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…months and months later

Posted: April 16, 2019 in Uncategorized

Hey Lovely Ladies and losers, I’m back to blogging after a bit of a break (surprise).  It has been so long since I last updated, it’s hard to pick a place to start.  First things first, let’s talk about My new bike and how cute I look riding it.  I love to go on 5+ mile rides.  One Savage souvenir collector purchased smelly socks and sweaty panties after a 13 mile ride. he knew how to thank Me for all of the opportunities of worship I created for your pleasure.


Bike Gang


socks so smelly they make your eyes water


SOLD: sweaty thong souvenir

The AsianGoddess came to Houston to visit Me.  As usual,  We were too stoned to take presentable pictures.  I laughed a LOT, drank way too much soju, and had a great time making new memories.  As much fun as We had here, I’m looking forward to visiting Her in California in just a few months.  Expect our Niteflirt lines to be ON.  We love to ruin beta boys when We are together.

Something I never thought I’d be doing is going to the rodeo.  Not once, but twice.  I went to the Rodeo once for a wicked cookout.  This turned out to be a drunken success story.  The second time was to see Santana live.  I, personally, was going for the Woodstock 1969 Santana Live, on acid.  Which was a victory as well.


Lick them clean, beta.

Summer is around the corner, so you should be contributing towards My fun funds.  Some items to cover are beach parking pass, new bikinis, and plenty of cash for drinks, snacks, new sunglasses, and whatever else I may think of while I’m out.  Follow My Twitter or pay to have access to My preferred chat platform, KIK, to find out what I’m up to.


you pay; I play

Last, but not least, My upcoming trip to Mexico. I am pretty excited since I deserve a nice beach vacation to kick off the season of sunshine.  So many of you little dweebs would jump at the opportunity to be My personal pool bitch. But that will never happen, so pay for My life of luxury and leisure.  lezzielover was the first of My pets who stepped up to contribute towards My fun in the sun.  The rest of you should fall in line.  Those who add to My adventures get rewards, such as exclusive vacation pictures like the one below.


 My cupcakes make you spendy


Spend harder!!

Posted: December 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

This year has come and gone so fast for Me.  I’ve been enjoying nature and Myself.  That’s right, putting Myself first for the past few months felt phenomenal.  I traveled to New Orleans, La., Chicago, IL., Austin, Tx., and Tennessee.  Getting to visit My sister, LadyLuxxx, for a week was a blast.  As you can imagine, the Mean Team was in full effect!!!  We did a whiskey tasting tour and hiked to a cute little waterfall spot.  I had to take off my clothes and get in while She sat on the rock wall and laughed at Me.  My friend from St. Louis came to town to visit Me.  She even got to witness and Niteflirt call.  hahaha



I was having fun and living it up until Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on Houston.  It was devastating and humbling at the same time.  I kayaked through the streets in My neighborhood.  The further I got from My house the more horrified I became.  The damage was like nothing I’d ever witnessed.  After the water went down and the clean up process began, I continued on with My regular run around My neighborhood.  Instead of feeling invigorated, I was heartbroken for My community.  Thankfully My home had minimal damage, yet nearly every street in My neighborhood was under water.  I spent two weeks delivering hygiene products, laundry soap, and food/water to those who had nothing.  Then came Hurricane Irma and Maria and more mass shootings.  There were devastating fires and earthquakes.  Not to mention living in a country with a clown for a president.  I’m hoping the new year will be brighter.

As you can see I have been busy with My own life lately.  However, I am ready to get back into the kinkier side of things and shred your finances for the holidays.  I hope you’re ready.  I’ve been plotting on ways to destroy your ego and your credit cards.  I know just what to do to turn your brain to mush and make you think with the stupid head between your legs.


It is My favorite time of the year.  Accepting gifts from a mysterious man with a beard that watches Me when I’m sleeping.  Be My Santa this year and see how rewarding it feels.  Wifey isn’t paying too close attention to your bank statement right now, so get to spending on ME.


I will be here to accept cash and gifts.


…And reminding you what a loser you are.

Then there are the few guys that are not losers, they simply enjoy a fun game, or worshipping and seeing Me smile.  So let’s play a game, a drinking game.  A little liquid courage to make the night more exciting.


I could go on and on with a recap on how My subs have been behaving, but honestly I don’t think they deserve the recognition.  If you want to come and go as you please, you will be treated as such. If you’ve been serving Me long term and fucked up, you too will start from the bottom all over again.  If you are delivering the bare fucking minimum, I will throw the D/s relationship in the trash.  Step it up or get stepped over!  The most frightening thing to you lonely fist fuckers is when a strong, independent woman enjoys being alone, unbothered by you!  Figure your shit out and come correctly: on your knees, eyes to the floor, and wallets out!

Buy Me presents or Skype ID for a session with Me.

Happy spoiling, boys.

YAY hectic holidays are over and We are well into 2017! A quick recap for the end of the year, which was NOT impressive.  The U.S. has turned into a shit show, complete with golden showers.  euro beta bitch came crawling back after slutting around.  he dropped a few hundred, but who is counting if it isn’t four digits.  Honestly, I love humiliating and mind fucking him to his breaking point.  Lezzie lover sent a few hundred around Christmas, but I am not as impressed as I was last year when he bought Me new kitchen appliances.  This is a perfect example of how to NOT serve ME.

I’m way late on the New Year wishes, but at least I can get both New Year and Lunar New Year in one post.  Welcome 2017!!!  I’ve cleared out the waste of fickle subs, and made room for new devoted minions.


I don’t usually have politics mixed in with My smut, but with this disaster, I find it impossible not to speak My mind.  I’ll start by saying it is a shame our current president of the US is taking us on a dizzying adventure swirling down the toilet bowl.  Most of My followers know I am an educated, outspoken woman not known for biting My tongue.  If you don’t like My fusion of smut, politics, food, nature, and animals, then don’t follow Me.


Moving on to more important things.  RUINING you.  hahaha.  I said last year that I was going to make more frequent blog updates.  That was a joke.  My vanilla life always takes priority over you hand bumpers.  However, this year, I plan to be assiduous in regards to My online presence and taking MORE of your hard earned cash.  My cam and phone lines are be on frequently.  Do yourself a favor and purchase My Skype ID on IWC.  For more frequent interactions with Me, I recommend KIK.  This includes exclusive photos not posted on Twitter. Like the one below


This is your year to become a better submissive.  Strive to be a sub I enjoy talking to, one that I will engage with even when you haven’t paid.  hahahahaha yea right.  As if I’d ever talk to you freaks without you paying.   new1

Secret admirers need to step it up.  I’ve had multiple Niteflirt callers admitting to be lurkers for years, admiring pictures and blog updates from afar.  EEeeewwww.  This tells Me you think you are a fan, but in reality are a freeloading cheap fuck that jerks off to My pictures.  you are such a loser that aren’t tributing Me yourself, but rather getting off on seeing others who’ve contributed to My lifestyle.  make yourself useful.  Retweet My pictures and site links.  Send anonymous gifts or tributes to show your appreciation.  Pay for the things I tweet that I really want.  The ones that pay attention and contribute get noticed–and rewarded.  If you aren’t spending, keep quiet or find yourself blocked.  Keep your compliments to yourself unless they are accompanied by cash.

If in past years, months, days, even hours if you feel like you haven’t spent enough to enhance My life, you didn’t.  This is the time to put your own wants on the back burner.  Make sacrifices to show your devotion.  Speak My language…CASH!!  Feed My GREED.

Some of you have been working hard and spending for years to become subs that I trust and actually enjoy.  For example, My longest serving footbitch often gets double humiliation or foot worship from My GF and I without paying extra, simply because We like him…and enjoy making fun of him.


Spring is around the corner.  I can’t wait to get out sun dresses, shorts, and sandals.  Be a good little maggot and send Me gift cards to fatten My wardrobe.

End of the month update

Posted: September 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

As promised from My last blog, I will be doing more frequent mini blog entries instead of waiting months between updates.  Now if I could just update My clips as often….

I had a great birthday.  My friend took Me out for drinks at an upscale bar, complete with mixologists and drinks I’d never heard of.  The staff behind the bar were especially helpful and I really enjoyed all of My yummy beverages.  he then drove Me, the intoxicated Princess, and My car to his place and paid for My Uber home.

The next day a lucky loser sent $300 in birthday tributes and stepped up to pay for those ballet tickets I wanted so badly.  I got him really drunk and he had no idea how much premium seats were.  Watching his face melt as he realized he had just blown $700+ was priceless.  haahahahaha

My silly little broke college slave wanted to contribute to My special day.  he did the best he could and got Me tickets to an event here in Houston from Groupon.  This should be a lesson to ALL of My fans out there.  EVERYONE can contribute.  No wallet too big or small for My greed.  If you forgot to get ME a gift, it isn’t too late.  Send one NOW!!


I went to Austin, TX to see a UK musician.  It was a lot of fun.  My Lady and I were planning to go back for ACL this weekend.  you can pay Me back for the tickets -$200 total.  I enjoy art and live shows, which is why you will find My boys are usually the ones footing the bill for My leisure activities.  As it should be.

Recently, I had to turn down a potentail local slave.  I can’t believe I have to repeat this, but if you cannot manage paying, and paying often, then you need NOT apply.  However, there was one local boy who has been sending gifts and tributing for small requests (via Twitter/text) that I offer to those with less endowed wallets.  Later, he paid to meet Me in person.  he took My Girlfriend and I to lunch. where I determined he was not a murderer.  On the contrary, My Lady and I could smell the virgin seeping through his pores, which We later humiliated him about.  Check out the clips he was blessed to be a part of.  Now go thank ME!!!

I recently thought My Mac died, but it turns out it just needed an internal battery.  Now that I have My computer back, I will be updating My smut more often. Send $300 for the MacBook repairs and be thankful you are not faced with the burden of buying Me a brand new one.

Throughout the summer I went to multiple music festivals.  One of which My GF and I were given VIP tickets and one paid for by lezzielover.  I visited St. Louis just long enough to hand deliver My mother’s birthday gift and visit TheAsianGoddess.  We seem to get less than thrilling fans calling Our Niteflirt when We are together.



lezzielover has been keeping his distance, but he can’t resist dropping cash in My greedy hands from time to time.  However, he still manages to send simple cash envelopes with varying amounts from $100-$500.  I often send this old cuck pictures of My Girlfriend and I.  This is a snapshot of Us having hot tea in Our back yard.  his pervy mind can’t help but to do what he has been conditioned to do- SPEND.  he knows the purpose of his life to is be USEFUL to ME.  Being able to contribute to My lifestyle gives him purpose.


My longest serving Footboy got engaged and thought he would be able to quit Me.  This is hilarious for a multitude of reasons.  Do you think he quit paying to jerk off to My perfect curvy soles??  NOOoo.  Instead I insisted he pay more.  One app in particular makes his dick twitch.  When he hears the crash register sound as I request money his one eyed snake is activated.  This has led to him jerking it while repeating the truth: like how much of a lifelong slave he has been and will continue to be, how jerking off to Me is so much better than sex with his fiancé, he is only good for paying, and how I always want MORE!!!


Now he pays, recovers, and spends again, and again, and AGAIN.  I happen to enjoy conditioning him that the only pleasure he brings Me is with his wallet.  Boy brains are so easy to manipulate, especially when they are hard and ready to release their poison.

Be sure to leave a tip that will get My attention when buying clips one at a time.iwctrib <<<<-Like this guy.

Many of My fans that follow Me on twitter have been given much less attention.  There will be more mini blogs and all pictures and video snippets worth seeing are posted to My follow+ account.  For those of you that are new to this, it is a PAID site that allows you access to the most exclusive pictures and allowing you to send tips for the content that you makes you twitch.

I recently had a cum guzzling sissy who was ready to take on a new Glory Hole.  We went on a double date of sorts.  she set off to get her mouth abused while I was enjoying drinks and dancing at a gay club here in Houston.  she paid for the pleasure of Our “date” and for this picture I sent her at the end of My night. The next day she sent an email about how horrible she felt, describing it as full of disrespect, and low on dignity.

I’ve been trying to live simply.  Which means I have been purging old stuff and selling Savage souvenirs.  $100 for worn panties/bikini, $50 for socks

My birthday is September 22nd.  Be sure to show your appreciation for your Goddess and send cash, presents, and gift cards. Tributes flatter Me so make them fat and juicy. Send to I should not be paying for ANY of My birthday celebrations.  This includes a new bicycle ($900), tickets to Madame Butterfly ballet ($400), and shopping!



I’m late with My new year greetings, but who will hold it against ME??  As usual I have been busy with the new year.  I moved….AGAIN.  This should be the last move for a while.  I plan to settle here in Houston for a while. For NYE, I went to a swanky bar downtown.  VIP table, bottle service, and more men staring at Me than I care for.  My little red dress and cute black strappy heels were a hit.  Compliments flowed as easily as the drinks.  We both know compliments are nothing without CASH attached.

IMG_1440  IMG_1570

Right before christmas, wallet went on a binger.  I had him buy My favorite tea mug.  A $45 ceramic rainbow unicorn mug.  he bought countless pairs of sneakers, gift cards, and sent multiple LARGE tributes. To My surprise he was back clicking around after less than a month.  he usually stays in hiding for months at a time after binging.  I really lit into him this time.  Seeing boys clear wish lists and send back to back tributes makes Me HOT. I LOVE when he is in the spending mood.  It is so effortless on My end.  he begins clearing items off of My wish list before I can even assign him more.  Some of the more impressive items are the 10 pairs of shoes which included Ruthie Davis moto boots and Her sexy heels. 2 Guieppe heels, Stewart W knee high boots that look great on My long lean legs.  Not only did he chomp away at My wish list, but he sent tributes in various forms, as well as buying My new dishwasher and stove top for the house My GF and I were renovating.  Bahahaha  Home improvements can be expensive, but it is a good thing I have your credit cards to cover the cost.  Thanks, weak wallet.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Don’t forget My wishlist  is for fun.  I often add things for boys to spoil Me with. These are to be purchased in a form of “i’m thinking of you” or clip clothes. THESE ARE NOT FORMS OF PAYMENT! your ultimate goal should be CASH tributes. I’ve even added more ways for you to send Me your hard earned cash online–>  IWantClips is now open and super easy to send, and it is My preferred tribute site.  I also accept GW, GR, and square.  Chances are you aren’t worthy enough to tribute on the latter three platforms,  However, they should NOT contain worship messages on them as these are vanilla businesses.  Don’t be stupid.

While we are on the topic of being stupid, it seems Twitter has made it all to easy for freeloaders to speak when no one is speaking to them.  If you aren’t paying Me then there is no need for you to tweet Me, much less make requests for pictures.  This could even constitute as a custom clip, which are $10/min and up.  A choosy beggar gets NOTHING.  If you want to see more of Me check out My clips stores on clips4sale and iwantclips.

I’ve decided to that My yahoo messenger is catching dust and it is becoming obsolete.  I decided to start a Kik account.  My user Id on Skype and KIK can be purchased for $50: MsKatieSavage.  Don’t get left behind because you are too lazy to create another account for wanking your weiner.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve finally decided to meet with dork this weekend.  I’ll be taking his tax return hahahaha.  I’m so nice to allow him to meet Me, but we all know that comes with a price.  A few drinks, a few benji’s, and a few clips.  Stay tuned to My newly updated clips store on C4S and IWC for footage of the RT session.

I have plans to visit South Florida (between Tampa and Miami) the first weekend in March. The reason for the visit: a music festival called Okeechobee.  The tickets were about $600 for My Girlfriend and I.  I expect them to be reimbursed quickly.  Contribute to My lavish life.  Good boys will receive exclusive pictures.


Major update

Posted: December 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

I’ve been having such a good time here in Houston that I’m just now finding the time to update My blog.  I had been lacking in online presence recently due to someone breaking into My car around Thanksgiving.  Theystole My phone along with a few other things, with was the catalyst for a week long Twitter hiatus.  It felt great!!  I have also been occupied renovating My future home.  It has been waaaaay more work and money than I initially anticipated, but thankfully it has been your wallets carrying most of the financial burden. 🙂

On to the fun stuff….This summer I attended multiple concerts, swam in natural springs as well as the beach, and toured different parts of this huge city, including a hike in big bend national park!! (proof I really do put all of My gifts to use-look at those sunglasses protecting My pretty eyes..and the sexy hiking boots)IMG_1225


I’ve also plucked a few bucks from submissive wallets since moving here.  To My surprise, I have only been approached by 3 local boys.  One being a flake, one lives hours away, and the other is still pending in cyber space.  Let’s be real, if you take too long to prove yourself, you are wiped off the radar.  Houston boys-make yourselves known. Present yourself respectfully, humbly, and with tribute in hand.  I rarely do real time sessions, however, I happen to have one lined up for the new year.  he is a shy fly, so I doubt there will be much content from this interaction.  Real time sessions are granted depending on whether you’ve proven yourself online prior to meeting ( I don’t meet random strangers who have a fetish and raging hard on), secured your deposit, and passed the creeper test.  yes, I’m the pass/fail judge for that too.

The local dork meeting Me in person has proven himself to be devoted, but let’s see if his wallet can keep up.  he is trying hard to satisfy My greed, including sending birthday gifts to Me on his birthday as well as My own.  If your wallet cannot keep up, then you will get stepped over like all of the rest of the incompetent losers before you.

The seasons have changed and it just gives Me another reason to shop.  Time to put away the booty shorts and break out the boots and sweaters.  Though it is not nearly as cold here is Houston as it is in St. Louis.  Less puffy coats, more cute jackets leaves for a happy savage.  Be sure to send Me gifts of appreciation from My wish list.  See if your gift will make it in a picture set, clip, or even a brag blog if you are so lucky.  Feel honored you are allowed to contribute to My closet. More for Me and less for you.

enjoy your view beneath ME

enjoy your view, beneath ME

a fat slob aroused Me to dance around in his wallet.  While I did get a few new things, it was a constant battle.  One I’m not willing to fight.  I’m not here to ‘work’ for gifts and cash.  you will hand them over willingly, or you will lose My attention.  if you want to be ‘Dommed’ and ‘forced’ to do as you are told, I am not the one to play with.  If I tell you to get something as a set and you only get half of it because you are a cheap fuck, then you get blocked.  I find it insulting and annoying for customers to think you have the upper hand simply because they want to jerk it to the idea of paying and spoiling a woman.  you requested MY attention, and you will do as I say.  There are a million of you wanking morons, and only ONE of ME.  Don’t forget it.  Life is too short and sweet to waste time arguing with idiots.  If you don’t like paying don’t go browsing through My neck of the woods.   Remember: I’m not here because I need your cash/presents.  I am here because I WANT to be.  Lay your tributes silently at My feet.

Footbitch always tries to resist paying for his love of My soft curvy soles, yet he always seems to fail.  he has spent thousands of dollars to see My sexy soles.  Being teased and verbally humiliated by Me doesn’t deter him either.  I humiliate him from My cute MacBook (paid for by him) while he is still using Skype from his cell phone.  Usually I go on, making him jerk off with one hand making an L sign on his forehead while kneeling on the floor.  I giggle as he begs to get up because his knees are in pain from the hard floor.  Im sure some of you can relate; women on the laughing end and your silly blue balls filled with despair.  he cries after I refuse to sit on cam any longer after he sent another $100 payment.  Add another 0 to that number and I’ll consider staying up later and giving you more attention. I laughed even more after making him pay double for being late on cam because he ate dinner first.  I ALWAYS come first.  Once you forget that, you are no longer serving ME, you are serving yourself.  Though we are on good terms, he is still desperately seeking My personal cell number…again.  After losing the privilege one time prior, he will have to pay double if he wants it again.  Looks like someone misses being on My good side and receiving random pictures.  We should all know apologies with nothing attached are just a waste of space.  There certainly isn’t room for them here, unless they are accompanied with cash.  baahahahaha  TRY HARDER, BITCH.

I enjoy watching footboys fall down the rabbit hole to being a cuckold.  I can only imagine how hard it makes you to think about Me with another hot woman.  Our soft soles rubbing on each other in the bed make you so weak!!  Let’s face it, you will never be able to satisfy a woman of My caliber, but you can keep trying to maintain My attention with your wallet.   Also, don’t come to Me asking to be a cuckold in hopes of creating a fantasy of gobbling up cream pies.  It simply won’t happen.  Do some research, I’m in a relationship with another woman.

Take lezzielover, for example, started out as a foot drone, then morphed into an old submissive, wanting to fulfill the monetary requests given by My GF and I. he always tries to “retire” from sending Us gifts or old man money, but he can’t help himself.  his most recent contribution to My lavish lesbian lifestyle was a stainless steel refrigerator for My new house.  Merry Christmas to MEEEE.  Though that was his biggest purchase of the year, no pat on the head.  Just his favorite response…My middle finger.

My crystal ball says the old fart will do better in 2016.

My pet wallet is back in full swing, and I’ve yet to brag about his last binge in June.  That impulse included over four figures (duhhh) and countless gifts.  Some of My favorite gifts from that haul were Frye clutch, rain boots, MORE SW gift cards, a double dong, heels. Not shown are reimbursements for My flight to St. Louis and concert tickets ($550) . It goes without saying the cash tributes were My favorite, I believe it was to the tune of $3k (my cut) via the dreaded niteflirt platform. Whatever…I don’t have the time to go back and count it all.   hahaha.

With all of My new loot, it looks like I will be purging some worn items.  Including, but not limited to, stinky socks, worn shoes, and Goddess coated panties.  Savage souvenirs start at $100.  If  you want to own one of My coveted items, you will have to pay up like the rest of the lot.

I’ll be honest; twitter makes blogging seem redundant.   I like tweeting out My expenses only to be promptly reimbursed.  However, I just LOVE to check back and see they’ve sent double the amount requested.  HOT HOt HOT!!  Lucky for you I’ve recently opened an IwantClips account as another platform for you to reimburse Me and send tributes.  Amazon gift cards are accepted as well, but don’t forget My favorite way to  receive tribute is in the form of cash…or via GW (same as cash when I spend it). Buying whatever My precious heart desires with “loser cash” is the best feeling. ‘Tis the season to run up the credit card debt while wifey isn’t paying attention.  Four figures makes you memorable.