My birthday was a small celebration of the autumnal equinox and awakening of My inner Vampire Queen.  I got out My new bike rack (purchased by lezzilover) and rode to the “bat bridge” to watch all of the bats leave their home for dinner.  I followed this up with sushi and sake.  The following day I went to the beach.  Since it was 2pm on a Monday the beach was mostly emptyCute, quirky, and fun, like ME.  Seeing how many of My loyal boys sent Me gifts and the ones who fell short allowed Me to rid Myself of dead (sub)weight so I can start My year anew.  If you want to get on board the train to Savage seductions, teases, and denials then subscribe to My fan sites for the most exclusive content.  iwantfanclub avn and only fans These are also the best way to contact Me for chat.


It seems My vanilla life is allowing Me to devote more of My free time to My more creative BDSM side for now.  This means there has been an influx in the amount of content I have been throwing out there.  I advise you pups to lap it up while you can.  There are lots of clips and picture sets en queue.  I have even decided to cam more regularly.  Good boys who follow My avn account know I like to fool around with the go live feature on Fridays and/or Sundays.  I’m thinking of bringing back regular cam schedule for My good (paying) boys.

I even made an Addams Family themed clip to post this Halloween.



More pictures on My fan sites!!

While My actual site should reflect a more modern look soon, is LIVE!!!  Imagine how easy it will be to remember this when you are too fucked up to do anything else with your horny loser brain.  Be sure you save this tab to your favorites.  Binge on My newest clips, chat with Me on cam, or SEND TRIBUTES (My favorite).  I love seeing boys buy one clip after another after another, until they are in a sunken Savage place, with their thoughts taken over by My slick arches, round booty, and cunning smile.

My 9 year online anniversary has come and gone.   Check out the evolution of Savage…


That’s correct.  I have been reining supreme over horny males and dipping My greed fingers into beta bank accounts for almost a decade.  Manipulating men and their fetishes is My muse.  Stop lurking from and surrender to ME.

Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

Introduce yourself in the note section of a tribute.


Birthday is September 22nd

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Who knew I’d be reporting back so soon after My California adventure with Asian Goddess.  We had such a fabulous time.  Mostly hiking, sight seeing at different beaches, and smoking weed.  The highlight was a tie between watching seals and sea lions in the cove for over an hour and petting a 5 year old black, majestic Mustang We met on Our hike.  Of course seeing My dear friend was just what I needed.  Be sure to send more Southwest gift cards to fund My travels; receive exclusive pictures.

During Memorial Day weekend, My Girlfriend and I strapped the kayak on the car and drove towards the ocean.  It was a so much fun spending the day at the beach, and kayaking on the ocean with all of the waves from other watercraft.  We even set up Our huge SPF 50 sun tent to make a day of it, White Claw included.  It was a grand time until I was swimming in the ocean, enjoying the abnormally blue water, when I got stung not once but thrice by a jelly fish.  Once on My butt, My knee, and the top of My foot. This was My first time experiencing the stinging sensation, but I was relieved when it subsided after 15 minutes or so.  And NO, no one urinated on Me.Ocean Adventures

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last, but not least, is a reminder that My birthday is next Sunday, September, 22.  Be sure you are spending your cash on My pages this month. I expect tributes and gifts from My wishlist.  Send something, regardless of your budget, or become dead to Me. chop chop sluts.  Admit, pleasing Me is your purpose.  Now is your time to prove it.

HOT HOT HOT Girl Summer

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Look at Me taking time out of My Hot Girl Summer to update My blog.  July was the hottest month in recorded history.  Thus, I have been releasing HOT content.  Most of which is Me, relaxing in water.  We know how much I love to go to the beach.20190729_135459~2

And Natural Springs


And Pools


Let’s not forget how much fun I had at PRIDE Houston.  I was head of a committee.  Look how cute I was while trying not to pass out from heat exhaustion.


The real fun came at night.  you know the kind of fun I’m talking about, really erotic homo activity. haha. Something about the heat of the summer, the gay friendly atmosphere, and the sexy men and women you desire all cumming together.  I had a few undercover cock suckers call My Niteflirt line to tell Me about their scandalous escapades.

I will be traveling to California to visit TheAsianGoddess.  I last saw her months ago; I’ve had a hankering for some shenanigans.  As some of you know, We can be a very mean, very greedy duo.  Yet, you still call Our paid lines and beg for Our abuse.  Feel free to send us an abundance of money to spend on drinks and a fun night out in LA.  Smart boys subscribe to fan sites for exclusive pictures.  Stay tuned this weekend to see what We serve up.  Main course: Raw Feminine Power



I have produced more clips in the passed 2 months than I have in years.  Slowly weaving new webs to catch My prey.  you would know if you follow Me on one of the many platforms that I update regularly.  Be a good boy and sign up for My fan clubs.  IWantFanClub, OnlyFans, and last but definitely NOT least is AVN stars.  I post higher quality and increased quantity of pictures there.

Photo on 7-15-19 at 2.55 PM

Also, a friendly reminder: My birthday is in one month.  Get started on My wishlist and send Me gifts.




Summer updates

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Welcome back to the Savage diary.  I had a great time in Mexico.  The sun was bright, the drinks were strong, and the resort was luxurious.  4 days of relaxing was good for the soul.  Everything about the trip was perfect.  lezzie lover was the only one who contributed to My international fun.  The rest of you turds chose to sit by idly on the sidelines, so you get vacation crumbs.

I’m excited for summer and the fun memories it brings.  I plan on taking a  handful of short mini vacations spread over the course of the summer to visit friends and family,  begin new vanilla and fetish endeavors, and collect your cash.  Many of you anticipate My holy body, scantily clad in a bikini; one purchased by YOU.  My sexy toes are exposed in sandals that will be worn for miles and miles while walking the city; sandals purchased by YOU.  I also love going for hikes and other outdoor activities.  Imagine getting to take a big whiff of a pair of MY sweaty trail socks; smelly socks for YOU to purchase.  you can feel the adrenaline now, imagining unzipping a sealed bag of MY stinky socks.  The idea of it makes you twitch.  your goal should be to please Me and contribute to My fun memories in the sun.  Shop My wishlist, cover tabs posted, and SEND TRIBUTES.


Are you a lurking loser or a contributing fan?


Did YOU buy this bikini?

Be sure to subscribe to My OnlyFans account, Get a closer look in My life with exclusive pictures.  Good (paying) boys get rewards.  These may come in the form of Savage souvenirs, pictures, clips, or simply My attention.  Start the summer off right and spend for Savage.


…months and months later

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Hey Lovely Ladies and losers, I’m back to blogging after a bit of a break (surprise).  It has been so long since I last updated, it’s hard to pick a place to start.  First things first, let’s talk about My new bike and how cute I look riding it.  I love to go on 5+ mile rides.  One Savage souvenir collector purchased smelly socks and sweaty panties after a 13 mile ride. he knew how to thank Me for all of the opportunities of worship I created for your pleasure.


Bike Gang


socks so smelly they make your eyes water


SOLD: sweaty thong souvenir

The AsianGoddess came to Houston to visit Me.  As usual,  We were too stoned to take presentable pictures.  I laughed a LOT, drank way too much soju, and had a great time making new memories.  As much fun as We had here, I’m looking forward to visiting Her in California in just a few months.  Expect our Niteflirt lines to be ON.  We love to ruin beta boys when We are together.

Something I never thought I’d be doing is going to the rodeo.  Not once, but twice.  I went to the Rodeo once for a wicked cookout.  This turned out to be a drunken success story.  The second time was to see Santana live.  I, personally, was going for the Woodstock 1969 Santana Live, on acid.  Which was a victory as well.


Lick them clean, beta.

Summer is around the corner, so you should be contributing towards My fun funds.  Some items to cover are beach parking pass, new bikinis, and plenty of cash for drinks, snacks, new sunglasses, and whatever else I may think of while I’m out.  Follow My Twitter or pay to have access to My preferred chat platform, KIK, to find out what I’m up to.


you pay; I play

Last, but not least, My upcoming trip to Mexico. I am pretty excited since I deserve a nice beach vacation to kick off the season of sunshine.  So many of you little dweebs would jump at the opportunity to be My personal pool bitch. But that will never happen, so pay for My life of luxury and leisure.  lezzielover was the first of My pets who stepped up to contribute towards My fun in the sun.  The rest of you should fall in line.  Those who add to My adventures get rewards, such as exclusive vacation pictures like the one below.


 My cupcakes make you spendy


Spend harder!!

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This year has come and gone so fast for Me.  I’ve been enjoying nature and Myself.  That’s right, putting Myself first for the past few months felt phenomenal.  I traveled to New Orleans, La., Chicago, IL., Austin, Tx., and Tennessee.  Getting to visit My sister, LadyLuxxx, for a week was a blast.  As you can imagine, the Mean Team was in full effect!!!  We did a whiskey tasting tour and hiked to a cute little waterfall spot.  I had to take off my clothes and get in while She sat on the rock wall and laughed at Me.  My friend from St. Louis came to town to visit Me.  She even got to witness and Niteflirt call.  hahaha



I was having fun and living it up until Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on Houston.  It was devastating and humbling at the same time.  I kayaked through the streets in My neighborhood.  The further I got from My house the more horrified I became.  The damage was like nothing I’d ever witnessed.  After the water went down and the clean up process began, I continued on with My regular run around My neighborhood.  Instead of feeling invigorated, I was heartbroken for My community.  Thankfully My home had minimal damage, yet nearly every street in My neighborhood was under water.  I spent two weeks delivering hygiene products, laundry soap, and food/water to those who had nothing.  Then came Hurricane Irma and Maria and more mass shootings.  There were devastating fires and earthquakes.  Not to mention living in a country with a clown for a president.  I’m hoping the new year will be brighter.

As you can see I have been busy with My own life lately.  However, I am ready to get back into the kinkier side of things and shred your finances for the holidays.  I hope you’re ready.  I’ve been plotting on ways to destroy your ego and your credit cards.  I know just what to do to turn your brain to mush and make you think with the stupid head between your legs.


It is My favorite time of the year.  Accepting gifts from a mysterious man with a beard that watches Me when I’m sleeping.  Be My Santa this year and see how rewarding it feels.  Wifey isn’t paying too close attention to your bank statement right now, so get to spending on ME.


I will be here to accept cash and gifts.


…And reminding you what a loser you are.

Then there are the few guys that are not losers, they simply enjoy a fun game, or worshipping and seeing Me smile.  So let’s play a game, a drinking game.  A little liquid courage to make the night more exciting.


I could go on and on with a recap on how My subs have been behaving, but honestly I don’t think they deserve the recognition.  If you want to come and go as you please, you will be treated as such. If you’ve been serving Me long term and fucked up, you too will start from the bottom all over again.  If you are delivering the bare fucking minimum, I will throw the D/s relationship in the trash.  Step it up or get stepped over!  The most frightening thing to you lonely fist fuckers is when a strong, independent woman enjoys being alone, unbothered by you!  Figure your shit out and come correctly: on your knees, eyes to the floor, and wallets out!

Buy Me presents or Skype ID for a session with Me.

Happy spoiling, boys.

YAY hectic holidays are over and We are well into 2017! A quick recap for the end of the year, which was NOT impressive.  The U.S. has turned into a shit show, complete with golden showers.  euro beta bitch came crawling back after slutting around.  he dropped a few hundred, but who is counting if it isn’t four digits.  Honestly, I love humiliating and mind fucking him to his breaking point.  Lezzie lover sent a few hundred around Christmas, but I am not as impressed as I was last year when he bought Me new kitchen appliances.  This is a perfect example of how to NOT serve ME.

I’m way late on the New Year wishes, but at least I can get both New Year and Lunar New Year in one post.  Welcome 2017!!!  I’ve cleared out the waste of fickle subs, and made room for new devoted minions.


I don’t usually have politics mixed in with My smut, but with this disaster, I find it impossible not to speak My mind.  I’ll start by saying it is a shame our current president of the US is taking us on a dizzying adventure swirling down the toilet bowl.  Most of My followers know I am an educated, outspoken woman not known for biting My tongue.  If you don’t like My fusion of smut, politics, food, nature, and animals, then don’t follow Me.


Moving on to more important things.  RUINING you.  hahaha.  I said last year that I was going to make more frequent blog updates.  That was a joke.  My vanilla life always takes priority over you hand bumpers.  However, this year, I plan to be assiduous in regards to My online presence and taking MORE of your hard earned cash.  My cam and phone lines are be on frequently.  Do yourself a favor and purchase My Skype ID on IWC.  For more frequent interactions with Me, I recommend KIK.  This includes exclusive photos not posted on Twitter. Like the one below


This is your year to become a better submissive.  Strive to be a sub I enjoy talking to, one that I will engage with even when you haven’t paid.  hahahahaha yea right.  As if I’d ever talk to you freaks without you paying.   new1

Secret admirers need to step it up.  I’ve had multiple Niteflirt callers admitting to be lurkers for years, admiring pictures and blog updates from afar.  EEeeewwww.  This tells Me you think you are a fan, but in reality are a freeloading cheap fuck that jerks off to My pictures.  you are such a loser that aren’t tributing Me yourself, but rather getting off on seeing others who’ve contributed to My lifestyle.  make yourself useful.  Retweet My pictures and site links.  Send anonymous gifts or tributes to show your appreciation.  Pay for the things I tweet that I really want.  The ones that pay attention and contribute get noticed–and rewarded.  If you aren’t spending, keep quiet or find yourself blocked.  Keep your compliments to yourself unless they are accompanied by cash.

If in past years, months, days, even hours if you feel like you haven’t spent enough to enhance My life, you didn’t.  This is the time to put your own wants on the back burner.  Make sacrifices to show your devotion.  Speak My language…CASH!!  Feed My GREED.

Some of you have been working hard and spending for years to become subs that I trust and actually enjoy.  For example, My longest serving footbitch often gets double humiliation or foot worship from My GF and I without paying extra, simply because We like him…and enjoy making fun of him.


Spring is around the corner.  I can’t wait to get out sun dresses, shorts, and sandals.  Be a good little maggot and send Me gift cards to fatten My wardrobe.