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Knowing you’ve lost the battle against your life long war …. you can now surrender … to ME.  I  will twist your your mind and  foot fetish into even further submission … you will BEG to PAY for such Perfection that has graced this Earth.  you can’t help it …. you’ve lost and here you sit online waiting for Katie Savage to take over your mind, your soul and your MONEY.  A brutal cash spending on your part is about to ensue. 

Contact Katie Savage properly – if you can not be respectful of My time and My attention, don’t bother contacting Me – you will be blocked and ignored.  If this is your first time contacting Me, you must first purchase an item from MY wishlist or send a tribute to one of the links found on this blog for you dumb asses who need help figuring it out.  If you cannot follow rules do not IM ME.  Financial Domination is first and foremost in My book.  My life is filled with great people, hence I do not need chat buddies.  So don’t come empty handed or trying to waste My time.   Financial Domination, Foot Fetish, Pantyhose, Humiliation and being totally Spoiled Brat- that’s the life of Katie Savage.

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Yahoo Instant Messenger : MsKatieSavage 


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  1. Ben Dover says:

    Hey, sweet thaaaaaaang! Please make another armpit video. Only this time don’t shave for a week, 5-7 days. Your armpits weren’t hairy enough for me in the last video.

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