hahaha  Over the past 45 daysprior to My trip, you drones pumped in a decent amount of CA$H to help fund My holiday fun get away.    that was all I REALLY wanted for christmas anyways.  Before I left St. Louis, I stopped by My favorite piercing/tat shop to change My noserings and My piercer said to Me A: I’m one of 2 women to ever make him wish he had a vagina.  B: Your girlfriend is smokin. AY MAMMMMI!  hahaha.  This isn’t the first time I’ve heard comments like this.   TSA couldn’t help but to perv out on My luggage to and fro.  They just wanted to put their hands on My glasswear to see what I was working with.  I can read their inquiring little pea sized minds “whats that little handle for?”  This was all thanks to the glass dong turkeyjerkey bought Me.  I had a fabulous time christening it in puerto rico too.  New Years Eve was lots of fun and food with the family.  Oh and LOTS of tonsil hockey and spit swap.  We left the party early to get home and tend to each others raging hormones.  I can’t get enough of her sucking on My long tongue.  A woman that can turn Me on in an instant.  (you loser cucks are lucky I even let you read My juicy detalied blog) As I suspected, We were in bikinis daily. This may have been mainly because I was working on tanning My gams.  So make sure you stock Us both with new pretty swimming suits for the next trip.  That’s all your good for anyways.   The beach was so relaxing and beautiful. My girlfriend’s booty is so round and luscious.  I have a hard time taking My hands off it.  I must have grabbed her booty a minimum of 10 times a day.  what can I say?  Im an ASS girl.  YEAH..Be Jeeellllyyy.  Whats not to love about a thick, tanned Latin ass?  In a nut shell We traveled the island staying in different hotels and even a hostel (all of them facing the beach of course) and having tons of phenomenal sex.  some of My favorite parts were dancing salsa with abuelo, hiking to the peak at the rainforest, the moonshine at the 3 kings celebration, and the best street meat. 

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  SInce it’s a new year, Im looking for new subs, slaves, pay pigs, and human ATMs…or if your new year’s resolution was to give more; that MORE, should be to My greedy, beautiful ass.  If you fall into one of those categories, you may fill out an application.  Don’t forget to tribute or send a gift from My wishlist; then I’ll think about letting you serve ME.

as you all know I have been busy unpacking and organizing in My new palace…and taking your money.  So I decided I’d treat you to a blog seeing how it has been over a month since My last update.  So much has been going on I don’t really know where to start and I’m sure some of you losers wont even get your name mentioned.  you dorks should be satisfied I take the time out of My busy day to update and recap My lovely life for your reading enjoyment.  If you had any kind of brain between your ears you would follow Me on twitter to stay up to date with My bust life.  In the mean time I can fill you in on what youve been missing since I’m overly generous. 

 I’ll start at the end of last month.. how much fun I was having going to haunted houses with theasiangoddess.  She really is so much fun when shes not balls deep in your wallet…that is trademarked by HER by the way.   We were the only two people in there so the actors scared us bad.  there was no one to follow so We were walking in circles trying to get out, only to be scared around every corner.  We went to a few haunted houses earlier in the year when My girlfriend was in town.  they were not as scary though.   it was on your dime…the no wait speed pass was too.  thanks dumbsticks. Of course We never pay for our own shit.  I went to play cards and smoke on the silver surfer with the AG around Thanksgiving.  Her yummy catered dinner was a delight to My tastebuds too. Then came a little monkey business. We were asking the iPhone 4s’ SIRI all sorts of funny questions.  We even got to cheer on her number one boy as he was about to hop on the tranny train.  hahaha you boys are just a pocket of laughter sometimes.  I could not stop cackling as the AG kept the shinanigans going.  It’s always a fun time with her. 

It’s been brought to My attention that even when I’m dressed down or just not all gussied up in whore makeup and My hair done, I still have you little wierdo cucks following Me around gawking when you think I dont know.  Gabbing about how much you love My small perky tits and how beautiful My eyes are.  DUHHH!  I’m the one you can’t stop staring at.  some of you are such cowards you cannot even look at Me because my beauty is too much for you.  I’m the one who makes the most faithful husband want to cheat on his wife.  Yes, I’m BAD as hell and My feet are just a bonus for you losers.  so tell Me something I don’t know.  I want to hear about, like how much cash you’re going to drop on My perfect ass.  I hear compliments all day long.  what I want is for you to do less talking and more spending because there is no way, not even if the continuance of the world depended on it, would I ever consider letting a loser like you talk to Me for free.  you know you could NEVER do the  job of My beautiful Puerto Rican girlfriend. Even in My vanilla life I find freaks like you.  I find that you wish Id pull your pants down and laugh at your small worthless dumbstick. gross.  I don’t want to see that unless your wallet is in My greedy hands.  I love to humiliate you dumb male creatures, but nothing is free.  I like how you dumb boys just sit and drool at the thought of My girlfriend and I laid up together caressing, kissing, and using the sex toys you bought from My wishlist.  It’s not hard to understand that a woman can easily please another woman.  They have the same parts and know what they like.  I mean you dumb fucks can’t keep your nasty cream in your dumbsticks long enough to get past foreplay and usually skip it, let alone actually fulfill My sexual desires.  I will be hitting up the lovely island of Puerto Rico on December 30 – January 9.  I can’t wait to be beachside, toes in the sand, with My girl by My side.  I expect you perverts to be sending Us your hard earned cash this holiday season.  Spoil two beautiful women since you can’t do anything else with your pathetic life.  I want you to be on your knees with your ugly disgusting tater tot in one hand and wallet in the other begging to grovel in My presence.  I mean that tiny vienna sausage of a dick is just an emberassment.  so send to someone who actually knows how to please a woman.  the lucky cuckys will get exclusive vacation pictures.  so try to impress your Goddess.  If you don’t know your place is at My feet, giving Me all of your attention and cash, then I suggest its time you keep clicking your way to those “new Domme” pages who encourage wankers, but not here. 

 My canadiancrossdresser just cant help but to send Me sexy gifts like lingerie to wear for My girlfriend.   Sometimes I let her see what I try on and if I like My gifts.  she especially likes when I watch her parade around her house in hers too.  We make good shopping buddies as I can tell her My educated opinion in women’s clothes.  I make sure she knows to keep her sicky dicky in her panties.  I definitely do NOT want to see your one-eyed tadpole looking at Me.  and she obeys her Goddess like a good girl.  She has made Me happy thus far, except for the one fuck up which she was punished for and has since redeemed herself.  I cant wait until she gets her heels on and can walk with the phone book on her head like a real debutante.  I’m such a good trainer too.  Stupid real-time subbie has found himself veering off into ugly girl land. No one wants to get lost in UGLY GIRL LAND!!! but he is a dumb ass and it shows you losers will settle for whatever you can get.   he tried to redeem himself with what little cash he did have, but I’m not impressed.  In fact he still has punishment coming for fucking up on My birthday.  Dont worry I didn’t forget.  hmmm a sub with a RT Goddess who has a key to your apartment, wouldn’t you think he would try harder not to be such a dummy???  this is rhetorical;…I don’t want to hear your pathetic sissy voice.  He is lucky I still use his worthless ass  in clips.  on a better note, My turkish sock lover cant help but to show his worth by sending Me things from My wishlist.  His english may not be the best, but he is still so redundant when he tries.  He has been begging Me for more used sock packages and even the trash from My girlfriend and I while in Puerto Rico.

dumb monkey was so desperate to show how much he was thankful for the AG an Myself that he couldn’t resist sending Us gift cards on Thanksgiving.  he even had to be reprimanded.  Now I’m sure he cant wait to make My banners for My site. Here I am being nice again.,  its like letting him view a very short clip for free and mesmerize him at the same time.   there will be some big changes coming very soon.  so keep your eyes open. 

I expect all you boys to spend big this year for my gifts.  I know it’s the season for giving and I want you to dig deep.  don’t worry, your fat no booty wife is not looking as close to the credit cards this time of year.   you can play Christmas games with Me like forced intox eggnog and dradle pay to obey and you don’t even have to get dressed up and listen to your annoying in laws bitch about how much of a loser you are.  Instead you can listen to Me tell you; Im much more fun to look at anyways.

I will continue to celebrate the rest of the month in honor of My birthday.  You losers will too.  dont forget to send tributes and gifts from My wishlist.  Ive had the best time in the past week.  A very special birthday gift was sent My way.  My girlfriend!  Imagine My Perfect body and her tan, beautiful Puerto Rican lovliness intertwined so delicately.   Needless to say our sexcapades were never ending.  Nothing hotter than a second language, the language of love, in the bedroom.  you cucks were going nuts trying to get My attention, but unfortunately for you, she had Me too busy and I do not care about your shitty attempts for attention.  Try harder losers.  Come with money first.  Im from the Show Me State bitch.  I did answer a few niteflirt calls only to be grossed out by the sound of some sausage finger douch bag beating off to My pictures.  you really dont hold back over the phone I see.  eeew!  A few things I got for My birthday were lots of dangle earing, because thats what I requested.  I believe a woman should have painted nails and earings.  It carries the feminine quality a long way; but only if the nails arent chipped.  chipped nails to Me are the worst!  it sends a whole other message.    Some of you should take note.  anyways back to My birthday pressies.  I also got a new iPod touch, thanks to TheAsianGoddess.  yay! I was so surprised and excited about it I couldnt wait to take pictures before I opened it up.  She always sends the best because she is the best.  I also got new heels and a few other tidbits and of course dinner and drinks, you know how a real lady gets spoiled. 

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My real time sub was so fortunate to get to meet My girlfried.  I came by to pick up My biweekly money that I love so much, and to My surprise this popcorn brain boy was short money…..uhhhh ON MY BIRTHDAY! so now Im thinking, wait did this just happen in real life??  to make a long story short, he went and got the rest of My money, and I told My girlfriend she could do whatever she wanted to him.  He got scared after I kicked him in the balls with My boots and begged My girl not to do the same.  It was quite amusing watching him wimper like a bitch in actual fear.  hahaha.  so she just abused him a little and We left.  What a lucky shit stain he is.  He kept messaging Me after to come back for foot worship.  hello dumbstick, I dont care what you want on My birthday.   the audacity of such a little coward.  Not quite the birthday surprise I had expected.  he will pay for that I assure you. 

While celebrating My name day celebration I was at a bar and the bartender asked Me what kind of shot I wanted.  I kindly repliend “anything white.”  then he gave Me the stink face.  Uhh fix your face bartender, youve been pouring Me raspberry vodka and cranberry all night dont pull the f-ing race card on Me.  if thats the worst thing someone says to you during your shift you should be more than thankful fucktard. 

Winter time is the time to save up and get back to work for most, including losers like you who cant wait to wipe out your wife’s savings at christmas on My perfect ass when you think she isnt looking.  I suggest you start the savings pot now.  Its only a matter of time before you become addicted and want to spoil Me with all your cash.  When you’re at home, cold, and lonely…the first thing you think of is jerking your tiny little worthless dick. I suggest by the time the temperature starts to drop, you learn how to approach Me appropriately.

It has been so long since My last blog update I dont know where to start.  But you losers know how it is in the summer, I just get so wrapped up in My own fun that I forget about you waaaay down there.  Here lately I have been acting a bigger brat than usual.  But its My birthday month, on the 22nd, so you drones need to work extra hard to please ME. I know how much you love to see that beautiful smile creep over My unforgettable face.  In fact I made My RT subbie take Me to the candy store just so I could get specific candy that I wanted.  He had to drive and pay of course.  I was so nice to let him come in and talk to Me this time.  Usually I just take his money then if I feel like it I show him later what I got.  you would think he would be grateful to spend whatever time with Me he had, but instead hes begging Me to take down a clip I posted of him.  what a giant pussy.  and I dont give two farts in the wind about what you want.  dont you think the people looking on My clips store site, they are freaks too?   the britishbumlover has come out of hiding for a bit, lets see if he can hang on this time.  The slow drain game can be annoying, but I like to see how far he will go.  He begs to be teased by My soft wrinkly soles and Perfectly round,  juicy bum.  I have also cancelled a paid vacation to Las Vegas so you freaks can pay for My girlfriend to come visit Me.  Who doesnt like birthday sex??? I do.  and you cucks who would do anything to be a fly on the wall in My house that week need to make sure to contribute.    You cucks, foot freaks, armpit sniffers, ass sweat guzzlers, and tiny dick lonely losers are expected to send tributes and gifts all month in honor of My beloved day of birth when the heavens opened and a Perfect piece of a woman was created.  In fact I was created so Perfect that I wasnt allowed to like stupid, worthless, toilet matter of a man.  Show Me you know your place and how much you love to see Me happy with another beautiful woman.  Keep clearing My wishlist and I will be adding new clips soon.  Most clips have not been added to kinkbomb because you loser fucktards like to do chargebacks.  but that is not worth My time or effort so they are last to have updates.