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Recently, I had to turn down a potentail local slave.  I can’t believe I have to repeat this, but if you cannot manage paying, and paying often, then you need NOT apply.  However, there was one local boy who has been sending gifts and tributing for small requests (via Twitter/text) that I offer to those with less endowed wallets.  Later, he paid to meet Me in person.  he took My Girlfriend and I to lunch. where I determined he was not a murderer.  On the contrary, My Lady and I could smell the virgin seeping through his pores, which We later humiliated him about.  Check out the clips he was blessed to be a part of.  Now go thank ME!!!

I recently thought My Mac died, but it turns out it just needed an internal battery.  Now that I have My computer back, I will be updating My smut more often. Send $300 for the MacBook repairs and be thankful you are not faced with the burden of buying Me a brand new one.

Throughout the summer I went to multiple music festivals.  One of which My GF and I were given VIP tickets and one paid for by lezzielover.  I visited St. Louis just long enough to hand deliver My mother’s birthday gift and visit TheAsianGoddess.  We seem to get less than thrilling fans calling Our Niteflirt when We are together.



lezzielover has been keeping his distance, but he can’t resist dropping cash in My greedy hands from time to time.  However, he still manages to send simple cash envelopes with varying amounts from $100-$500.  I often send this old cuck pictures of My Girlfriend and I.  This is a snapshot of Us having hot tea in Our back yard.  his pervy mind can’t help but to do what he has been conditioned to do- SPEND.  he knows the purpose of his life to is be USEFUL to ME.  Being able to contribute to My lifestyle gives him purpose.


My longest serving Footboy got engaged and thought he would be able to quit Me.  This is hilarious for a multitude of reasons.  Do you think he quit paying to jerk off to My perfect curvy soles??  NOOoo.  Instead I insisted he pay more.  One app in particular makes his dick twitch.  When he hears the crash register sound as I request money his one eyed snake is activated.  This has led to him jerking it while repeating the truth: like how much of a lifelong slave he has been and will continue to be, how jerking off to Me is so much better than sex with his fiancé, he is only good for paying, and how I always want MORE!!!


Now he pays, recovers, and spends again, and again, and AGAIN.  I happen to enjoy conditioning him that the only pleasure he brings Me is with his wallet.  Boy brains are so easy to manipulate, especially when they are hard and ready to release their poison.

Be sure to leave a tip that will get My attention when buying clips one at a time.iwctrib <<<<-Like this guy.

Many of My fans that follow Me on twitter have been given much less attention.  There will be more mini blogs and all pictures and video snippets worth seeing are posted to My follow+ account.  For those of you that are new to this, it is a PAID site that allows you access to the most exclusive pictures and allowing you to send tips for the content that you makes you twitch.

I recently had a cum guzzling sissy who was ready to take on a new Glory Hole.  We went on a double date of sorts.  she set off to get her mouth abused while I was enjoying drinks and dancing at a gay club here in Houston.  she paid for the pleasure of Our “date” and for this picture I sent her at the end of My night. The next day she sent an email about how horrible she felt, describing it as full of disrespect, and low on dignity.

I’ve been trying to live simply.  Which means I have been purging old stuff and selling Savage souvenirs.  $100 for worn panties/bikini, $50 for socks

My birthday is September 22nd.  Be sure to show your appreciation for your Goddess and send cash, presents, and gift cards. Tributes flatter Me so make them fat and juicy. Send to I should not be paying for ANY of My birthday celebrations.  This includes a new bicycle ($900), tickets to Madame Butterfly ballet ($400), and shopping!



I’ve finally made the time to brag about some of the presents and cash I received at the end of 2013.  It seems like forever ago that I updated on My blog, but what do you expect from a busy woman??  I know how much you love the wait and love coming to My site to see if Ive updated or if I’ve left you blowing in the wind to wonder My awesome whereabouts.  The luxury of twitter makes things too easy for you.  If you were smart, you’d be following Me or at least logging in to see what yours truely has been up to.  Since it has been so long, I’m sure I may be forgetting some things.

I’ll start with Twiiter admirer who made sure this pair of heels arrived BEFORE My birthday.  his small presence is always noticed.  when he is around, he serves properly.

Get around town pumps

Get around town pumps

Slutty tinkle pig came around to do a little show for Me.  He likes to suck his viagra off of the big black cock before he spends his loser cash.

he loves it

he loves it

he is only allowed to send amazon gift cards because he is a wanking retard can NOT be trusted and likes to cancel orders.  These gift cards cleared My wishlist for Thailand.  Wishlist times include a watch, a travel bag, organic bug repellent, shoes for My Lady and I, and other travel extras.

Thai feet

Thai feet

Lezzilover has been quiet lately, but he did cough up the cash for My birthday excursion day.  $325 for the elephant bath and tiger temple.  What a good little bitch.  Who wouldn’t want to see My beautiful toothy smile while Im having the time of My life.  I’m feeding elephants in Asia, while you are at home working hard to make more money to add to the Bank of Savage.

Spending it ALL

Spending it ALL

While I was in Thailand, someone cleared My wish list.  I hadn’t been online much due to spotty internet service and MY travels abroad.  I found Myself tweeting when jet lag was catching up with Me.  I tweeted the link to My wish list and found it was empty except for 2 unavailable items.  I thought this was some kind of wanker joke, but in fact I had someone had actually cleared My entire wish list.  I had one of My friends go by My apartment and collect My mail.  he said My door was full of packages.   The wish list binger has yet to come forward.  I don’t know much about him, except his name, so don’t try to get free attention, claiming it was you.   Good boys get rewards, so don’t be shy.

Then My little footbitch seems to have gotten himself in over his head, falling deeper and deeper into the spell of a MoneyDomme.   his cravings to see My sexy soft soles and curvy arches wrapped playfully around My Lady’s size 11 feet made him like putty behind the screen of his phone.  Just as I was about to tally up each loser’s total contributions for the year, this idiot decided to tell Me he couldn’t afford Me anymore.  Before I could even out him as a loser, he came crawling back.  he paid for his mistake via GR gift cards and decided he wanted to be back in My good grace.

I’ve been turning My Niteflirt lines on very often for you to call and try to get My attention.  Some dork even called while I was at ThAsianGoddess’ house and asked if he could pay $200 to see Us BOTH on cam.  teehee.  stupid boy, don’t you know you are asking two Financial Dommes to be on cam…together.  This is possible, but he should probably add another zero to his offer and maybe he would have gotten a better response.  Oh, the life of a loser.  hearing pretty women laugh at you and humiliate your ego down to your soul.  If you are too afraid to call and feel the wrath of My dominant nature, send a gift card or go clicky clicky on My tribute page.  Those are great conversation starters.  Then I will start to take your compliments and emails seriously.  Speaking about money, yet messaging Me empty-handed makes a HORRIBLE first impression.

from sissy stacey

from sissy stacey

A smart sissy found My wish list for Christmas and Valentine’s Day.  she bought Me these cute earrings and a shutter ball so I can take better photos of MYSELF.

this is what cabin fever looks like

this is what cabin fever looks like

I’m so tired of this winter weather that I can only imagine Myself on a beach, probably in Puerto Rico in My future.  I’m thinking early spring.  I will be adding bikinis to My wish list.  Make sure to buy them up so you can see pictures of it hugging My juicy booty.  That means it’s your turn to pay for another mini vacation.

As you all know Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  I’m sure perverted freaks have no one to be your Valentine.  Who better than to spoil than Moi?!?  I expect the gifts to start rolling in with DAILY package deliveries.  Make ME your Valentine and let your wallet show how much you adore Me.  Remember, It is not always about who spends the most money or bought the most things, but who is smart enough to splurge on the most coveted gifts. ( i.e. things I actually want, not just the cheapest thing on My wish list.)

Work harder to spoil Me

Work harder to spoil Me

Spend it all

Spend it all

This year that happens to be the home stereo system for the lonely little boy who intelligently chooses to make Me the center of his adoration for the love fused holiday.  I hope My buttslut can make My hot new strap on appear at My house by the 14th, so I can break it in.  I LOVE the one he picked out.  I haven’t been excited about a gift since My MacBook, but this one has My panties wet.  Some sexy new bras, panties, long socks, and more hosiery are ALWAYS welcome, to tease you with of course.  Since I’m so picky about bras that I cannot try on, I prefer the gift cards over an actual gift, so I don’t have to waste My time returning/exchanging gifts with amazon.  They usually do not accept exchanged undergarments anyways.  The gift cards most wanted are aerie(INTERNATIONAL) , Victoria’s Secret, amazon, and etsy.  Send all GC’s to MsKatieSavage at gmail dot com.  I’d love an amazon GC for My Mac antivirus.  If you can’t handle the task, just play it safe and stick to the wish list or the clearly marked tribute buttons on My various pages.  For the really broke dorks, try to use your brain.  Make Me a card with a sweet poem about how Perfect I am 🙂 If you guys are good, I may do a recap later or say thanks with personal pictures.  Don’t miss out.  run along not My little brown nosers….SPOIL ME.

Hello again.  It’s that time for another update on My perfect life.  As you know from My lack of tweets and delayed updates, I am having so much fun on My vacation.  It is hard to believe I have just 26 days left in pretty pretty Puerto Rico.  There is so much to say since I havent done a blog update in what seems like forever.  I’ll try to keep it simple and talk mostly of Myself of course.  I’ll start with 4th of July fun in the sun with My Girlfriend.   Snorkeling, paid for by lezzielover, was fun and it was My first time snorkeling.  After a long day in the sun and snorkeling, We sexed each other up, then passed out for a few hours before the fireworks started.  We watched fireworks from our balcony nekkid!!!  be jealous losers. 

keep drooling

Then LadyLuxx came to visit the first thing We did was go ziplining.  It was so much fun to do the largest zipline in the world again.  Not only is it the tallest, but it is the longest.  Then We went to Culebra, an island not far from the main island of PR.  We took the plane on our way there and I was co-pilot—AGAIN!  I LOVE going there because the sand feels like mounds of powdered sugar between My toes and the water is so clear.  LadyLuxx and I also snorkeled at Culebra.  I have been to more rivers and places here than most Puerto Ricans who actually reside on this island have.  They are so beautiful, and most of them have multiple waterfalls.  My favorites included one with a slide made of rocks and another with 20 and 30 foot cliffs to jump from.  The thrill of jumping 30 feet and plunging into the crisp clean water was surprisingly more refreshing than plunging My big silicon dick into your gaping wallet….hence My lack of concern for your need to read about My precious life on vacation.

taking your CA$H

closer to Me than you will ever be

My GF is so sweet, making Me breakfast in bed.  She knows how much I love pancakes!  Too bad you losers missed out on the sweet sticky fun!  After a quickie We were off to festival de flores.  It was so beautiful there.  It was My first time seeing all of the exotic flowers.

Festival de Flores

I’m so excited for the Olympics.  I’ve got My HBOgo logged in and I cant wait to see what unfolds for the summer Olympics.  I’m only going to tell you once not to annoy Me with your stupid ramblings about it.  Dont bother Me and ask if I just saw so and so diving. I don’t give two fucks who you are rooting for.  I will however allow you to talk to Me about the Olympics if you are paying to do so.  My favorites to watch are beach volley, gymnastics, diving, and triathlon.  Fit chicks and a test of endurance is the perfect combo for Me.  With the Olympics starting I will confess My weariness of the Illuminati.  If you don’t know about it, expand your narrow mind and take a peek here and here.  This makes ME want the Illuminati card game SOOOOO bad.  I’ve added it to My wishlist, and one of you freaks are going to buy it for Me.  The game was originally $63 when added to My wishlist, but now it is almost $100.  Go fetch dorks.

Also I am now a member of GreedySnobs.  So feed My greed and shop My wishlist!  I always want more and it seems I’m becoming more and more insatiable.  I want it all.  If you aren’t making weekly deposits and tributes, I want you to skip those lunch outings with the co-workers and your fat ass humbly eating peanut butter and jelly at your desk like an undeserving bitch so you can give it ALL to ME.  I love to see My greedy, perfectly manicured nails with your cash, or clicking away spending those gift cards.  I haven’t even been keeping up with My presents from My little drones as I the packages are being sent to the palace of theasiangoddess, and she has her own packages to keep up with.  I do LOVE LOVE LOVE My new running shoes.  I tried to run in My barefoot new balance, but My high arches did not agree.  I also like these super comfy sandals with a slight wedge to keep it classy and street friendly. 

new running shoes

While usually I am quite punctual with custom clips, I’ve been making turkeyjerkey wait forever for his paid custom clip of My Girlfriend and I.  We have been so busy having fun and entertaining LadyLuxx that I hardly found the time to upload the clip (has already been removed from clips4sale).  I love seeing his weak ass squirm as I dangle a simlpe tracking number in front of him.  you boys are so easy to manipulate and I LOVE IT!!!!  he’s so anxious for any attention, he actually paid for shipping TWICE.  baaahahahaa.  I love to treat his benevolent ass like a real slave.  I make him serve My whole family, buying them items from My wishlist and begging for more orders from his Goddess.

speaking of new clips, I’ve been pumping out custom clips lately.  you can have one too.  Custom requests start at $10 a minute, and I change the rate depending on how perverted and sick you want to play.  Dont send Me requests for child porn, animal fucking, or any other demented shit.  I may be a pretty picture of savage, but I’m not here for all that.  send your custom requests to msperfectpeds @  I have shoes and other worn items that are for sale as well, but I prefer to distance Myself from that silly ebanned as there is no way to enforce that you retarded ass eaters will actually send money, and well My way is always better.

I will have a tumbler account soon for the weak losers with weak wallets.  By soon, I probably mean when I get back to the states because I’m too busy vacationing here.  Anyways this will allow the peon submissive to pay for an individual assignment.  I know not every submissive male has the fattest wallet, but I expect the whole lot of you broke bitches to be viewing My tumblr account and clicking away your cash.

I have been so busy lately. as you can tell by the lack of blog updates.  I know your tiny brains are dyeing for more details after reading My twitter.  I had a cuck who just couldn’t wait to have My divine beauty in front of his unworthy eyes.  there were many thing wrong with this picture.  I’ll go into detail only so you losers can try to learn from someone else’s mistakes.  First, how do you plan to meet up with someone if you don’t have and instant messenger on your phone and you don’t give Me your phone number?  you can’t be serious.  This is the same in the vanilla world dumb fuck.  I knew this wasnt going to work out from the beginning.  Then he is surprised when I say My girlfriend will be with Me when I was set to meet him initially.  He says he didn’t know he would be serving both of us, yet he wanted to be a live in cuck.  it just ended up with us never meeting and him being a bitch.  he wrote Me a shitty email and called Me names…ohhhh I’m so sad.  get over yourself dickmouth.  this just show most boys are assholes for no reason.  and why us Dommes charge you tiny dick cucks so much just to talk to you, much less meet you in person. your thought process is slower than growing grass.  I don’t mind you calling Me names because you are a worthless piece of litter, but you were mistaken when you tried to trash talk My girlfriend.  now I have to post pictures of your stupid ugly face on My pretty website.  don’t worry, I spared you the picture of him posing in his silk shirt like a TOTAL fucking idiot who obviously NEVER gets laid.

dick sucker

andy white from oakville. missouri

I also did a filming with stupid Cincinnati caddy.  he kept looking around all nervous and creeped Me out.  He begged to eat My toenails and drink a warm glass of My Goddess piss.  When I was filming the clips, I put his toothbrush in My cup of piss.  I’m sure he loved it.  I spit in his pitiful face.  so much that it looked like he just blew his load on his face.  Then I made him fill up My PRIUS before I left.  That’s right bitches.  I want $19.28 on the PRIUS.  it’s the principle not the amount spent.  this little bitch however did not follow directions and has to go on the ugly wall of shame too. feel free to ask him why he’s so dumb on his cell 859-661-3319.   See how Im trying to only rape your eyes with one post of losers.  Fucking pathetic these freaks are.

piss drinker

tim simpson from tennessee

canadian buttslut was all ready to leave, then I told him about his release fee and she decided she wanted to stay.  with this said, she hasn’t been around to play.  I guess she wants all of the internet to see her in her bra and panties and know how she feels wearing lingerie to work meetings under her suit.  She was My favorite shopper but she FAILED yet again.  I hope she gets her wish to finally one day get banged by a voluptuous tranny and pops the cherry on her sissy glory hole.




david hamiltion from ontario, canada

Maybe next time you social rejects wont test My pimp hand.  I will out your bitch asses.

yours truely

Divine Goddess

anyways, back to ME.  I have been busy being awesome and getting things in order for My summer trip to Puerto Rico.  I want MORE bikinis and sandals!!!  there can never be enough.  don’t forget about the trip to the salon for hair and a pedi before I make My way down to the tropics.  Some of you have contributed more than others.  remember I like to see you on your knees with your wallet out.  that’s what really gets My panties wet.  I know how many of you just cant wait for those cuckie clips with My hottie girlfriend.  Pay up because you could never score a pretty girl.  We only want you for your wallet.  hahahaaa

I’ve been recovering from My sexcapades that took place on Mardi Gras weekend.  My girlfriend is just so hot I can’t keep My hands or My mouth off of her.  now that the sheets are washed and well, the bed is still broke, but that will be fixed soon, I can update here.  It was so much fun, until some dickface asked to see My GF’s asshole for some beads.  uhhh NO bitch ass.  that’s not part of mardi gras!!  Being the perfect pretty lady I am, I didn’t let it ruin My fun.  you cucks are soo jealous and couldn’t stop blowing up My Yahoo Messenger.  Especially a new sub who lives locally and tried to get My attention.  I attempted to meet with him a few times and he seems too scared.  Oh well, I don’t have time to chase boys.  you found Me; remember that.   i imagine he will come back begging Me to take his stupid $200.  I also went vegan during this week and am loving it so far.  it really is a life change that I enjoy.  It all started when the AG had Me watch a documentary about an overview of the veggie world.  then I started to watch other documentaries and experiment with the recipes.  It’s not all about not hurting animals, but how we don’t NEED to eat them, animal products and its effect on the economy and your body.  I am doing My part and the part of someone else to reduce their carbon foot print.  you can thank Me! I am still going strong and plan to stay on track with the vegan-ness for at least a 6 week trial.  I love milk so much that since I’ve given it up, every time I reach in the fridge for the Rice milk, that I feel like the milk jug is eyeing Me all evil like, so I always turn it around.  I’ve been eating a higher amount of beans has made My pretty little asshole a bit more talkative.  I tweeted about making a fart clip and got lots of comments.  I will be adding one to My clips store soon.  Stay posted.  Then I got to meet the lovely GoddessMarley and QueenKitty.  It’s always fun to meet the local Dommes.  as suspected there was a heavy fog of OG Kush lingering for hours.   They all got to see what happens when KatieSavage  catches  the giggle bug while telling a story.  you losers never get to be on the fun side.  know your place dorks.

canadiancrossdresser has been a little too mouthy for My likings lately.  she has become sassy and I don’t care for it.  and I damn sure don’t need it.  yes, Id rather you spend your cash on My perfect ass, but I’m not your momma and I don’t give a shit if you spend your money on a hooker, stripper, or whatever else.  I do care when appointments are cancelled at the last-minute.   I plan to punish his virgin ass dearly with a nice fat dong.  I’ll rape her unlubed ass and her wallet at the same time.  do you think a stripper cares about your disgusting forced bi fetishes or wants to watch you dance around in panties??? uhhh the answer is no.  Anyways, I’ve had a new shoe boy come out of hiding.  He can’t say no to My sky-high arches in heels.  I love to make fun of his tiny vienna sausage.  making fun of boys and their uglystick is too easy for Me.  It’s so funny that ALL of My heels are taller than his microscopic flagpole at attention.  I love to drain him right before work so I know My PeddiePies are on his mind all night long while he’s making My money.  the reason this new boy is getting a little  blog attention so early is because he knows how to follow direction and sent a tribute to clipvia before he ever contacted Me.  this is expected from the rest of you fools.   It seems some of you have forgotten that I am a FINANCIAL Domme first and foremost.  watching a submissive male hand his cash over to My greedy beautiful ass is My fetish.  It turns Me on.  The rest of the fetishes are just fun to play around with and manipulate you boys further. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve booked My trip to Puerto Rico to spend My summer with My beautiful girlfriend.  make sure you losers are doing your part to make sure you can keep My attention.  I expect those swimming suits and sandals on My wishlist to be purchased VERY soon.   Keep sending tributes and wanking to My clip store.

Another blog about ME!  I will start off with how much I love My new car.  It is so awesome.  what’s not to love? I can drive for 400+miles before putting a mere $30 in gas.  Its not that Im cheap, but I happen to care about our next generation and I try to leave the smallest carbon foot print possible.  Im so glad I stayed in the house  last weekend when I was debating going out.  It turned out there was a shooting at the club I was going to go to.  I swear, these people in St. Louis have nothing better to do than to cause a ruckus in the clubs.  This is one of many reasons I made My mind up to go to Puerto Rico for the summer and live lavishly on the beach.  I still plan to rape your wallets so nothing will change for you except you can worship My toned sun kissed ass and sandy soles.  you cucks that didnt make the cut for the last trip to see My girlfriend can try again this round.  Get started on buying those swimming suits and victoria’s secret gift cards NOW!  valentines day is right around the corner and I expect lots of presents to be rolling through the door.  Ive been kind and updated My wishlist with a few things I know you cant wait to get scoop up for Me.  Im referring to the swimming suits and lingerie in particular.   Ive also decided I will put My passport to use this year.  My team of ugly, fat, shrimp dick minions are going to pay for My girlfriend and I to travel.   I havent quite decided where to yet, but it doesnt fit into My plans until later in the year so I will keep you posted. 

I know I said I was accepting new  subs and slaves for the new year, but I do not allow broke boys to occupy My time.  your one liners are annoying. I only want slaves with high ROI (return on investment).  Id rather be left alone than bothered by you foolish boys and your nonsense.  Ive had so many of you timewasters and wankers coming around.  Dont you know I can spot you within a few sentences.  I dont give a shit if you “think” Im real.  If you read anything at all, which Im sure you are too dumb to comprehend words….maybe I should say if you saw the same woman putting up new pictures of herself on a live feed, such as twitter (where you say you found Me), you could understand they are real.  or My favorite line “but I dont know you.” well I dont know you either stupid face. I dont have to prove to you that Im real.  Thats why I have a blog, clip store, and twitter.  If you cant see I deserve your money more than you do then you should just keep your distance.  your compliments are nothing new to this divine Goddess; unless they are followed by gifts or money in My greedy hands.   its bad enough you have to breathe the same air as I, so dont think for one second that Makes us as equals.  if it were up to Me, Id quarentine stinky boys and let them rot in their own filth.   I do not have a desire for male doms or switches.  Im not into your cocky ass attitude and I wont wast My time convincing you to stay in your sub position.  you dummys can save your time and Mine and not contact Me at all. 

I had a drive by from a sweedish sub who insisted he would do anything to get the attention from a woman of My calibur.  So I took him for his cash naturally.   I made him stick sweedish fish in all of his bodily openings.  I felt so sorry for all those once yummy little gummy snacks.   I couldnt help but to laugh as he was smashing red gummies in his hairy ass.  He couldnt help but to keep pressing the pay button on My paypal.  My canadian sissy has been consitent and amusing Me by putting her panties on wrong.  I always get a good laugh because I have to tell her they’re on wrong again.  She is looking for a butt slut near Ontario.  No surprise she dreams of a sexy tranny with fake tits and a big dick to shove in her tight little ass.  This is the same one who cant wait to try out the dong she got for her ass raping while Im raping her wallet on My wishlist.  She also bought My waxing kit and comfy brown boots when I came back from My Puerto Rico trip.  Things like this makes shopping adventurous from the comfort of My own living room.